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May 30, 2008

Doesn't Remind Me

Adam has had this song on his Ipod for a while, and I've always liked it. Not only is Chris's voice amazing, but I love the lyrics too. I finally found the video today and I think this video is perfect for the song. Just freaking perfect.

and yes, I cried at the end of the video.

May 28, 2008

Snap, Snap

Last Saturday we were blessed with some of the most amazing weather here. So while Adam was at home working on our new roof (later post) I met my friend Rose and we hopped up to Mt. St. Francis and took some wonderful pictures for her.

Not only is Rose just gorgeous and absolutly wonderful in front of the lens, she has nary a stretch mark (hussy). So needless to say I had some great stuff to work with.

May 23, 2008

Weezer's new video. Featuring Mentos, Kelly (shoes!), the Chocolate Rain dude. Awe.some


May 20, 2008


A new La Pequina!

May 16, 2008

Gratitude Thursdays

(a wee bit late, hey blame it on the cold medicine)

* I am so grateful for CA's decision yesterday.
* I am grateful I didn't have to work yesterday while I was so sick!
* I'm grateful Lilli Bug had her 18 mo check up this week and all is A-OK!
* I'm grateful for my impassioned, active neighborhood, who all do their part to stop our city from circling the drain at the hands of certain council members.
* I'm grateful that Conner is such a big boy and awesome big brother. Sometimes he pulls stuff away from Bug, but he loves her, and gives her her blankie when she's getting her shot.
* I'm grateful for the wonderful Mother's Day that i got to celebrate on Sunday, with most of the Mother's in my life. It was a fabulous day!

May 15, 2008


- From Bret

I'll admit it, I cried a little

Because how awesome is this?

I was listening to public radio today and they did a story on it and you could hear the people in the background, and they joy was just contagious.
I think the San Fransisco Mayor said it best, ""This is about civil marriage. This is about fundamental rights," he said."

He's right, people aren't asking for a blessing but the same rights.

This is what I'm doing today

What I'm Doing Today.   day 128/365

I've got my "Dooce Book". (purchased at the local bookstore) and I'm in bed. My mom has the kids and I have to work tonight (blea) so I'm resting up, reading, snotting, sniffling and just generally trying not to die.

Also, this is my 128th SP for 365 Days, round 2!

May 14, 2008

Sore Throats, Snots and Sniffles OH MY!

Do you hear that noise coming from our house? That's our collective sniffling and nose-blowing. Yeck we've all got colds right now. Lilli got it first on Saturday and hers seems to be going away so hopefully we'll all be back to normal soon!

This is Conner's 2nd to last week of school, then it's Summer time. I'm very glad that we decided to send him to pre-school. He's had a wonderful time and has really learned so much. He can count to 10 in Spanish, write his name (with some prodding) say his abc's. Count to 40, say the Pledge of Allegiance. Plus he's had to learn how to listen and share with other kids.

Oh and did I show you the awesome welcome mat, my mom got me for Mother's Day?

Fo' Shizzle.     day 125/365

Woot, we got our "stimulus package" in the bank account yesterday. We're spending ours on a new roof and repainting our room. Because seriously, I'm done with the leaky roof and walls and now Ivy growing in one of the cracks! Oh well, when you have a 135+ year old house, you win some, you lose some.

What are you using yours for?

May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I had a lovely day today thanks to my awesome family! Adam let me sleep in while he, Conner and Lilli got up and made me a breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon!

Mothers Day 2008

I got a card which Conner signed all by himself and two tickets to see Lyle Lovett when he comes to Louisville in July! Hooray.

I'm going to see LYLE! day 124/365

Then we went to church and the sermon was wonderful. Pastor Miles did a great sermon on Mother's and how today coincided with Pentecost, which is the "birthday of the church". Then it was off to my Mother-In-Laws house for some fried chicken and celebrating. THEN we went to my grandma's house for dinner with my parents and sisters.

I got home and checked my email and found out I won a contest on Jenna's blog!

I want to wish all of you a wonderful Mother's Day and I hope it was peaceful and everything you wanted.

