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April 30, 2007

Public Declaration

Alright kids, mama's gotten too chubby again so back to weight watchers. This time I'm pairing up with a neighbor and we've both lost on ww before and we know we can do it again.

Today, my 365 was part of that declaration. Plus I'm going to Germany for a wedding in July and I can't be huffing and puffing my fat ass all around Europe can I? :-)

day 81/ moving on

April 27, 2007


April 26, 2007

if you love me, you'll vote

April 25, 2007

i'm gonna go to west memphis and look for my joy

my 365 shot for today was totally inspired by Lucinda Williams and the amazing show last night.

day 76/i'm gonna go to west memphis and look for my joy

Bourne Ultimatum

Poo-ray! We love us some Bourne trilogy around here, adding Matt Damon to this fact just makes it a billion times better.

Lucinda Williams/Joy

From last nights show:

April 24, 2007


April 23, 2007

the BAN

I'm still having a hard time comprehending what exactly the Supreme Court was thinking last week.

Why, why, why would that ban something that is really only ever used for a medical emergency? Why would they make this decision that could and will affect so many women and families. My guess is none of them had ever been told that if they keep they baby they will die, or given the option of terminating now, or waiting for the baby to die, only to have to deliver the dead baby in a few weeks. Can you freaking imagine having to go through the turmoil and difficulty of labor to have nothing to show? I get sick just thinking about it.

Our "leadership" in Washington is going about this whole minimizing abortions the wrong way. We need a real grassroots effort here kids. Obviously the whole abstinence only program is not working. We need to educate people on what can happen, and give people access to condoms and birth control more readily. We also need to work on this whole personal responsibility thing.

Here's my take, pregnancy is a potential consequence of having sex, if you get pregnant it's not a surprise. If you can't handle all the possible consequences then maybe you're not ready for the action. Every action has a consequence rather it be positive or negative. It's not about the government trying to tell you what to do, it's about taking responsibility for your actions. having a kid not the right thing for you right now, well you shouldn't be bangin' whoever, and guess what, you can always work with an adoption agency. I realize that may not be the most pleasant or the quickest solution, but it's doing the right thing.

Here's my shot for today's 365 and my response to the brew-ha-ha from last week. Get ready, it's got lots of unsightly stretch marks. Another consequence :-) of course it has the best consequence of all. It was inspired by a mini-challenge in the 365 group that I belong to, and if you get a chance should check out the other shots there. they are extremely thought provoking.

day 74/ Consequences

Get your tissues out

Because you're gonna need 'em watching this.

April 20, 2007

'Cuz I'm Mean Like Dat

day 71/ I'm just mean like that

(click on the shot for a larger image)

April 18, 2007

New Obsession

If those of you out there who are digital photographers haven't been lucky enough to peruse an issue of JPG Mag, you're missing out.

A fascinating part of this magazine, is the actual amount of photography that's featured through out the magazine. They are all images submitted by...well...anyone.

I would love to have the time to spend on really developing myself as a photographer or even just learning more in depth the basic functions of the camera. Maybe one day in my spare time...

Until then
365 outtake

Me and the bug

day 69/ I feel like Paul Bunyan here.

(Day 69/365)

April 16, 2007

Like it was a surprise!

My new sewing bag and SP #67/365!

day 67/ Like it was a shock...

April 14, 2007

Hmmm...Very Interesting

As soon as I posted the below blurb I remembered yesterdays 365 shot, as well as the quote that went with it:
day 64/Mmmmmmm

I want to have a good body, but not as much as I want dessert. ~Jason Love

Of Course

Anyone who knows me well enough can tell you I'm an emotional eater (For God sakes just ask my mother). It's something I realized a while back but I suppose like any other dependency or addiction when the time comes that you need your "something" you just don't care.

Adam and I got into a fight this afternoon and I can guarantee he will not apologize for what he said, because did you know that he has never apologized for saying something hurtful? Of course neither have I, but that's only because I never say rude or hateful things.
I will now commence in eating 10 Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.

Leave me alone, it's helpful. See.

April 12, 2007

Every Goodbye is the Birth of a Memory

The above is a Dutch proverb. I have taken this shot and the one seen below in honor of my grandfather whose birthday was this week. He was born in Holland, and of course loved tulips

Granddad passed away last August after living here in Indiana for less then 10 months. He'd moved out here from California as his health was failing. Prior to him moving here I'd only ever seen him a handful of times. I'm grateful I got to know him while he was here and he got to know his grandson (he passed away one month before Lilli was born). I'm glad I got to hear his stories of the Navy and of my grandma who died before I was born. I was glad to get to see this side of my heritage which I know so little about.

Happy Birthday Granddad and I miss you.

“Every goodbye is the birth of a memory.”

April 11, 2007

Oh Stacey and Clinton I Need Your Help

Do you think they've covered this on What Not To Wear, special Court Room edition?

I hope this is right.

off to court.JPG

Easter Babies

Easter Girl

Easter Boy

April 09, 2007

Happy Belated Easter

day 60/Easter Leftovers

April 05, 2007

Please Let Someone Make This Guy Their Bitch

It's about time! That poor excuse for a human being Joe Francis is headed to the clink!


April 04, 2007


Then Adam called. He asked if we had anything that looked like a christening gown or anything for Lilli. I reminded him that we used the heirloom gown from his family for her dedication. It seemed like an odd question so I questioned him on it. He told me that the wife of one of the guys he works with is pregnant and they cannot find the heartbeat and they were going to take the baby today. He said the guy had been taking time off to be with her because they don't want to leave her alone, they found out a while ago that the baby was not going to make it, they were just waiting for the "right time" I guess.

These hard-ass roofers are driving around to baby stores to buy this family the most important piece of clothing they will ever have.

My head cannot begin to wrap itself around what they must be feeling. My heart doesn't want too.

Please if you can, say a prayer for this family and their loss.

Tut, Tut It Looks Like Rain

(day 55 of my 365 project)

day 55/ Tut, Tut it Looks Like Rain

Fortunately we missed the brunt of the bad weather that passed through here last night.

April 03, 2007

Spring Schmring

Last Saturday Lilli got her first taste at being terrorized by people in large animal suits. Of course I'm talking about the Easter Bunny at the church Easter Egg Hunt, and honestly she could give a shit.

Great Grandma, Lilli and the Easter Bunny
She was only there for the candy and dart throwing really.

loot review.JPG
Oh yeah and Conner got really hyper afterwards. It was a damn fine day.

Letting Go

Letting go is always more difficult than it seems. There's never an easy way or quick fix to do it. It takes hard work, and often times tears. For me, it's that whole powerlessness thing that seems to get in my way.

I've got a ways to go, but I'm confident I'll get there...

day 54/ Letting go is harder than it seems

April 01, 2007

Good times...

day 52/midnight snack