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July 31, 2006

The swelling, she hasa started!

Bleah, I noticed Friday night when I got home from work, that my tootses were looking a little...puffy. Upon closer examination, sure enough, my feet have started to swell ever so slightly. Boo. I still have 3 months left.

Now for your viewing pleasure...

The swelling, it's starting!

And a close-up-BONUS!
close-up of the swelling

PS. Isn't my new headboard bitchen'?

It's Official

I have a two-year old now! Conner turned two on Saturday. Conner is still just the most amazing thing out there to me. I miss him when I'm at work, and I miss him when he's asleep.

His laugh that won Adam over from the very begining is still music to my ears and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
He's grown up so much over the last year. He now walks and his vocabulary is just growing by the minute. He is so smart and has amazing perception skills. He adores his daddy, pap, and opa. He truly is a daddy's boy.
Of course he is stubborn and demanding as only a two-year old with Paris and Hill genes could be, but I wouldn't change anything.

He wins people over no matter where he goes, and makes me feel so proud I could just burst. We get complimented on his eyes, hair, nature everything when we go out, and true we played some genetic part in his being, we know he is just a blessing in so many ways. If Conner had never come along, I'm pretty sure that we would be without kids and Adam would have never turned into the super-dad he is now.

I love you bean-town and these last two years have just flown by.


July 27, 2006

Man's Best Friend

Last night I drugged the dogs with benadryl and pulled some grass out of Gracee's butthole.

That's what I call getting awesome.

July 26, 2006

Ha, found this via Sweetney.

The best part is Sam LJ at the end.

Watch it...NOW!

July 24, 2006

Now that we've hit bottom, where do we go from here?

Gah, this has not been the most positive news week for New Albany that's for sure. Last Tuesday, Indiana 9 did another story on the garbage in the alley's of the city, you can watch it here(side note, sweet lord is that what I really look like? jiggle jiggle jiggle, our story is about halfway through).

Then in this Sunday's Courier-Journal local columnist Dale Moss did a survey about the readers opinions on various topics throughout the reader area, and oh wasn't this a beauty.

The city people least want to live in? New Albany. Hmmm I have a few guesses as to why that might be, and hopefully with the next election coming up in 2007, we can get some intelligent people in the offices and on council, people who are actually willing to work and do something for this freaking city. I am also guessing that this whole YMCA issue is not reflecting well on the city, one minute it's happening, the next minute it's not.

The reason that people don't want to live here is not because of property taxes or sewer problems, it's because our city is stagnant. Compared with Louisville, Jeff hell even ghetto Clarksville is doing stuff, we look like we are just caught in the backwoods.

I don't blame people for not having a positive image of New Albany. I'm surprised more people haven't left. I guess the nice part is that once you get involved in the city and with your neighbors, you realize the awesome potential New Albany does have and how great we can be.

How do we get there is the question. For answers and information on people actually doing something, check out this blog.


Tonight I'm sitting here watching crap on tv(ms universe pagent for God's sake) trying to not go to bed.

Usually when Adam's been gone for the week-end with military he's home by now. All is right in our family, Conner is elated that dada is home, and I feel safe once again. Of course Adam's not here and we still have 12 more days without him. I keep reminding myself that I did this for 4 months before and it is only 14 days and umm hello, there are people whose better halfs are actually in a dangerous situation across the world, and mine is just in Alabama. But it still sucks.

I was able to talk with him on Friday night so that was nice, and Conner was still awake so I was glad for both of them.

I'm comforted though that it's about this time that Lilli "wake's up" and insists on pumeling the crap out of my insides, but it reminds me that I won't be going to bed "alone" and I'm surrounded by most of my loved ones and Adam will be home soon.

July 21, 2006

Help me and my site

Ok kids, I need some major help here. My blog is just a mess. I use movable type and don't know a damn thing about it, so if you're so inclined to help a sister out, shoot me an email at cparis56 (at) netzero(dot) com.

I'll even give you some money.

The Lord Has Himself Another Soldier

I pretty much just stole that title from Jenna because it's the truth and this really isn't a time to be witty.

