October 17, 2007

No Naps

I think Bean is trying to wean himself off naps. For the sanity of yours truly this cannot happen. I know he still needs the naps cause if he doesn't have one come 3 o'clock it's fresh hell.

Keep your fingers crossed that maybe he was just having an off week.

April 11, 2007

Easter Babies

Easter Girl

Easter Boy

March 24, 2007

"Waiting is the hardest paaart"

Our beloved Ms. Debbie is retiring in May. Kids, this throws a serious kink in things. I'm telling ya, just as you should automatically get a degree for being able to (successfully) schedule your college classes so you can actually get out of college in 4 years, you should also receive some sort of "prize" for being able to find suitable childcare (tho I guess finding the suitable childcare in the first place is really a prize).

I'm thrilled to death that some of you found success in daycares, but we couldn't take another day of the last and first thing we see when dropping/picking Conner up is him sitting on the floor and sobbing. Um no thanks. Plus a lot of these baby factories (what Adam calls them) usually aren't very flexible when it comes to part-time schedules. While it kills me to dole out hundreds of dollars a month for some other person to experience milestones with my kids, but I know they earn and deserve every bit of it.

Luckily, there seems to be a few things in the hopper* which will enable us to not need any more childcare in the near future, but I'm not holding my breath. (my knuckles are also raw for all the knocking on wood). Of course, right now I'm just interested in getting through this whole hellish debacle with some former employers.

I mean who wouldn't want to stay at home with this adorable face?

*a phrase that I often heard at my former job and hated. then i started thinking maybe I just hated it because of who said it, so to be fair, I tried to use it. Nope. Still hate it.

February 26, 2007

Conner and the Beast

took the boy to see Beauty and the Beast at Adam and I's old high school.

Fabulous job, really. Made me a bit nostalgic for my days in high school theatre, and making out with Adam in the light booth putting on some fabulous shows.

Conner and the Beast

December 22, 2006

Reason for the Season

This past weekend, we took Conner to the local firehouse to drop off some toys for the Toys For Tots charity. We tried to explain to Conner we weren't taking these toys to be mean, and that Santa was going to take them to boys and girls all over that weren't going to get as many things as he was. We also talked about sharing and how good he is with Lilli. Whenever she's crying he offers her whatever toy he's playing with to soothe her.

When we got to the firestation he was a little shy at first but eventually started helping the fireman empty out the toys and then said, "Santa give these to everybody". Gah! I was so proud of him.

I think we'll make this a yearly tradition and hopefully build in him the importance of caring for your fellow man, and realizing how truly grateful we are.

Firetruck for

November 20, 2006


*I had this post written yesterday I swear! My wireless just won't let me upload pictures*

This weekend we went to the Festival of Trees and Lights so I could take pictures for the Christmas cards of the babies. Yeah, that didn't work out so well. Conner scowled the whole time. Adam jr.

Anyway, here is a crappy one of the whole family.

The family

It's a good thing our kids are cute.

November 16, 2006

Festival of Tree and Lights

The Festival of Trees and Lights is a fund raiser for the NICU at Kosairs Hospital, where both Lilli and Conner were after they were born.

Not only will we be supporting an amazing cause but it will be the perfect opportunity for Christmas card pictures. There's a raffle for a BMW, $40,000.00, you can claim a wreath to design and sell.

There is also a place for you to "shop for the NICU" where you can purchase diapers, boppys or just make a donation.

I plan on going and no doubt coming home with a ridiculous amount of stuff.

November 13, 2006


For Christmas, my MIL had some pictures taken of Conner. I want to cry every time I look at them. My heart just absolutely swells with pride when I see him, and disbelief. I made that. I didn't screw it up, look how great he is!


November 12, 2006


At work, I sell ad space for a magazine. One of my potential advertisers is a company that works with historic and older homes. They have recently brought up the possibility of doing some contract work with them.

I'm incredibly excited about this opportunity. It's not that I hate working, I was just starting to get into doing the whole stay at home mom thing, which, honestly, I never thought I would ever really "want" that, you know? I loved it though. I loved doing the whole domestic housewifey schtick. The grocery shopping, the meal planning and cooking, keeping the house clean-wait OK I still never really mastered that but, ANYWAY.

Right, so it's not like I'll be not working anytime soon, I mean I like shoes way too much, but it's nice to dream right?

September 20, 2006

for me

Because a little nekid baby butt can cheer up anyone's shit day.


Healthy Parenting

I always said I'd never be one of those parents who bought their kids everything, it was a waste of money, I thought.

