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November 28, 2007

all things that are good

because we can never have too much old Gregg!!!

November 26, 2007

You know it baby.

You know it baby.

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From Brit. Pretty awesome, no?

November 21, 2007

Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving

I Messed Up

It's gonna be a rough next few weeks for us guys, please say your prayers and keep your fingers crossed. I accidentally bought rough-gasstation-bathroom-one-ply toilet paper. Sucks doubly for me, because I have to use it and because I have to use it to wipe a certain three-year old and let's just say that on somedays that extra "ply" makes all the difference.

On a side note. Bob Dylan doing Cadillac commercials? WTF

November 20, 2007

1 am

For some awesome reason, over the last two months I've begun to develop a charming off/on case of insomnia. I've always been pretty fortunate and not had any real trouble at all when it came to sleeping or not. There's no real reason for it either, nothing really stressful going on, no new medicines, no new schedule changes.

I'm almost to the point where I'm ready to start chowin down the benadryl just so I can go to sleep before midnight. After all the kiddos are up around 8, and I need at least 15 hours of sleep to function ;-)

Any suggestions?

November 17, 2007

What A Trooper!

Conner did really well yesterday. He wasn't super-scared and of course he wooed all the nurses. They were bringing him extra stickers and juice the entire time in recovery.

He slept almost all day when we got home and thankfully all night too.

His belly's all orange from the iodine and we can't give him a bath until 48 hours after the surgery, so orange he'll stay! He's back to whining this morning so we're pretty sure he's fine. :-)


November 16, 2007

He's all good

Conner had his little surgery this morning and it went great. He was a little nervous at the last minute, but of course he won the nurses over. He has a wee little incision right above his belly button, right now it's covered with some gauze which comes off in 48 hours. He wasn't in the picture taking mood today, so I'll try to get some tomorrow.

Thanks to all for prayers and crossed fingers!

November 15, 2007

The Bean

Tomorrow at 10 am ConnerBean is having outpatient surgery for a hernia. It's minor surgery and we'll be home before we know it, but please keep your fingers crossed and prayers said.

hernia before (1)

hernia before

November 13, 2007

President Bush Came A-Visiting

I went down to, well-not really protest, because I wasn't one of the fools yelling, I really just wanted to stand there and hold my sign quietly. And I succeeded. I respect the office and the position. Do I think he's the best president? No. But I don't think he has malicious intent. I think he's in over his head and doesn't know how to get out. You couldn't pay me enough to be the President of The United States really.

The following picture was taken by a fellow Flickr-ite, THEERIC11711, If you get a chance check out the rest of TheEric11711' s stream. It's really good.

PS. My Sign? It says" This Army Family Says Bring Our Troops Home".

November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday John!

Happy, Happy Birthday to a dear friend and neighbor, John Coffman.

Dr. Coffman (5).JPG

Tonight we surprised him by meeting for dinner with several other friends and neighbors at Lynns Paradise Cafe.
If you're from New Albany and you don't know Dr. Coffman you are really missing out. He's a devoted Parishioner at St. Mary's and an indispensable volunteer for the Floyd County Democrats, and he usually knows a little bit about everything that's going on.

Happy Birthday John, "50" never looked so good. :-)

What More Could I Need?


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November 05, 2007


Guess what!??? I already have 30% of my Christmas shopping done. Woot! I know you all are thrilled. The only challenge I foresee is continuing to buy people presents anyway, for a variety of reasons really. I know they'd really like it, what's one more gift, they really deserve another present etc. I'm really bad about shopping for other people, especially at Christmas. I love, love, love buying shiz for people. From the moment I see "THE ONE" I start imagining how the whole present opening experience will go. From the picture perfect wrapping, to the package sitting under the tree all Martha Stewart like, to handing the present to the person, them opening the present (pausing to comment on how gorgeous the wrap job is...) the way their eyes light up and a small gasp escapes their lips and eyes well up as they realize this truly is the most amazing, personal present they've ever received.

Riiiight... Of course it never happens like that, they tear into the package say, "thanks" and move on to the next. Oh well a girl can dream can't she?

November 04, 2007

Voting Tirade

I read a disturbing article in my local paper this morning. It said that less then a quarter of the state's registered voters will actually turn out to vote. Read that again. That's right, only 1 in 4. I don't know about you, but I know I hear more then 1 out of every four people I know bitch about the current administration so I just can't understand it.

There are countries across the world where our armed forces are fighting for those citizens to have the right to vote, and over here, it's just like most other things, we take it for granted. We don't want to leave the house a little early to stop by the polls, don't want to wait in line to vote, don't want to take the time to research the candidates, or are just flat out disgusted with politics.

I can certainly understand that last one. The pathetic display that the Tribune gave us through their "Letters to the Editor" section added to my disgust, that's for sure.

I was thinking about the above statistics in the shower this morning and the sacrifice that other countries make to be able to vote, and how our men and women in uniform help them, and to all the John Q Publics driving around with yellow ribbons on their car, what a better way to show our support by voting this election.


November 03, 2007

Davy Crockett and a pumpkin came trick-or-treating

Davy Crocket and a pumpkin came trick-or-treating

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November 02, 2007



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Day 2!!!



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It's that time again! NoBloShoeMo (or National Blog Shoe Month or something, which doesn't really make sense, but who asked you?)

Anyway it means 30 days of shoes. Yummm