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September 30, 2006

Sept 29

Today Lilli got to start eating and she's doing great. Her respirations weren't affected at all and she's having no problem keeping the food down. Her billirubin levels (jaundice) are just a little high so they have her on lights, but they think her levels will probably go down now that she's eating and pooping.

Adam and I got to hold her for the first time today and it was great. She's just too sweet and I want to eat her up.

Adam and Conner went to the balloon glow tonight and Conner was so good, he was in the best mood. I was happy they went because we want to make sure that Conner's not feeling left out or neglected.

I'm off ot pump, but here are some more pictures!

lilli yawn

September 29, 2006

Full Story

Courtney asked me to post this for her:

Ok, so here are the details short of a full on birth story.

I woke up Sunday night around 1:30 with a few questionable tinges. I moved over to my left side and still felt them. Got up to pee around 3:30 and...gush. There went the water. EVERYWHERE.

She was born at 12:26 on Monday September 25, 2006. 5 lbs even and 18 inches long. She came out pink and crying, so I knew that was a good sign.

She was having a bit of a struggle breathing so thats when they decided to take her to Kosairs and put her on a ventilator so she didn't wear her little self out.

As of this evening, Thursday Sept 28th, she's still doing great. They took her off the ventilator last night and now she's just on oxygen. The main thing they are looking at is her resperations per minute. The drs like them to be between 30-60, when we first got there they were around 80-100, now they are saying around 50-60. It's great news. She also had an aterial line in her belly button, so they could get blood samples easily, and they took that out. One step closer to being able to hold her. She's still a little sensitive to touch so we are holding off on that too. They also put her on a billi light as a pre emptive step.

Adam or I haven't been able to hold her yet and I wasn't ready to have her yet. Since this was our last baby this was my last time being pregnant. I wasn't done feeling her move, I wasn't done protecting her, I just wasn't done.

I feel very empty and almost violated. Conner has been amazing and patient with his tired mom and dad and is pretty confused about where the baby went.

He's just enthralled with the breastpump too.

If you can't tell I'm a mess of hormones.

Click on the picture for some more!

Lillian 9.25-9.28 034.jpg

September 26, 2006


Hey guys, just a quick update as I'm home for a bit to get some sleep, spend time with Conner and pump.

Lilli was born on Monday after my water broke EARLY Monday morning. Labor and Delivery were easy and pretty quick and she came out pink and crying. Her lungs are just a little tiny so it was working her hard to breathe and the drs made the decision to move her to Kosair's. We've been there just over 24 hours and she's been improving every second.

It's very scary to see her on a ventilator but I know she's in the best place. Adam is in love with her and Conner just wants to bring her home and play with her.

I've got a few pics and I'll upload them as soon as I get a chance.

Prayers are appreciated!

Thanks all.


Just a quick note. I got a voicemail from Court yesterday letting me know that Lillian was born. She's having a little trouble breathing on her own, but she's doing well. Everything sounds good!

September 22, 2006

Hey I was in AV!!!

Oh goodness. Weird Al was on Bob and Tom earlier this week to promote his new cd, and we got to hear his new song "White N Nerdy"

If you haven't watched this yet it's just awesome. With appearances by Donnie Osmond and Seth Green, you will be laughing by the end. The only thing that concerns me, I do or did a lot of the stuff he mentions in the video...d'oh.

September 21, 2006

It's Here, It's HERE!!!!

Hooray, it's finally here. My favorite time of the year. Cardigan Weather Time! Hot damn, I love me some cardigans.


September 20, 2006

for me

Because a little nekid baby butt can cheer up anyone's shit day.


Healthy Parenting

I always said I'd never be one of those parents who bought their kids everything, it was a waste of money, I thought.

Ha. that flew right out the window the first time I saw how happy Conner gets. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I run out and buy him everything I see or he see's, it can something as big as a helicopter toy or inflatable spider for the front yard(I'll get to that in a minute) or as small as a new cup with spongebob on it, or even a piece of paper for him to put stickers on. Seriously, that kid grins and it's all over. This is also part of the reason Adam and I choose to work full-time, so we can buy him things that he wants and needs, and we can afford to go to the zoo with him, or take him to the fair to see the "moos", or go camping and rent a boat for him to "drive".