Ha. that flew right out the window the first time I saw how happy Conner gets. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I run out and buy him everything I see or he see's, it can something as big as a helicopter toy or inflatable spider for the front yard(I'll get to that in a minute) or as small as a new cup with spongebob on it, or even a piece of paper for him to put stickers on. Seriously, that kid grins and it's all over. This is also part of the reason Adam and I choose to work full-time, so we can buy him things that he wants and needs, and we can afford to go to the zoo with him, or take him to the fair to see the "moos", or go camping and rent a boat for him to "drive".

Of course, sometimes this backfires. Case-in-point, since the stores started putting out their Halloween crap while fireworks were still going off for 4th of July, I have been way ready to decorate for fall and Halloween. It's always been my favorite time of year, and with Conner it's even more enjoyable. At one store we visisted, they had a huge section devoted to the big blow up yard displays, and then he saw it. The big black and purple "pidey" with legs that moved and eyes that glowed. He was infatuated. We had to take several trips around the pidey every time we visted the store. I went back 2 weeks ago to buy it and it was gone. I don't know who was going to be more heartbroken, me or Conner. They manager said they "may" get more in, but he just didn't know. Happily they did get more in and I brought one home on Saturday. Conner danced around the box and immitated how the pidey moved when all blown up.

Adam asked Conner if he wanted to set it up in the living room. Then all hell broke loose. Conner flipped shit and did a total 180. My proud purchase and attempt to lure Conner over from the "dadside" had backfired, and I think I just scarred him emotionally now.

Once the thing was out of the box and blown up, we couldn't peel him off our laps. Adam and I each took our turn sitting next to the pidey and even fed it a dog. Nothing. Of course Adam was delighted. Conner also said his first sentence that day. Pidey back in box!!!


(more once you click on the pic)

September 14, 2006

Normal activities- isn't that how we got here in the first place?

I just had a really weird, really strong Deja vu moment with my moo goo gai pan for lunch. This baby is messing with my mind.

In other baby news, I got the all clear today from the doc to return to "normal activities" (Adam is psyched) he said that as long as I've made it this far he's happy. Lilli's heartbeat is all good and she's measuring right on track. No more checks until my next appt in 2 weeks. So it could be tomorrow, it could be 6 more weeks.

Let's hope for the latter as our nursery STILL is not done.

In other cute baby news Conner now requests "lubies" when he wants to hug and kiss. When I dropped him off at my moms house this morning he gave me extra lubies and gave "lilli" a "kisses" too. Christ on a cracker (thanks erika) this kid rules.

August 30, 2006

the boy

With so much stuff going on I feel like I've deprived you precious readers of some awesome pictures of the boy.
This past Saturday we went to the Mt. St. Francis picnic so he could burn some energy. *snort* good idea mom, it was like 100+degrees with the heat index and I 'm glad i brought Leesh along, otherwise it may have been bad times. (preterm labor anyone).

Conner headed for the big inflatable slide and jumping-thingy and played until he was about to pass out.

mt st francis down he goes

mt st francis

mt st francis 030

Of course there was almost a beatdown of some little girl who got in the jumper thing and wanted to be the only one so she kept running over and pushing Conner down and laying on him, yelling that he had to get out.
Conner reenacted the scene with a teddy-bear the whole way home. Good times.

August 10, 2006

Co-Sleeping Debate

The great debate of co-sleeping is one that has been going on for probably forever/as long as people have been having children.

For those of you NOT in the know, co-sleeping is basically when the baby sleeps in the same bed as the parents. Insighting passionate arguments on both sides. Those for it, say it creates a strong bond and it's nice to cuddle with your baby and not have to get out of the bed to comfort them as often, those opposed so the chance of suffication and death is to great, plus it can prove to be problematic later on when trying to transfer the child into their own bed/room. Now I'm not talking about isolated incidents of napping together on a Saturday afternoon, but the regular basis, especially when the child is still too young to recognize it's in danger.

This story recently popped up in our local paper, and I think that Ms. Bonhotal put's it best when she makes the comparison to drunk driving.

Also um 24 years old and she already has 7 kids. WTF, that means she started popping them out at what, 17?
I'd be interested to learn the other background information on this family.

July 31, 2006

It's Official

I have a two-year old now! Conner turned two on Saturday. Conner is still just the most amazing thing out there to me. I miss him when I'm at work, and I miss him when he's asleep.

