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April 30, 2008

Secret Agent Ceece. day 114/365

Secret Agent Ceece. day 114/365

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It's amazing what photography tricks and editing can do, no?

Remember that when you flip though a "beauty magazine" next time.

April 29, 2008

Housewife Help

Hey ladies, I've got a question for you or I'm pandering for advice or experience.

I've always made light of the fact that I'm not a perfect housewife. Mostly when it comes to cleaning, I don't mind the laundry or the cooking, or grocery stuff. It's just the wretched cleaning. I'll get the house nice and clean and do really well with keeping up with it for about 2-3 days then BAM!!!! It's like the damn house has exploded and I'm left struggling to get back afloat.

What's your secret? Do you have a schedule that you stick to, or is it just your forte.

Please share your tips with us all! (before my Adam goes nuts)

April 27, 2008

Pretty weather!

This week has brought us gorgeous weather perfect for playing outside! We've found worms, eggshells, new flowers and soft grass.

outside (7)

outside (1)


April 25, 2008

LilliBug Dresser

Lilli Dresser

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I got this dresser from a friend of mine for Bug and after a fresh coat of white paint and a few sparingly placed ladybugs, it's finished and pretty darn cute if I do say so myself!

April 21, 2008

Wanna Bite? day 105/365

Wanna Bite? day 105/365

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Come on, no calories!

April 20, 2008

Quick Lesson

Alright look people, it looks like we need to go over something. First of all. are we all aware that the standard tipping percentage is 15%!? So on a $25.00 ticket your tip at least (with adequate service of course) would be $3.75, MINIMUM. If your ticket is $50.00 your tip should be $7.50 MINIMUM! $4.00 on a $35.00 ticket is not OK. Sorry to beat a dead horse but DAYUM people, you are leaving me no choice. Oh and here's a little tip for you, if you're going to leave someone a dollar tip on a $25.00 meal, and then leave an invitation to your church? Don't be surprised when someone doesn't show up!

ATTN: Presidential Candidates, here is a campaign platform that will solidify your votes from the service industry:
1. All US citizens must work 6 months in retail and 6 months in serving.
2. If you are a continuously shitty tipper you will be referred to the Asshats Tipping University.

Now, not all of restaurant patrons are jerks, but the ones that are bad, are just really, really bad!

Chew on this peeps and think about it next time you're out to eat.

April 09, 2008

We've Been Over This Before

Ok, we all know I laugh when other people fall down and stuff right?

Well, thank you Bret for sending this gem of a link my way. Grape Lady at the end is the best!

I'm off to watch it again!

April 02, 2008


I just had another order over at my Etsy!

And I got a new lens today for my camera. A fiddy. My dad was awesome enough to give me some old 35mm camera's he had and asked if I wanted to trade them in towards a new lens since I've been having some trouble with my kit lens. So off I headed to Chuck Rubins. Not only did they fix my 18-55mm kit lens (kind of) but I found that 50mm for a steal. I also made quite a list (haha) and got a sweet bag for my stuff.

Here's the first shot with my 50.

Guess Who Got a Fiddy!?   day 87/365

You can't really tell how awesome it is because this was just done in the car in front of the house while I was letting the kids nap, but I can't wait for more practice with it! I'm gonna start flexing the heck out of my manual muscle now. The 50 is perfect for portrait shots which is what I mostly use so I can't wait! I need to just copy pages of my users manual and carry them around with me.

April 01, 2008

Bug Update

Whew, sorry poor little neglected Lilli Bug. It's been a while since I posted a little update on you!

You've been walking since the end of December, actually you took your first steps the day we lost Gandee. I guess you knew we needed cheering up and are pretty darn fast. You can climb the heck out of some playground equipment and love going down the slides by yourself. We try to go on walks/bike rides now that it's getting warmer. You're not really that big of a fan of riding in the basket on the back with brother, but you love to go for rides in the stroller.

Good night are you talking now! You can say:
Juice, night-night, bye-bye, conner, dada, daddy, momma, opa(po-pa), oma(mo-ma), leesh(yeesh), shoes, diego,(deeo) spongebob,(buggebob) please(pease), me, stop(top), gracee, egg, candy (nene).

You love, love, love swimming in the tub, and I can't wait to get you in the pool this summer. Right now you have your four center teeth on the top and bottom and one in on the top right in the back. You eat EVERYTHING, and a lot of it. I told daddy last week that you were going to be his beer and steak partner. At night after dinner we've been putting you and Conner and our shoulders and "racing" back and forth across the living room.
Your laugh is awesome. So loud and contagious. Your hair is still red and still curly. Everyone comments when we go out. Most of the family says that you are "a little me" and I hope only in the best ways. Sometimes I think I should have a little card to carry around with us that has your picture on it with a caption that says, "I don't have time for bullshit".

Me and my Easter Babies

Happy 18 months bug.