Matt passed away this morning, surrounded by his family.

Here is Jenna's post. Please don't stop praying as now his family will need it more then ever.

Thanks to all who contributed financially and spiritually.

July 20, 2006

Not so good update on Matt

I just checked Jennas blog and it looks like things have taken a turn for worse for Matt. The family is now being flown out to say goodbye to their son, brother, loved one.

Please please please pray that this war will end and our troops will be brought home safe, pray for those overseas now, pray for those who have lost loved ones.


Happy dance

Hooray. Our ultrasound following up on LIlli's kidney went wonderful today. They said she still has a bit of fluid but it's nothing that is a problem. They will be doing an ultrasound once she is born, just to check out and be safe, but it's pretty good news!

She was moving around everywhere and the tech was just awesome. She even snuck us in a few 3d/4d pictures.

My God, Lilli is just gorgeous. She has the same nose as Conner did (mine) and, oh hell just see for yourself! Click on the picture for more!

4d profile

July 19, 2006

The Boy in Black

Now when we get in the car and turn on the radio, Conner makes a request for Joha-ishhh. (Johnny Cash) how freaking cool is that?!

Our boy walks the line.

July 18, 2006

Update on Matt

yesterday I posted about a fellow blogger Jenna who had friends who desperatly need prayers for their son/brother Matt who was injured overseas. I have copy and pasted the entry that she wrote most recently below.

The Great, the Good and the Need
I have some updates regarding Matt and yesterday’s long, continuously updated post. Read on.

The Great!

Jess called this morning and they were able to get his ventilator reduced to 50% of his lung function. Therefore, he can be transported to Texas. This is proof that prayer and whatever else you all did last night does, in fact, work.

The Good.

A friend (thanks, Lisa) let us know that the military has emergency help for situations like this so that one sister could also be paid for to fly to Texas. The Army is paying for three family members and with the relief money, that’s four. We still have two to get to Texas which brings us to…

The Need.

The family needs to pay to fly everyone to Texas as well as the amount of money that will have to be spent on their stay, however long that may be. The IMMEDIATE need is to get the family TO Texas. The family has all ready spent a lot of money to have the youngest sister, Micah, airlifted via helicopter out of Panama where she is on a mission trip. I asked Jess this morning if she would be opposed to setting up a PayPal donation system and she said, “No. Not right now. This is no time for pride.” And so, readers, if you have one dollar to donate, please take the time to do so. This is a family in crisis and in need. The PayPal account is secure for the family. We need quite a bit of money by tomorrow so the family can rush to Matt’s side in Texas. The rest can trickle in as needed.

If you have a dollar, two or a hundred and you feel so inclined, please make a donation to the Wallace family. They need the support, moral and financial, at this time. I will be posting updates of how much money we have raised for the family. Jess’s Father wanted to thank me yesterday and I simply told Jess, “I’m just doing for you what I would want done for my family.” And with Josh still in the Army, that’s a scary thought and reality. I’ll be contacting our batallion today as well.

Please. Even a dollar. This is a huge financial burden. Let’s help lighten the load.

Update: Just over an hour after posting, we have raised $211.00. I’ll be updating this. Note: One plane ticket will be $700.00.

If you'd like to donate, then go here.

Thanks to all!

Shape of a Mother

I was reading Sundry's blog the other day and she posted about Shape of a Mother, and talked about her own body image issues and how she felt about this site.

I love it. I can tell you that when you are bombarded with how wonderful celebrities look days after they have given birth it kinda stings.

I wouldn't trade any of it for Conner or Lilli though.

Check it out and next time you see a woman with stretch marks be grateful to and jealous of her, for she probably has dealt with her own body issues, and more then likely she brought forth a beautiful human being into this world and got to experience something that half the population never will.

July 17, 2006

Birthday Party!

Yesterday we celebrated Conner's 2nd birthday. Yes it was a wee bit early, but Adam will be gone with military on his actual birthday so this just worked out better.

Here are some fabulous (read:cute to only me) and repetitive pictures of Conner enjoying the balloons and attention.