His laugh that won Adam over from the very begining is still music to my ears and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
He's grown up so much over the last year. He now walks and his vocabulary is just growing by the minute. He is so smart and has amazing perception skills. He adores his daddy, pap, and opa. He truly is a daddy's boy.
Of course he is stubborn and demanding as only a two-year old with Paris and Hill genes could be, but I wouldn't change anything.

He wins people over no matter where he goes, and makes me feel so proud I could just burst. We get complimented on his eyes, hair, nature everything when we go out, and true we played some genetic part in his being, we know he is just a blessing in so many ways. If Conner had never come along, I'm pretty sure that we would be without kids and Adam would have never turned into the super-dad he is now.

I love you bean-town and these last two years have just flown by.


July 19, 2006

The Boy in Black

Now when we get in the car and turn on the radio, Conner makes a request for Joha-ishhh. (Johnny Cash) how freaking cool is that?!

Our boy walks the line.

July 17, 2006

Birthday Party!

Yesterday we celebrated Conner's 2nd birthday. Yes it was a wee bit early, but Adam will be gone with military on his actual birthday so this just worked out better.

Here are some fabulous (read:cute to only me) and repetitive pictures of Conner enjoying the balloons and attention.

Conners birthday 007

July 14, 2006

take me out to the ball-game

Yesterday was another busy day, but strangely enough a day of firsts with the boy.

Right after work, we all had to hustle to church (while managing not to sweat off make-up and frizz-up the hair-well me anyway) for directory pictures. I was a little aprehensive as the boy has a tendancy to be well...spoiled. Alas, the photographer was great and knew just want to do to get the bean to smile. Make farting noises and have a stuffed animal fall off his head. We were also able to get a picture of Adam and I and a good one of Conner, perfect for his two-year pictures.

I had my glasses on for half of them and then took them off for the over half, you know variety and all. hah it turns out that when I don't have anything on to help correct my vision I have a wonkey eye. Now at least I know where Conner gets it. Saaah-weet.

After pictures we headed off to sweet our butts off at the Louisville Bats game with the fam. Adam went home to paint the primer on our trim.killjoy. it was hot, but worth it. The boy got to hang out with family and have a great time.

Conner and mom

*Conner and Rene', my sisters boyf, "Charging"*

kizito cookie lady
*the kizito cookie lady*

June 23, 2006

Child-Care Got Me Stressin'

Gaahhh! Ok this is by far much harder then actual labor and delivery of the baby, and by this I mean figuring out child-care.

We have so many options and so many balls in the air, and we just can't make a decision.

Our current nanny, Adam's Uncle, is pending social security approval, and if he gets that, it won't be a problem, he can continue to watch Conner and it's all good. If not, well we got's problems.

My friend Jess and I have talked about working something out with her, but she has her own family to take care of, which duh, Courtney. I didn't even think about that.

Plus, we have started talking about whether or not to go ahead with the enrollment of Conner in his school, I mean, the kid is only 2, and it would save us around $500.00/month in tuition (umm bonus) plus that would be a lot easier when it came to paying either Jess or Jimi.

Then throw the new baby into the equation, gah I don't even want to think about it.

Whew, good thing, I'm back on the crazy pills

May 31, 2006

My New Mantra

In honor of freaking out about Conner's behavior in general this last week-end, I have written this down all over my planner and on a sticky note to put in my car. Not only did his little running out in the street stunt freak me out, but he was also very good at being two.

What's done to children, they will do to society. ~Karl Menninger

Getting ready for the pool

Bye-Bye Baby

I just made an appt to tour the school that we would like to start sending Conner too. Did you hear that?! Conner going to school? Wow. Seriously I am getting all misty over here. That means no more baby, he's a big boy now.
He's going to be going to a school with other kids his age, and learning how to color, and share, and before I know it, he'll be coming home telling me about his best friend and all the stuff they do together.

It's a huge relief though that the school that we will be sending him to is so darn fabulous and at least I won't have to worry about him not being taken good care of. It's actually the kind of place that I swore up and down I would never send him too, because it was for all the hoity-toity's who thought they were better then me (ah again with the teenage angst) but now I realize that it had nothing to do with them, and like me, they just wanted what was best for their child. I used to babysit for a family who sent their daughter there and when i would pick her up in the afternoon, you could just tell she was having THE BEST time!

The days of a refrigerator full of drawings will soon be upon us, and I can't wait.

My little bean-dip is growing up!

