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March 30, 2007

I think it's a sickness

Ok, let me just explain... well I can't. I laugh when people fall down. I laugh even harder when I can watch it over and over again.

Your turn...

March 29, 2007

“A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing”

Sometimes living in downtown really pisses me off. The loud ass cars that feel it necessary to drag down my street, the on-street parking, the impending "ghetto-ness". Yet there are moments, like one that happened earlier today, that totally make this worth while.

Just as I was pulling up in front of the house after dropping the bean off at Ms. Debbies this morning, my neighbor across the street was going into his house. He stopped and we chatted a bit about our tentative plans with a few others from the neighborhood to have lunch together at one of the local downtown bakery/cafes. Plans ended up changing and we are supposed to go tomorrow, but I left that brief conversation grinning like a fool.

This is what makes "urban living" so amazing. The closeness of the neighbors not only in proximity but in our every day lives. Some of my neighbors know more about what's going on with me right now then most of my friends. My neighbors have seen my children grow, and are constantly commenting on how gorgeous they are. (thanks guys).
My neighbors and I are like minded in the sense of how we want our street to look to where we choose to go eat.

I love the fact that I can go have lunch with my neighbors during the week while supporting a local business, I love the fact that when driving through town on my way to the store or anywhere, I am positive I will see at least one person I know.

So to my neighbors, immediate and those a bit further, if I haven't told you, I appreciate you and what you've help our neighborhood to become. I'm grateful for those of you I've met, and those I've yet to meet.

March 28, 2007

Day 50 of my 365

woot! Made it to day 50...
day 50

March 27, 2007

Don't Tell

We all have our secrets...

day 49/ don't tell...

Knitting For A Need

Tonight was the second "Knitting for a Need" meeting, and I'm happy to report there were quite a few people who showed up from both the church and the community.

The CJ was there to do a story and hopefully get the word out about the group. I'd like to see the group become mostly a supplier for various organizations around the city to help the homeless or whoever needs it when it gets cold.

I'm very excited for this opportunity and thanks to all who have donated or come out to a meeting. Remember first and fourth Tuesday of the month from 6:30-8 at Central Christian on Spring street!

March 26, 2007

If I don't laugh I won't make it through

day 48/ Lookin' round

When I look around I think this, this is good enough. And I try to laugh at whatever life brings. Cuz when I look down I just miss all the good stuff and when I look up I just trip over things.~ Ani D.

March 25, 2007

6 months

My little bug, you're already half-a-year old! How did this happen so quickly? Over the past month you have started solid foods,
first cereal
found your piggies
lilli found her toes
and just continued to grow.

You're talking all the time now. Long and loud cooo's. And don't get me started on your brother, you are already trying to follow him around, and you get the biggest kick when he's around and pays attention to you.
lilli laugh at bean.JPG

Dad keeps saying over and over again how much fun you are now that you're developing your own little personality. You are not a cuddly bug that's for sure. But oh you're still doing quite well on the whole sleeping thing.

Happy half year Lilli Bug!

Lilli 6 months

March 24, 2007

Whhaaat?? OKaaaay!!!!

I mean seriously, I defy anyone to find a better picture then this. Anywhere.

(Star Jones and Lil John)

When faced with a difficult decision, how do you know you've made the right choice? Do you ever?

"Waiting is the hardest paaart"

Our beloved Ms. Debbie is retiring in May. Kids, this throws a serious kink in things. I'm telling ya, just as you should automatically get a degree for being able to (successfully) schedule your college classes so you can actually get out of college in 4 years, you should also receive some sort of "prize" for being able to find suitable childcare (tho I guess finding the suitable childcare in the first place is really a prize).

I'm thrilled to death that some of you found success in daycares, but we couldn't take another day of the last and first thing we see when dropping/picking Conner up is him sitting on the floor and sobbing. Um no thanks. Plus a lot of these baby factories (what Adam calls them) usually aren't very flexible when it comes to part-time schedules. While it kills me to dole out hundreds of dollars a month for some other person to experience milestones with my kids, but I know they earn and deserve every bit of it.

Luckily, there seems to be a few things in the hopper* which will enable us to not need any more childcare in the near future, but I'm not holding my breath. (my knuckles are also raw for all the knocking on wood). Of course, right now I'm just interested in getting through this whole hellish debacle with some former employers.

I mean who wouldn't want to stay at home with this adorable face?

*a phrase that I often heard at my former job and hated. then i started thinking maybe I just hated it because of who said it, so to be fair, I tried to use it. Nope. Still hate it.

March 23, 2007

Still Not Enough

just me

March 21, 2007


I suppose it's just human nature for people to want to bitch. (hello what am I doing now?), but sometimes the motives behind it just go right through me. Or it could just be "that time of the month".

