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December 28, 2006

Christmas ReCap

Whew. Is it over now? We had our (what we hope to be) annual Christmas Eve Open House on Sunday with a great turnout and a busy busy Monday.

Conner was feeling a little sick on Monday, so it wasn't the wrapping paper tearing blizzard I thought it would be, until I got a present from Adam that was a box from J.O. Endris. Woot! A pretty bracelet to match my ring. He still had fun though, and Adam and I had just as much watching him.


After morning with the family and naps, we headed off to my sisters and then to Adams parents. The view at my sisters house was truly a great display of American excess...


It was a great and busy holiday, and as rushed and stressed as we were, I'm never happy it's over. I love this season and getting everyone together.

I had a great holiday with my husband and my two wonderful children and I am so grateful.

Adam and I, Christmas Eve

Plus Conner got a Johnny Cash action figure!

Cash and Conner

(click on any of the pictures for more)

December 27, 2006

3 months

Happy three months Lilli-Bug! Gosh this last month has been busy. You've started smiling and cooing and really starting to form your own little personality. We've had a few challenges when it comes to sleeping and have had to pull out the old ringer and place you in the aquarium swing so we all keep our sanity, but once you fall asleep, generally you're out for 5-6 hours at night. It really is great. Your gorgeous hair is still coming in red, and you're already up to 10lbs 2 oz! Officially doubling your size from when you were born.

It's amazing to see you respond to mine and daddies voices and watch you turn your head to find us. Conner loves you more every day, and still likes to comfort you however he can.

This last weekend we celebrated your first Christmas, and you took it like a champ. True you were pretty much up all night Christmas Eve, but you're so cute, what are you gonna do?

We went to church with Dad and Conner on Christmas Eve morning, and put you in a gigantic puffy dress that your great grandma bought for you. YOu slept through the whole service, just perfect.


December 22, 2006


Reason for the Season

This past weekend, we took Conner to the local firehouse to drop off some toys for the Toys For Tots charity. We tried to explain to Conner we weren't taking these toys to be mean, and that Santa was going to take them to boys and girls all over that weren't going to get as many things as he was. We also talked about sharing and how good he is with Lilli. Whenever she's crying he offers her whatever toy he's playing with to soothe her.

When we got to the firestation he was a little shy at first but eventually started helping the fireman empty out the toys and then said, "Santa give these to everybody". Gah! I was so proud of him.

I think we'll make this a yearly tradition and hopefully build in him the importance of caring for your fellow man, and realizing how truly grateful we are.

Firetruck for

December 21, 2006

12 days of 2006

Watch and Enjoy

December 19, 2006

Highlands Clause

Those of you who know what the Highlands is/are (?) You need to listen to this!

Welcome To New Albany, What Problem?

In the 15 months that Adam and I have lived in our new house in the heart of historic downtown New Albany, we have been attempting to work with the neighborhood association and other concerned citizens of New Albany to encourage and motivate the government to enforce policys and ordinances that will curb the garbage and neglect of the housing. Especially rental property.

This has been met with jeers by others in the city that we are "out to get the poor" and we are selfish. Make no mistake this has nothing to do with your income level or your social status. It's about personal responsibility. In this day and age where people are so afraid of stepping on someone else's toes or hurting someones feelings, often times it leaves us spinning our wheels never really able to stand up and say what needs to be said. I have stated in city council meetings several times that, like it or not, I represent the future of New Albany. My income, my work, my ideas, my family will all leave if these challenges are not acknowledged (at least) by the administration. I mean really, what's keeping us here? (our neighbors and thats about it right now)

Over the summer we had two newschannels come and do stories on the dumping problem that's going on (and has been going on) by slumlords and their slumtennants. Because some of us decided to stand up and fight for a clean safe and respectable neighborhood, we were told by people "downtown" that we were an embarassment to the city.

We are often told that the correct people (building commiss, councilpersons, and other city officials) don't know about these problems. As you look at these pictures below, I ask you, how can you miss this?

Please don't misunderstand and think that we are only getting together and complaining. We have had several city forums for people and invited city officials to come together for a meeting of the minds and come up with solutions. The attendance by city officials has been apalling to say the least. Private citizens have even come together and done research on how other cities handle the challenges that we face, yet every time we are told that we don't have enough money, or we just can't do it.

Welcome To New Albany, What Problem?

Again, I ask, how long do you expect us to live among this?

December 18, 2006


Sunday, Lilli was dedicated at church. She wore the same gown that Adam wore when he was dedicated. She was so sweet and good. So was Conner.

I'd type more but right now my head feels like it's going to explode. Sweet.
(click on the picture for more)

Blue eyed sweet girl

December 15, 2006

First Grins

Hooray! it's finally looking like she has a personality. Adam has been trying to scar her emotionally with a giant stuffed clown, but at least it's making her smile.

Pretty girl!

Smiling at the scary clown

First SMILE!!

December 14, 2006

new hair and new brows

Hey Red!

trying to get the back

4 eyes

conner clothes 017

December 13, 2006


In one hour I will be getting my nasty mom hair whacked. It hasn't been properly tended to since oh... June or so. And let's not even get started on the brows shall we? Yes, getting my hair played with and prettified, no kids, and shapely brows. Does it get better?

WHy yes, yes it does.

Dude, when the dogs kick it, I'm so getting cats again.

December 08, 2006


Lilli has been coming to work with me about three days a week since I've been back and most of the time it's been going pretty well. Of course some days she's in rare form and decides she's going to be awake for no less then 22 hours a day and demand that I hold her while pumping, working, being on the phone and typing emails and contracts. Luckily she doesn't seem to bug anyone else but me, hooray for my own office.

That's why I decided to jump on the sling bandwagon. I ordered this gorgeous pink paisley sling from Hotslings yesterday and I can't wait for it to get here. I also must give props to Jenna for being such a supporter of baby-wearing and it rubbing off on me.

Lastly, here is a delightful picture of Lilli and I at work that my boss took. And althoug it doesn't really look like it in the picture, since Ms. Lilli graced us with her presence, I've lost 25 lbs and am down a pants size from when I got pregnant with her back in February. Woot!

Lilli and I at work

December 04, 2006

Saturday morning, I further scarred my oldest child. Ah yes I seem to have that talent that only mothers have when it comes to emotionally damaging my child. How did I do it this time? By taking him to see Santa again of course.

At least he didn't scream this time. Oh and Lilli? She was THRILLED.

breakfast with santa 007

December 01, 2006

Until There's A Cure