May 30, 2006

I'm the mean one. Goddammit, I'm the mean one! You'd think that after 9 months of sciatica and back pain strong enough to take down some of the surliest bikers out there, and, enough stitches down there to reattach a severed limb, the kid would cut me a freaking break.

No. Of course dear Adam is no help. He says its my own fault for (and I freaking quote) "standing around telling him no all day". Of course! It's all so clear to me now, I should have let him run around with that sucker in his mouth, or even better, the screw driver. Wheee! Oh wait, now he says it's OK because he "watches him". Riiiiiiight. Just like earlier tonight, (and I am still sick about this) when Adam was unloading stuff out of the back of his truck and Conner was pushing it by walking down the porch stairs to the sidwalk and decided to go in an full on sprint into the street. Yeah Adam good fucking watching.

Seriously, it was like one of those time when everything moves so slow. I am yelling and running after him to please stop and I just manage to grab him before he steps out into the street. The whole time Adam is just standing there watching, didn't say anything, didn't move.

Of course, Conner tried to stroke me out and it's my fault.

So, after I snatch him u[ and starting hugging him and crying and basically LOSING.MY.SHIT. right there on the sidewalk all Conner wants is to go see his daddy. Icing on the cake.

I come in the house and stand over the toilet trying not to lose my dinner and then we start fighting. I told him next time Conner decides to run into the street he could tell him to stop, since the boy basically farts in my general direction. Of course he took it as an attack and told me to stop telling him no all the time. Fuck that. I was pissed off, and freaked out and he was going to call me out. I mean what if I hadn't been outside with them? Seriously, Conner would have run right out into the street. Oh God, I'm starting to get sick again. I also feel like the worlds worst mom. EVER. I mean why did I even let him go down the stairs. God I am so STUPID. I mean really, it was the scariest thing I have ever been through. I don't even deserve to have another kid.

Bleach. so anyway Conner hates me and loves his dad. whoopty shit. I'm going to bed.

May 23, 2006

He can talk!

Before I left for the airport for Vegas, my sister and I taught Conner how to say poop. He says it in a really high-pitched squeeky voice. Sweet.

May 01, 2006

We're Home

Hooray, we finally got home last night. After some crazy turn of events we are better and I promise a whole post soon, and another one about something othern then sick babies and asshat drs who roll their eyes at me.

Again, thanks to much to all who sent emails and comments about Conner getting better!

It meant a lot!

April 29, 2006


Well damn, we are still at Kosairs. We went in for a bump on Conner's head from his little temper tantrum that caused him to fall into the corner of the dishwasher. Ended up coming down with a nasty virus that was causing his temp to spike up to 103, and the highest, 104.4, then today he developed an ear infection. AARRGGHHH! His temp is still down but now they want to do a stool culture and watch his ear infection.

More later. Thanks for all the concern internets! :-)

April 28, 2006

real quick

in case you've noticed the absense, we are currently taking up residence at Kosair's Children's Hospital. It's nothing serious, but Conner is bit ill and they just want to keep him under watch until his temperature is back under control and not spiking so much.

It's a long story,and you'll get it as soon as we return. I just checked in here at home, after taking a break from the last 24+ hours to shower and sit somewhere that is not in a hospital.

Again, no biggies, and we are all doing OK.

April 20, 2006

better then a good hair day.

Monday was the big meeting with all the people who are going to get Conner to start talking.
It went well, we met with the account coordinator, the service coordinator, the intake coordinator (can you tell this is a government program) and the therapist who “interviewed” Conner and assessed his speech skills.

The good news is he is quite advanced in every field expect expressive communication. He is only functioning at a 10 month level there. Which sounds scary as hell, but everyone assured us that the kid is pretty darn smart he just doesn’t want to talk.

As I mentioned above this is a government program so of course they have to ask really freaking stupid questions. My favorite was this, “If we has parents had to brag about Conner what would we say? Where do we feel our strengths are as parents?” I was like umm do you not think you’re going to get a biased answer here? The kid is perfect. And silent! So, Adam and I went on about how well behaved he is (knock, knock) when we go out in public, how well he does at nap and bed-times, he’s a good eater, he adjusts to his surroundings easily.

All of which is stuff that I think has more to do with nature then nurture, hell I’m just proud I didn’t kill him in the first few months. (If any of you have every seen my plant graveyards gardens then you know, I don’t really excel in extending the life of some things.

Anyway, they pooh-poohed us for being so modest and said to feel proud because a lot of his behavior is from his environment and we are great parents. Sigh. I shed a little tear then. Seriously.