Conners birthday 007


Last night we were watching the news when this story came on about some students in Lebanon who had to be rescued.

The family was all pissed because the students went over there on their own accord and the US pretty much said hey, we can help you up until a certain point, but if it gets hectic then get the hell out.

Well, they didn't, so of course the US military had to risk their own butts to go help these kids out.

THEN the mom was all like, "Oh it doesn't matter how they got home, it's just important that they get home". Umm guess what lady it does too matter how they got rescued. Because you know what? It could have been my husband who was risking his safety to rescue your kid. It doesn't matter, what an idiot.

I hope that's really not what she meant and she has more respect for our troops then she let on.

prayers please

A fellow army wife and "blog-her" just posted on her site about a friend who's brother was seriously injured.

Please keep Matt and his family in your prayers/chants whatever.

You can read the post here.

Awesome: my friend/neighbor Tabitha is leaving shortly for Thailand to volunteer for like 5 months, she also went down to New Orleans a few months ago to help clean-up, she's like super woman.

Not-so-awesome: dropping off Tabitha's birthday present at her house last night to her husband and in mid-conversation realizing that not-only was I not wearing a bra but hooray, my boobs had started leaking.

Hooray for pregnancy!

July 14, 2006

more driving lessons 101

So I don't have time to do real open letters, instead how about some open memo's to all the the tools who made my lunch break awsome.

1-lady driving up my ass for a parking spot in which I was backing into. Yeah, you see those WHITE LIGHTS on the back of my car, white light-reverse, so move it!!!! Don't just sit there and throw your hands up in desparation, I was here first bee-yotch. Oh what's that? It looks like you're over 65, I'll have to get your information so when I take over the world, your license is REVOKED.

2-Fat dude at home depot- hey chubbers, stop sign /= to parking spot GOOOOOOOO. PS that purple color of your truck-LAME.

3-Douchebag with the really big truck, in fact so big you MUST be compensating by your miniaturereallysmallbarelyexistant penis, we are pulling up at a stoplight that is red. No need for me to haul ass, therefore no need for you to tailgate me.

Thanks and have a good day.

yes please!

A few days ago, the fabulous Ms. Erika posted some bitchen shoes she found on Zappos. I made the mistake of clicking on the link and doing some just for fun searching myself.

Shoe's are one of the things that I always enjoy buying because they don't ever make me feel fat. (anyone ever see/read In Her Shoe's?)

Of course I don't ever have anywhere to wear these shoes too, I'll have to start inventing my own opportunities I suppose, but they are so fun to look at and occasionally purchase.*

*If anyone's interested, why yes, shoe's make great "So you're gonna have a baby" present, and don't forget my birthday in August :-)

take me out to the ball-game

Yesterday was another busy day, but strangely enough a day of firsts with the boy.

Right after work, we all had to hustle to church (while managing not to sweat off make-up and frizz-up the hair-well me anyway) for directory pictures. I was a little aprehensive as the boy has a tendancy to be well...spoiled. Alas, the photographer was great and knew just want to do to get the bean to smile. Make farting noises and have a stuffed animal fall off his head. We were also able to get a picture of Adam and I and a good one of Conner, perfect for his two-year pictures.

I had my glasses on for half of them and then took them off for the over half, you know variety and all. hah it turns out that when I don't have anything on to help correct my vision I have a wonkey eye. Now at least I know where Conner gets it. Saaah-weet.

After pictures we headed off to sweet our butts off at the Louisville Bats game with the fam. Adam went home to paint the primer on our trim.killjoy. it was hot, but worth it. The boy got to hang out with family and have a great time.

Conner and mom

*Conner and Rene', my sisters boyf, "Charging"*

kizito cookie lady
*the kizito cookie lady*

July 12, 2006

24 weeks

Hooray we are past the half-way point. she's kicking all over and I can feel her all the time. It's great. Sickness is gone, and acid reflux is really the only challenge I'm facing.

My crazy medicine is making me sleepy, but over all we're hanging in there. just 8 days until the followup ultrasound to check her kidney.