Of course, sometimes this backfires. Case-in-point, since the stores started putting out their Halloween crap while fireworks were still going off for 4th of July, I have been way ready to decorate for fall and Halloween. It's always been my favorite time of year, and with Conner it's even more enjoyable. At one store we visisted, they had a huge section devoted to the big blow up yard displays, and then he saw it. The big black and purple "pidey" with legs that moved and eyes that glowed. He was infatuated. We had to take several trips around the pidey every time we visted the store. I went back 2 weeks ago to buy it and it was gone. I don't know who was going to be more heartbroken, me or Conner. They manager said they "may" get more in, but he just didn't know. Happily they did get more in and I brought one home on Saturday. Conner danced around the box and immitated how the pidey moved when all blown up.

Adam asked Conner if he wanted to set it up in the living room. Then all hell broke loose. Conner flipped shit and did a total 180. My proud purchase and attempt to lure Conner over from the "dadside" had backfired, and I think I just scarred him emotionally now.

Once the thing was out of the box and blown up, we couldn't peel him off our laps. Adam and I each took our turn sitting next to the pidey and even fed it a dog. Nothing. Of course Adam was delighted. Conner also said his first sentence that day. Pidey back in box!!!


(more once you click on the pic)

September 14, 2006

"I did my best, I did my best!!!"

shit, fuck, damn, bitch. I am having one of those days. The baby's almost here and we dont have the nursery done, the house is freaking filthy, I am at my wits end with the dogs and how dirty they make my house, I have so much shopping to do before the baby gets here, I'm super-stressed about work-GAAAHHH.

I am cranky and hormonal and want to sit down and sob. Just have a good, long, snotty cry.

Normal activities- isn't that how we got here in the first place?

I just had a really weird, really strong Deja vu moment with my moo goo gai pan for lunch. This baby is messing with my mind.

In other baby news, I got the all clear today from the doc to return to "normal activities" (Adam is psyched) he said that as long as I've made it this far he's happy. Lilli's heartbeat is all good and she's measuring right on track. No more checks until my next appt in 2 weeks. So it could be tomorrow, it could be 6 more weeks.

Let's hope for the latter as our nursery STILL is not done.

In other cute baby news Conner now requests "lubies" when he wants to hug and kiss. When I dropped him off at my moms house this morning he gave me extra lubies and gave "lilli" a "kisses" too. Christ on a cracker (thanks erika) this kid rules.

September 13, 2006

Already got a guilty conscience, might as well have the money too

We've got some major shit floating about at the Paris household including the new baby and some pretty big decisions that will need to be made soon.

Please cross your fingers that everything goes smooth and we decide right.

September 12, 2006

Immature? Yes

Sometimes I'll walk in on Adam while he is peeing in the bathroom (duh) and I'll start giggling and say in my head "hehe penises are funny", and turn and walk out.

Yes, I am 12 years old.

Last Sunday was Grandparent's Day. Sure it's a made up Hallmark Holiday, but it's still fun to celebrate none the less. Sunday was also the day that my grandparents church dedicated their new pulpit.

When my grandpa passed away in January, he made it clear that he wanted all expressions of sympathy to be donated to his church's building fund. He and my grandma had been going to this small church since they moved her 30+ years ago, and were both very very involved there. The church is in the process of going through some major renovations and having such a small congregation has put some strains of their plans, financially.

They needed a new pulpit to match the rest of the interior of the new sanctuary, but sadly that got pushed to the "hey won't that be nice" list. With the money that was donated by friends and family the church decided to get a pulpit and dedicate it in my grandpa's name.

My grandma spoke a few words during the service and she asked me to speak as well. I read the list I'd made of things I'd never forget about my grandpa. It was hard but nice. So many people were touched by knowing my grandpa and he was an excellent role model.

I miss you grandpa and I still think about you every day, I can hear your sing-song hi to Conner when we would walk in the front door of your house, and I wonder every time how long until I can't hear it anymore. I'm sorry Lilli won't get to meet you in person, but I'm glad Conner did. I'm thankful for all the love and support you always gave.

grandpa's pulpit 008

September 11, 2006


Happy Birthday!

Siigggh, my very first lovah. I've watched you grow from a young jazz singer down in Nawluns, to the television acting hearthrob known as Leo, and finally as the hottie hottness that you are on Broadway.