It reminded me of this one time I went to get a trim, and Conner was still pretty wee, so he came with. He didn’t do much at that time other then hang out in his carrier and sleep. I’ve been going to this salon for a while so I was comfortable taking him with me, and I wasn’t getting any color done or anything. Right, back to the point, I was sitting in the waiting area after we were done, giving him a bottle, and another stylist came up and was coo-ing over him and all that, and said, “Well he has just been so good since you’ve been here, not making a sound, he just looks so happy.” She looked up at me, winked and continued, “That’s a sure sign of a great parent”.

I smiled back and said thanks, loaded Conner up in the car, and cried the whole way home. Adam was still away for basic, and I was doing this without him. I was staying with my family which was such a tremendous help, I can’t even tell you, but I felt like I had so many people to prove wrong. That I could and would be a good mom and Conner would get everything he ever needed.

It was hard being in the beginning, I mean no one prepares you for a baby, and all the books in the world can’t get you ready. I still worry that I’m not doing a good job sometimes, and with Conner’s speech delay, I keep looking back and thinking if there was anything we didn’t do, I mean when the hell do you go over the “How to teach a baby to talk” part in your life manual? So when someone tells us that we have done a good job with Conner, that is pretty much the biggest compliment I can get.

March 17, 2006

For Every Season....

Conner got sick on Wednesday night and he’s still sick this morning. We went to Qdoba for dinner on Wed and he was fine, he asked Adam to hold him and as soon as he did he puked all over him. We thought it was just because he had been so congested that day and he had too much snot in his belly.

Once we got home, he started puking again, and fussing. He finally quit throwing up around 10, but then spiked a fever around 11. We kept him in the bed with us and yesterday we all felt like zombies. Conner’s a bed hog! It’s nothing serious, just a virus according to the ped.

This is the first time in,-I don’t know how long-that he has just lain there, like a newborn almost. It was kind of a break as we were able to get things done a lot faster that usually take forever, like sweeping, cleaning the kitchen, making dinner etc. It was also nice because I got to snuggle him. I would just lay there next to him and stroke his face and eyebrows. I’m convinced this is soothing to him, because when were in the NICU right after he was born, there was a period of time where we weren’t allowed to hold him at all. We could only look and rub him. I would stroke his cheek bones and tell him how much I loved him and how much everyone loved him, how lucky we were to have such awesome families who would come and stay all night with us just to keep watch. I would say his name over and over again, in a low, soft voice so he would know I was there. To this day I swear if I rub his cheek the same way and say his name, I can see him relax instantly.

Anyway back to sick baby present day. After a while of him just not doing anything, I started thinking of how much I couldn’t wait for him to be able to get up and run around, and while he may be messy, and not that much of a help, I wanted him there teasing the dogs and conning Adam into reading his book.

It made me realize that while I have loved every stage we have gone through, (from newborn baby blob to nursing to eating solid foods to walking and so on) and how much I enjoyed it, I would never, ever want to go back.

I can’t wait for what tomorrow brings.

March 13, 2006


Sometimes if I have to come home late at night,(typically after one of my saving the world meetings) and it’s after Conner is already in bed, I get so disappointed that I can’t see him one last time before the long stretch between then and morning. Occasionally, I will peek in on him, to make sure he is still covered and get one last look at his cute little baby butt that will no doubt be way up in the air, in his favorite sleeping position.

If I don’t go check on him, after brushing my teeth, taking out my contacts etc, I will go sit on the couch and just take in the messy room. The toys on the floor, clothes pulled out of their baskets or drawers, a book half-open, or a half-colored picture sitting on the coffee table.

I try to imagine Conner’s wee little hands carrying them around, as he giggles at Adam chasing him. I’ll see him trying to get the dogs to play with his toys, and getting frustrated when he doesn’t understand that all they want to do is chew on them.

February 019.jpg

February 023.jpg

Flipping through a book and “reading” it out loud. My favorite thing to watch him do is open up the seat on his “Retro Rocket", and try to get himself entirely in the hatch. I have to remind him, “Conner, the baby doesn’t go in the seat, he goes on the seat”. He shakes his head at me and goes on about his business, “Psssht that mommy, what does she know?”


Sometimes, the mess isn’t just a mess.

January 19, 2006

I'm Ba-ack!

First off, a big thanks to everyone who helped me and mine out in some way over, not only the last few days, but ever since my grandpa got sick.