24weeks front

24 weeks


Holy crap what a week-end. Adam was gone for military, meaning it was just the Bean and I. So naturally I opted to do some power-shopping and damn the boy was a trooper!

The boy and I spent most of our Saturday looking for nursery furniture that either doesn’t cost as much as a mortgage payment or doesn’t look like we dragged it out of an alley. Yeah turns out they don’t make it, so umm furniture companies out there, how about we hop on that?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the babies changing table has to be made of gold or some shit, but I’d like to be confident that when I lay Conner or Lilli on it, they won’t drop through the top like a refrigerator on the top floor of an apartment in a cartoon!

Right, so we have a nice painted room, but not furniture. Booo.

Then we went looking for the holy grail airplane themed birthday stuff for Conner’s birthday and guess what! Haha yeah, they don’t really make that either. Good times. So I decided to totally throw the boy off his nap schedule and detour to Victoria’s Secret since I had a coupon for some free undies. Score! Also stopped by the Children’s Place and got some super, amazingly, cute clothes for the wee-ones. (hooray for clearances and 20% off coupons). I tell you what, the chicks that work in there really get my props, I mean damn you are surrounded by bad, screaming, spoiled people-who bring their kids with them!

Now for some cuteness!!!
lilli outfits

new shoes!
*New shoes*

July 10, 2006

$20 to the person who can accurately guess what I was doing last night from 2:30-3:30!

More later I promise, Mondays are super busy here at work. byee

Oh wait, here is a picture of Conner's birthday invites I made. I hope this tides you over.

Conner's invites 005

July 07, 2006

Say hello to Gracee and Gandee our 4 and 6 year old weims.


I have nick-named Gracee Pacey McPoopypants, as she likes to click-click-click ALL.NIGHT.LONG.
I don't think she sleeps at night, oh no, she paces the house (hardwood floors) constantly.
I may choke her tonight.

That is all. Have a nice weekend.

how old am I again?

I have a confession to make.

I'm a snob when it comes to my neighborhood. We paid pretty decent money to live on a block and in a house that isn't overrun by slobby renters who don't give a shit. We were extremely cautious about moving to the city and living downtown because honostly, New Albany varies block by block as far as the niceness facet.

To date there are only 1 or 2 houses I just want to bulldoze. One is catty-corner from us and actual in forclosure and Adam has started communications with the bank to buy and rehab it, but it may not be until October until it's "released". The other is a shoddy little duplex down the way, but the renters are quiet and keep things picked up enough so they don't really bother me.

UNTIL, 3rd of July as I was taking Bean and the dogs for the firework walk of dog-death I ran into some...undesireables in the street. A bunch of drunk kids hollering and whooping it up. Now wait a minute before you start calling me names and saying I'm just a kid myself, you're right let me explain. I don't mind people partying it up on holidays and week-ends, but I drove past the house last night on an emergency run to Ben Franklins (good God I do sound lame) and they were all out piled on this little porch drinking and throwing shit in the yard. Arrrrrgggghhhh. At least take it in the backyard where people driving past don't have to see you.

I know this stuff is going to happen and where I live is never going to be like a gated community. New Albany has some of the lowest tax rates in the state of Indiana, so naturally lower income people gravitate here. That, I don't have a problem with either. Hey man make what you can and do the best you can, it's all good. What I do have a problem with is the lifestyle certain people bring with them, no money or lots of it. I don't like being woken up at 3 in the morning by Gracee barking her fool head off at some crazies hanging out in front of my house. GET A JOB OR GO TO BED, or hell go hang it at your own house/car/friends couch.

Anyway, back to my lame-ass story, on the way to BF's I noticed a cop car pulled over in an old parking lot (hoo boy don't get me started on the lack of patrols in New Albany) and mentioned to him the crowd of seemingly underage kids drinking a few houses down from mine. Perhaps if he could just cruise past they would scurry back in the house.

Whatev-call me a snob, prude, bitch, I don't care.