Happy Birthday Harry!

September 07, 2006

33 weeks, baby update

Ok, so I just got back from the drs office with kind of an emergency drs appointment. Nothing bad, I went in because of a little bit o' blood in the urine and was diagnosed with a "raging bladder infection". And if that's not awesome enough, I also asked him to just check and make sure things were still good as I had been feeling "funny" for the last 24 hours. He kind of smiled and said sure (in that dr-ish condescending way).

Well, well well, guess who was dialted 1 cm already? Don't mess with momma's intuition bitches. So he's put me on modified bed rest for the next week, and we'll see what the next appointment shows. (hopefully nothing! We don't have the nursery done yet!!!!!)

Here are some lovely pictures of my fat smirking ass.

Labor Day 33.5 weeks

Labor Day 33.5 weeks

Goodbye My Lover

The first time I heard James Blunt was one morning as I was getting ready for work back in December or January. I was a little put off by the weirdness of the video and him getting naked on a big glacier or whatever, but I loved the song.

A few weeks later I saw him on SNL and knew I had to go get the whole album. Wow. I think one of my favorite songs is "Goodbye My Lover". I heard this song right after my grandpa passed away and it immediately reminded me of my grandparents. I cried then and I cry every time I hear the song now.

Here is a link to the lyrics, and below is the crap video, ignore waffy Mischa and just listen to the lyrics. Then tell me you didn't cry.

Help Isabel

I found this site via Sweetney this morning, uggh.

Here's the info from the site:

I'm writing to you because of my friend Paulette and her daughter Isabel. I met Paulette on a message board a few months before my son was born. Despite many people saying otherwise, my online friend quickly became a real and true friend supporting me before and after becoming a mama. I am doing my best to help support her now.

What started out as Isabel’s flu-like symptoms last week quickly became every parents worst nightmare.

On September 3, doctors announced a preliminary diagnosis of Leukemia. Further tests are being done to determine if in fact Isabel is suffering from Leukemia, or worse, Severe Aplastic Anemia. Both are devastating diseases of the blood and bone marrow. And either way, she's going to need a bone marrow transplant. Her mother, father and brother have not left her side. Her diagnosis requires repeated testing and the search is currently on for a matching bone marrow donor.

Isabel and her parents can use all the help they can get right now. As you can imagine, their world has been turned upside down.

The site they set up is just getting going, and looks like it will be featuring auctions and stuff for sale as well as general updates.

Please do what you can for this family, if you can't donate, prayers will work too, I am sure.

I just can't even imagine what this feels like. Isabel and Isabel's mom,dad and brother, I'm praying for you guys and will be waiting for any news you choose to give us.

September 06, 2006

Confession Time

So I have an embarassing confession to make. I like to chew on sponges. Like really REALLY like to chew on sponges. And not just any sponges. They have to be a certain kind, have a certain texture and have no taste.

No kitchen sponges or make-up sponges. Usually I can find them in the car wash section.

I have had this weird-o fascination for a while, and now feel like I can openly embrace it. I have actually searched on the internet to see if I can find any information on this, but I haven't been able too.

This is something I can't explain, and Adam gives me shit for it all the time. It's really almost borderline obesession.

You guys have any weird-o stuff like this going on?

Watch the F out!

I've been fighting it for as along as I can, but the snark is starting to win out.

I have a huge list of people who have contributed to the current state of snark, but since this is a public thingie, I shant screw myself over by posting it here. (hooray for old school written journals).

While most of this is probably due to hormones from the baby, I'm pretty sure its also a good indicator that I need to get back with the Lexapro soon. Believe me, I don't like having to be right and superior all the time people, it get's old!

seal snark central

September 05, 2006

Homes Tour

This Saturday is the Historic Homes Tour which features two houses on my block and several others that are just amazing. If you an old house junkie then this is just the thing for you. I know Adam and I will go and probably just get sick over all the awesome things in these other houses, while remembering all the work that needs to be done to ours.

You can check out more information by visiting this site. I'll be a greeter at the Potts house, so stop by and say hello.

September 04, 2006


I couldn't believe the news this morning, what a sad day for reptillion lovers everywhere.

The Crocodile Hunter died today in a freak accident involving a sting ray!

