November 05, 2006


Shit. I have to go back to work tomorrow. Has it really been 6 weeks already? Is my last baby already a month and a half old? How is that possible?

Uggh. I don't know which is worse, her 6 weeks into NOT being a baby any more or having to go back to work.

The nice thing is my work is super casual so I can continue wearing my sweatpants and t-shirts, but I have made the decision to start wearing my "Professional clothes" to work. Why?

Because I'm bored with my sweatpants and t-shirts, and the NoBloShoeMo, has made me revisit all my shoes, and I forgot how amazingly wonderful my shoe collection is. I mean I'm not pulling a Carrie Bradshaw and wearing Minolo's or anything like that, but my shoes are still fun.

Anyway back to work. Of course, I'll be able to bring Lilli with me a few days a week, so I won't be going cold turkey. Plus, all my clients are planning their budgets for 2007, so hopefully I'll be signing clients like crazy.

Have a great Monday and week, and happy Day 5 of NaBloPoMo.

June 26, 2006

where the hell is Mauckport?

One of the fun aspects of having so many numbers feed into our office is that it increases the chance for wrong numbers. A LOT.

Most of the time, when we answer the phone the person just hangs up, every now and then you get the curtious person who simply says, "I'm sorry i must have dialed the wrong number."

But of course there are the times we get the crazies. For example, I just answered the phone, "___________ Magazines".
Crazy Lady on the other end, " Oh this isn't theMauckport Sun?"
Me: Nope it's _______ Magazines"
CLotoE: Giggles a minute, then turns defiant, " This isn't the Mauckport Sun"?
Me: "eh no"
CLotoE: "Are you sure!? Are you even in Mauckport?"
Me: "Um, no we are in Louisville, KY."
CLotoE: "Fine!"Slams down phone.

Ah yes, sometimes all you can do is laugh.