Let's review these nerve-raking events in list form shall we?

*New Albany Politics and It's Commentators. Look, obviously there is a certain person you want to run for candidacy (i'm guessing it's yourself) or you wouldn't be so freaking critical (unreasonably) about the candidates that are actually running. You know the ones who are taking the time from their schedules to put themselves in this shit position. So unless you're gonna actually offer help or suggestions? Shut it.

* When someone calls you on the phone, and then proceeds to have a conversation with someone they are with. Sweet Joseph and Mary! I can't conceive of anything more rude, so if you do this to me and I hang up, you know why.

* Conner's incessant whining recently. OH.MY.GOD. will it ever stop? I'm thinking only if I smoother him with a pillow. What? I keed, I keed. I know this is all part of the being two, but really son, that's it.

*Being pulled in 50 direction. Chances are if you are getting ready to ask me to "volunteer" for something. You're gonna get a big Hells-to-the-NO. My schedule is full and my appts are booked, have your people call my people and we'll work something out for later. Don't misunderstand, I am quite happy to be fulfilling my current obligations, but for your sanity and mine don't ask me anything more. I simply can't.

*Bills. Ok really this whole bill thing is a bit old. They get in the way of me buying other fun stuff. I'm over it.

March 19, 2007


I have this emotion inside me currently, and for the life of me I can't find the words to express it, which in itself I guess is not to uncommon and perhaps that is not what's bothering me. I think it's more the fact that I have been "feeling" this for over 2 months.

It's a combination of joy, and sadness. Excitement and hesitance. I feel like that dumb Alanis Morrisette song, "Hand in My Pocket" .

I know what's causing it, and I know it'll be done (hopefully soon), but it's really not any consolation.

Typically to deal with this kind of stuff, I talk about it with Adam till I'm blue in the face, or i'll write about it. You guys have any tips with "dealing"?

Excuse me, my nerd is showing

How cool is this? I'm bummed I missed it...

March 18, 2007

Happy *belated* St. Patricks Day

Day 39/Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Paying Respect

The Iraq Veterans Memorial is an online war memorial to honor the members of the U.S. armed forces who have lost their lives serving in the Iraq War. It is a collection of video memories from family, friends, military colleagues, and co-workers of those that have fallen. The memorial will be an online destination for people to honor and remember those we have lost.

We need your help to make this complete. If you knew a soldier who died, please contribute your own video memorial to them. There is no deadline.
The preceding text is from the Iraq Veterans Memorial site.

*Adam asked my why I was watching this as it was visibly make me upset. At the time I didn't have an answer, I just shook my head and cried more. I thought to myself why do I do this? Then it occured to me, this is the one small thing that I can do to pay tribute, show my respect for these men and women and their families who've paid the ultimate sacrifice. To listen to the stories told of these men and women, I truly believe the world is a darker place with them gone*

March 16, 2007


woot y'all. Election season is in full swing here in the N'alb, and as the saying goes, "I'm happier then a pig in shit". It's getting good folks. People are working on issues, not acting (poorly) like they are in a play.

I love this! I love people being involved and actually working for a change, instead of just bitching about the city not doing there job.

Another interesting aspect is seeing the "hands" that people are playing. Whether it's the "I'm mad as hell and not gonna take it" or "I'm just a poor wittle guy wike you" or even "Look at me and my piety, low how I spend lots of time at church and working for the poor"

Anywho, my connection is sucking so more updates later. I promise!

March 09, 2007

Yarmouth on Colbert Report

March 08, 2007

day 31/365

day 31


Conner Bean

March 07, 2007

grown up house

For our anniversary I had custom built in cabinets made for Adam. OMG they are fabulous, it looks like a real-live grown-up house now.


After: (well they still have to be painted)
new bookshelves

Votin' It, Votin' It.

day 30/ VOTE SUCKAS!

March 05, 2007

leesh and lilli

my sister and the bug

leesh and lilli.3


oh how I've missed you!

Swap-bot swap: Coloriffic Swaporama: APRIL 2007
I swap with Swap-bot!

March 02, 2007

Foto Flashback Friday

dad boots.JPG

Wearing my dad's boots. Heck yes I'm cool. Gawd I would kill for that hair now, and look at my teef! That GAP, I had to have surgery to remove the piece of skin that connects your jaw to the lip there because it was "too meaty" gag. I remember the orthodontist saying those words to this day!

March 01, 2007

New Albany Business Review

Attn: New Albany Residents, if you have furniture or trim that needs to be stripped and refinished, do NOT take it to Moody's Professional Furniture on Vincennes.

He underbids then charges you more when he's done with the job, doesn't listen to instructions, and is incredibly rude.

I will be sure to tell EVERYONE about this experience.

Day 25

day 25/ all I need you to do is stop