The service was nice and had a lot of meaningful parts in it, some of his favorite hyms, some bible verses read by a close pastor friend of his, and I read my list. It was nice while I was reading it to hear some people chuckle at a few of the things and respond in a knowing manner. I felt I did a good job representing and summing up parts of him that made him, him!

It has been your prayers, thoughts, messages and visits that have made this bearable. Those that made the trip to come to the funeral home on Tuesday, just wow, you guys are awesome.

(does this feel like it's turning into an Emmy speech to anyone else...)

But seriously, it has been rough and still is, but you guys really have helped!

I have some pictures to post from Conner's dedication, and a few other cute ones so click below to see 'em

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January 10, 2006

Little Boy Mute

Conner had his 18 month check-up today. Adam took him, so I am sure I only got a sampling of dr-y words from the dr. Not really the best day considering this was also his day of the week at the shit-hole baby prison daycare.

He not only had to get some shots, but we need to stop giving him a bottle at night, give him whole milk-not 2%, he only gets 4-6 oz of juice a day-not the gallon he usually drinks, and the biggie, she is concerned about his speech.

Conner can sign plenty of words, but the boy refuses to speak English, unless he is yelling for me, Adam or Pap. He babbles all the time, but no words. He understands things that we tell him, 2-3 step commands even, but the boy WON'T TALK. So we have to make an appt with Kids Steps, a government organization that works with differant types of therepy for kids birth to three years old.

Given the fact that the kid is not only amazingly cute, but he is so damn smart, we are really perplexed (but not to worried) about what this could be about.

I have an appt to call the dr tomorrow morning and find out where we go from here. Bleah.

December 13, 2005


Gosh, so much has been going on lately!

1) Conner and I were sick as dogs all last week. Puking and coughing and just feeling bad all around. Luckily Conner didn't seem to get the puking/pooping illness that Adam and I did, but his poor nose has been giving him the business.

3) Conner started day-care one day a week and on the first day he got freakin' bit on his arm and scratched on his face. We were super pissed! He goes every Tuesday and this is his third week. I just called the daycare to check in on him and the girl that answered the phone said, " well he has been kind of whiney today" WTF, how about because we have to drop him off in some shithole day care. And you can't say anthing to these women that work there because if you piss them off, how do you know if they are not going to pinch him or something.

It's buuuuulllshiiit.

4) Raech graduated from UofL, wheee. We all went out to eat and celebrate last night. Congrats

5) No tree yet. We were gonna go last weekend to get one from the tree-farm but we have been so busy. I want to go this week, but now Adam is super sick, and it is more then difficult to go shopping with the weee man.

That's it I think. Oh if you would like to come and be our Nanny so Conner doesn't have to go to the shithole day care anymore then please call thanks! :-)

December 06, 2005

If you're not a parent you will gag while reading this

On my way to work this morning, I noticed a lovely odor reminiscant of baby poop filling my dry-cracking nostrils. Since it didn't last very long, I chalked it up to the good one I let rip earlier in the rid or the dead racoon I just passed on the side of the road. Didn't give it much more thought.

Then I got to work and noticed it again. I thought that maybe I had stepped in some dog poop on the way to the car an checked my shoes. Nope good there too.

While we were in our morning meeting I started to sneeze and while rubbing my nose, the lovely odeur hit me again. I looked at my hands my shirt everything. Then I saw it. It was ground in to my wedding band. Conner was a little restless during changing this morning and I guess while getting out the leather straps to hold him down, i grazed the little pile of goodness he left for me this morning.


Hell yeah. I made my boss gag with that one too!

August 30, 2005


Tiffani brought over the pool so Conner and Oliver could swim!

Look at his wee little swim diaper!

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Birthday Rocket

Here are pictures of Conner on his Retro Rocket from Imee.

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Hanging out with dad

Do you want a cracker Gandee

Mmm is this Febreeze?

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Justa Swingin'

Adam's mom and dad have put up a swing at their house and as soon as we pull in the driveway there, Conner starts pointing and hooting at it.

Hee look at me

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The Fair

We went to the fair 2 weeks ago, we got wet and smelled and Conner just wanted ice cream.


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August 08, 2005

Imee you are too sweet!

My Friend Imee, whom I meet at walt disney world, sent conner this amazing gift for his birthday. I can't even believe you did that! It took some detective work to find out who his retro rocket was from but i found it!

He loves it too. He thinks the buttons are the best and he loves for us to push him around on it.

I need your current address. (I think that you are like me and move around like a freaking gypsy) I would love to send you pictures of him on the rocket.

You are the best!