What have been your experiences with your neighborhood and where you live? I grew up in a pretty rural area so this city-livin is all still new to me.

July 06, 2006

baby dr. update

Good Thursday morning all. Damn with this week's schedule my internal calender is all jacked up.

Anywho, had a dr's appt this morning and got a decent report. I'm doing fine, my weight is great, I've gained 2 lbs from my last appt, but overall I'm still down 4 lbs. Sweet!

Lilli's heartbeat is good, but the last ultrasound showed a lil' something, something. Her right kidney is a tad dialted and I have to go back in 2 weeks for a follow up ultrasound. The doc said it's not severelly dialted but he wants to keep an eye on it. (hopefully) more then likely she just has a big kidney.

I won't lie, I'm a little freaked out. It's hard knowing that she's not 100% perfect and there is the possibility, however slight it might be, that something could be wrong.

So please keep your fingers crossed and prayers/chants/haiku's siad that all works out and Lilli is as perfect as ever.

July 05, 2006

Happy 4th

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July with their families and whatnot.

Monday I had to go into work, but we got off a bit early at 2 or so. This was so nice. I was able to pick up Conner from Waterfront Park where Alicia had taken him to play, and when we got home it was naptime for all. saaah-weet. Nothing like a 2 hour nap in the middle of the week. I'm not sure who said that the second trimester see's an energy burst, but umm yeah right. I could take a two-hour nap EVERY DAY. Of course it could also be the crazy pills that I've been taking again too.

I woke to find Adam sleeping on the couch and fixed dinner for the Bean. There was a city-council meeting that night so I was out the door by 7. ( I had to go save the world you know).

After the meeting I noticed on the way home that lots of people were celebrating early with fireworks so I loaded up the boy and the dogs and headed out the door to catch some fun. Ha of course the dogs were a major pain in the ass, and we only got to see a few fireworks, but by far the highlight of the evening was SEEING A DOG GET HIT BY A CAR. I thought I was going to puke right there on the sidewalk. God that's the most disgusting noise in the world. Luckily it was OK.

I decided that was enough fun and home we went.

Yesterday we all slept in a bit and then went to Cracker Barrel for some brunch. Mmmm nothing like a carb overdose to get you going. Off to the grocery store where not only did Adam hit Conner in the head with the car door, but they both lost their shit over there not being a driving cart for Conner. To be fair, it was near Conner's nap time, and the driving car was all we had talked about on the way in to the store, oh and he just had some mild head trauma. you know from the car door? Adam was pissed that Conner was pissed, so mom saves the day and stalks some poor family out to the parking lot to get their cart. Good times. Of course now Conner could care less and all he talks about the way home is the sucker that dad gave him. Ungrateful little shit...

anyway. the grocery store adventure was then followed by (can you guess) another 2 hour nap! damn right. which meant we rolled out of bed, late for the festivities at Adam's parent's.

Conner ate 3 hotdogs, ran around in the garden, got naked and played in the pool and was just overall cute.

I was in charge of lighting the fireworks for a bit, not really sure how that happened or whose idea it was for the pregnant, chemically imbalanced chick to be in charge of the pyrotechniques but noone got hurt so it was all good.

then we took a family picture and I look like crap. but at least I have an excuse for the bedhead. (see above napping incident).

my house.
(my bitchen' house)

4th of July family.
(the fam)

(blackmail, wheee)

4th of July 034

Conner's first sparkler experience.
(last one I swear)

July 03, 2006

now, if we could just get rid of the pizza boxes.

*updated broken link*

Today, I did the biggest thing that symbolized being a real responsible adult (to me anyway). I went and ordered our bedroom furniture. I know right! How crazy is it that now, we will actually have a room in our house where everything matches and it doesn't look like a freaking dorm room.

It's from Ashley's and the style is "Britannia Rose", doesn't that even sound grown up. We liked it because it's all wood and will fit in with the style of our house, mostly the architectural style because really, between Adam's cheapiness and my crazy bi-polar taste, we really don't have a style.

Are you jealous? I mean I'd be jealous if I were you! (say you're jealous).