May 10, 2008

Cause we're "Reel Awesome"

Cause we're "Reel Awesome"

Originally uploaded by Ceece

We got a reel mower today after the gas tank of our old mower falling off this morning in mid-mow.

We were able to trade in our old gas-powered mower for a rebate on this new beauty!

Since we have a city lot, our yard is pretty small, and though it takes more time, it's much better for us to use as well as the environment!

May 09, 2008

Gratitude Thursdays

So Sarah has done a wonderful job of inspiring me to help remind myself of all I really have to be grateful for.

While this should probably be a daily thing for me, I'd like to do it weekly for sure. So here goes.

I'm grateful for:

* My beautiful, joyful, loving healthy children
* What a wonderful dad my husband is.
* My supportive family who helps out more then they'll ever know with the kiddos!
* My fun, easy job, albeit a bit stressful at times, I work with some fun people and even though I have some real turds occasionally it's always outweighed by the lovely customers who tip well and make great conversation.
* My church and the wonderful people and ministries I've been exposed to.
* Knitting For a Need, it's taken off so well and we have so many participants, we're looking for more projects to donate too!
* My sweet neighbors!
* Music, music and music!!!!

And it makes me smile...day 115/365

May 07, 2008

Celebrity Crush Update

Lately I have NOT been able to get enough of The Jayhawks, specifically Gary Louris. His voice is amazing and well, I have a small crush.

I mean look at him! (never mind the fact that he's as old as my parents...)

The glasses, the hair, the voice!!? Yes, yes and yes!!!

If you've never checked out the Jayhawks (shame on you) you totally should, and Gary has a new solo cd out that's pretty damn good, Vagabonds, my favorite track is, She Only Calls Me on Sunday.

May 05, 2008

In the Presence of Greatness. day 118/365

In the Presence of Greatness. day 118/365

Originally uploaded by Ceece

Today was another day in which I was reminded what a true hobbyist I am when it comes to photography.

I attended my first Flickr Mixer and loved it. I mean they came over to the N'alb so how could I not?!

for serious though these people were really amazing and it was so much fun ot meet everyone and watch them play.

May 03, 2008

Ky Derby 134

I didn't attend any Derby parties this year and didn't even watch it on TV, I spent my Derby Day enjoying the weather and getting some work done in the yard.

I didn't even know who won until I turned on the news tonight and for those of you who don't know, the winning horse, Big Brown has been lost in the news by the terrible, terrible news of 2nd place winner Eight Bells. The only filly to run this race, broke both her front ankles during the Derby and had to be euthanized immediately after on the track.

Trying to find some more information on what happened, I've found several websites decrying the use of a dirt track vs synthetic, sighting that dirt is much more dangerous for the horses.

It really is a shame. Several others have criticized the owners of horses in general for not caring about these horses and just using them, but the few interviews I've seen with the trainers certainly don't portray that.

So on a lighter note, did any of y'all attend any parties? Win any money?


Just now, I was sitting on the couch reading the paper (well looking at the comics) when Conner walks up and sits down next to me and says", So how was work today last night?" He had this very sincere look on his face.

I had to ask him to repeat because I didn't understand what he was asking, then it occurred to me, he hear me ask Adam how "work was today" almost every night when he gets home, This totally must have been where he got it. It was so adorable.

here's what I think  of your camera mom.

May 01, 2008

19 month bug

How in the world can you already be almost 2 years? How is this happening where are the babies?

Lilli-Bug, your vocab is just growing every day! You can say:
Thank you (after much prodding)
what's this
in addition to the list made last time.

You and Conner love to play ball and are pretty good at kicking and throwing it. You still pretty much just follow Conner wherever he goes. You are a huge ham in front of the camera. Any time you see the camera set up on the tripod you immediately run over and get in front of the camera. It's pretty funny.

We have been so blessed by your LOVE of going to sleep. At nap-time and bed-time, whenever you see the milk come out you run around all crazy yelling night-night, ba-ba! Then we hop you up into the crib and you're out! Hooray!

I love you Bug!

My Little Helper.  day 112/365

Popcorn Bug