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February 27, 2009


So it's been a while right? Whoopsie, been busy with the kids and job and building the photography business..

A is finally back from his MP and BOLC training. We just celebrated our 4th anniversary yesterday (does it feel waay longer to anyone else?) :-)

As only been home for 6 days so we're still getting used everyones schedules and needs. It's pretty chaotic, but he has been taking Mr. Bean to school in the mornings letting me get a few extra minutes in bed. We finally had the roofers start working on the house from the windstorm back in September. Hallelujah no more tarps!

I was back in New Orleans in January for work, which was nice. I like my job and I love New Orleans, and of course I flew back into Louisville for a delightful little ice storm, which left lots of people stuck and without power (but not us, apparently we were spared because of the horrific time we had back in September).

Here are some pictures! Yay!

Family at Ft. Leonard Wood

Getting the last of it

big bite

street light

Street Car on Canal St

My miss bug

Conners valentine's day party at school