December 08, 2006


Lilli has been coming to work with me about three days a week since I've been back and most of the time it's been going pretty well. Of course some days she's in rare form and decides she's going to be awake for no less then 22 hours a day and demand that I hold her while pumping, working, being on the phone and typing emails and contracts. Luckily she doesn't seem to bug anyone else but me, hooray for my own office.

That's why I decided to jump on the sling bandwagon. I ordered this gorgeous pink paisley sling from Hotslings yesterday and I can't wait for it to get here. I also must give props to Jenna for being such a supporter of baby-wearing and it rubbing off on me.

Lastly, here is a delightful picture of Lilli and I at work that my boss took. And althoug it doesn't really look like it in the picture, since Ms. Lilli graced us with her presence, I've lost 25 lbs and am down a pants size from when I got pregnant with her back in February. Woot!

Lilli and I at work

January 11, 2006

Like Jonah in the Whale

Sometimes when I am shopping and I see a shirt that I really like but they don't have it in my size, I will get the next size up. I usually think to myself that it will make me feel and appear smaller, but it never does. I hate the way I look in the shirt I am wearing today. It makes me look wide and shapeless.

Perhaps the fact that I gained a bit at WW has something to do with it too. damn shame too, this is a cute shirt.

Lesson: Always buy your clothes to fit right!

November 02, 2005

2 more whee

Hooray two more pounds gone!

September 28, 2005

Move your Fat ASS

That's pretty much what I have been telling myself for the last 4 years as I have watched it get bigger and bigger. I am now the biggest I have ever been. :-(

My goal weight is a good "weighs" from now (hehe) but I want to reach it for lots of reasons.
1) I used to be skinny
2) I felt better
3) I want to do it for Adam
4) I want to do it for Conner

I started going to Weight Watchers with Susan at work. Last Wednesday was our first week. Today was our second meeting. I lost 1.8 lbs. I know it may not sound like a lot but it's the kind of motivation that I needed. If I can average 2-3 lbs a week thats about 10 lbs a month! Kick ass!

No I won't tell you how much I weigh so don't ask.

Yes, I think weight watchers is awesome because it's about changing your habits and watching what you eat. You don't exclude certain things from your diet, and you can eat what you want, as long as it's in moderation.

9.28 -1.8lbs

pardon my gimp face, i was talking