September 02, 2006

Total Awesome-ness

I just started reading Dad Gone Mad this week, but it seems as though i found him at the right time.

An overseas soldier left him a comment the other day thanking him for basically writing a funny site that made him laugh. DGM, his wife and sis decided to take him and his family on as the DMG Official Cause.

He has set up a site where Mike (the soldier) can post and an address where we can send items that will help him or his wife and 7 month old daughter.

Even if you can't donate stop by and leave encouraging words or just a funny story.

September 01, 2006

to pump or not to pump, that is the question

While I do tend to bitch about my job quite a bit (or about anything else to anyone else who will listen) I have been incredibly lucky when it comes to how they've treated me and my family, with either time off, or the ability to pump at work or whatever.

It's a small company so we're afforded some leniencey where at the same time, I could be totally screwed because we don't qualify for FMLA, so they give me 6 weeks off to work from home, and allowed me to bring Conner in a few days a week as well as pump at work. These opportunities have been worth more to me then any paycheck. I was able to breastfeed Conner for 4 months and so far have been able delay placing him in daycare up until recently, and even then it's only 3 days a week.

This article in the New York Times made me aware of just how lucky I am and just how backwards this damn country is with their priorities. Our sister to the north? They get a year off. Here 12 weeks, non-paid. IF you qualify for FMLA.

I urge anyone out there to visit Moms Rising and when you get the chance, let your elected officials know just how you feel about this matter and how important these opportunities are.

Mommy blogging?

I’m listening to the podcast (or whatever you call a non-live version of it) of the “MommyBlogging is a Radical Act” panel from Blogher 2006. Last year at Blogher 2005, Alice from Finslippy made the statement that Mommy Blogging is a radical act, in response to some of the accusations that writers who use their blogs to write about their children are wasting precious resources and should be focusing more on changing the world and other radical acts.

So this year they devoted a panel to this topic. The speakers are Finslippy, Sweetney and Mir, all of whose blogs I read on a regular basis. So far the dominating topic has been about the actual title of “mommy blogging” and whether or not it’s insulting and blah, blah, blah. BLAH exactly. That sums up how I feel about it and the fact that it’s even a controversy. I guess it goes along the same lines as what Ms. Roosevelt said, "Noone can make you feel inferior without your consent".

(Holy crap, Grace Davis just spoke, siigh, she's awesome)

When Jen talked about this very thing after returning home from Blogher, it got me thinking about a lot of things. One of the things (bashfully) was “Why isn’t my blog more read”? I guess not even that, I have a site counter I know people read it, and visit, and sometimes comment. People tell me they read my blog. Is it because of my topics? Because I’m a shit writer? Because I’m just not as cool?-Holy shit, did you feel that? I think we all just went back in time about 8 years to when I was in high school. Then I remind myself that, that’s not why I started Ceece.net, I started it to keep people that I loved who were away, updated on what was going on with me and home. I’ve used it for writing about me, Adam, Conner, my family, my hometown, my faith and for a while I wrote about work. (yeah I nixed that idea and deleted those posts). It also got me thinking about why I don’t write about certain things like politics and business news etc. I don’t write about that stuff because I have no idea where to even start when it comes to those things. Yeah, I consider myself to be pretty smart, but I don’t think along those lines unfortunately. Not to say I wouldn’t like to, but ask me about the GOP’s political motivation and you’ll probably get the head-tilted stare that I get from Gracee when I ask her if she has to pee. But ask me about Conner’s favorite past-time right now (helicopters and trains) or what’s the best way to market my hometown, then you better grab a seat because we might be here a while.

Sweetney has posted a few times about the ever-growing number of blogs that pop up everyday. (we are talking thousands a day), and then I think about the connections that I have made with other bloggers and how their actions and lives affect me. Example, TB over at Soul Gardening recently found out she was pregnant after years and years of trying. When I started to read the post announcing her pregnancy, I held my breath until she came out and said it, then? I cried. I cried and grinned. When I told Adam, he looked at me like I was crazy.

Maybe I am, but I’m glad to know that I was able to pray for her and J, and that I was able to see some good news in a world that seems like it’s going to shit.

Anyway, this probably doesn’t make a lot of sense but, meah, I felt like writing about this and I’m not done.