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June 30, 2006

Close to home

Saw this today. Boo. Keep him and their family in your prayers, especially his son.

Floyds Knobs man hurt in Afghanistan
Pfc. William H. Garner IV hit in neck with shrapnel

June 29, 2006

is today national douchebag day?

Riiiight. So did I miss the memo that went out telling everyone to suck today?

This morning there was some stupid lady in the drive through who would not pay attention to anything. We sat there behind her while she fussed with her hair (hey lady it looks like crap no matter what GO.ON) and talked on her cell phone, and took the opportunity to clean out her purse. Oh and then when she was ordering AFTER the drivethrough person had said, "will that be all?"
dumb lady,"yes",
drive through person" Your total-"
dumb lady" oh wait can I get blah blah blah"
She did this TWICE.

Then, THEN, on my way to lunch some assbag HIT MY CAR AND LEFT while I was waiting in line at a stoplight. He was trying to go around me on the right and didn't have the room so he just HIT ME! When he got up next to me I said yelled, "Hey you just hit my car", and do you know what sweetie said? "Fuck you I have to make a turn here".

Oh hell no bee-otches, it's on. So I turned to, he then ran every stop sign in the parking lot trying to escape the wrath of me. (and he probably didn't even know that i was pregnant and chemically impbalanced), then the smartypants thought he'd outrun me by turning into a subdivision. Oh you poor stupid little man. Don't fuck with me, I'll take your ass out! (he's just lucky Conner wasn't in the car) So I pull onto a side street because this subdivision is a dead end, and here he comes barreling down the street. He sees me out of the corner of his eye as I am writing down his license plate. The look on his face was priceless.

So I called the cops and reported him for a hit and run, unfortch unless he has a record there's not really anything that can be done since he didn't cause enough damage for me to turn it into insurance. Karma baby, karma.

*Sniff sniff* What is that?

Umm I smell like baby pee today. What.the.hell.

getting ready to paint

helping dad paint.2

In other news, Adam will be gone on Conner's birthday because of his OCS (hooray for the military, two weeks!!!!)so we will be having a little (family only) party the week-end before. I decided to do this family only, mainly to save other people the time and energy of attending a two-year olds birthday party, it's nothing personal, but seriously, who gives a shit about a two-year olds party. It's basically going to consist of me running around like a younger version of my mom, all crazy and tweaking out if things start going off plan, Adam will grill and that's about it, and the grandparents will "fight" over who gets him the most, and Conner will behave as though he has been fed a steady diet of nothing but crack for the last two days.

Yee-haw. Although I am going to make the inviatations and party supplies with a plane theme, so be prepared for me to post lots of pictures of how awesome and creative I am. :-)

June 27, 2006

More Lillian!

Remember when I posted about the Lilly's blooming in the backyard on the same day we found out we would be having our own Lilly?

Tabitha came up with the great idea of blowing some up and framing them, so these are just two of the ones I have played around with and will probably matte and frame!

Let me know what you think.

Lilly Bloomedit

Lilly Picture
(this one I really like because it has adam and conner in the background!)

Lillian's First Outfit

I was out at Babies R' Us a few week-ends ago and, while I have been pretty good about not going crazy and buying Lillian all kinds of clothes (yet) I saw this outfit and could not resist. We'll probably use it for her pictures and as a going home outfit.

Damn she's gonna be cute!

Lillian's first outfit

Lillian's first outfit.2

June 26, 2006

where the hell is Mauckport?

One of the fun aspects of having so many numbers feed into our office is that it increases the chance for wrong numbers. A LOT.

Most of the time, when we answer the phone the person just hangs up, every now and then you get the curtious person who simply says, "I'm sorry i must have dialed the wrong number."

But of course there are the times we get the crazies. For example, I just answered the phone, "___________ Magazines".
Crazy Lady on the other end, " Oh this isn't theMauckport Sun?"
Me: Nope it's _______ Magazines"
CLotoE: Giggles a minute, then turns defiant, " This isn't the Mauckport Sun"?
Me: "eh no"
CLotoE: "Are you sure!? Are you even in Mauckport?"
Me: "Um, no we are in Louisville, KY."
CLotoE: "Fine!"Slams down phone.

Ah yes, sometimes all you can do is laugh.

June 23, 2006

Child-Care Got Me Stressin'

Gaahhh! Ok this is by far much harder then actual labor and delivery of the baby, and by this I mean figuring out child-care.

We have so many options and so many balls in the air, and we just can't make a decision.

Our current nanny, Adam's Uncle, is pending social security approval, and if he gets that, it won't be a problem, he can continue to watch Conner and it's all good. If not, well we got's problems.

My friend Jess and I have talked about working something out with her, but she has her own family to take care of, which duh, Courtney. I didn't even think about that.

Plus, we have started talking about whether or not to go ahead with the enrollment of Conner in his school, I mean, the kid is only 2, and it would save us around $500.00/month in tuition (umm bonus) plus that would be a lot easier when it came to paying either Jess or Jimi.

Then throw the new baby into the equation, gah I don't even want to think about it.

Whew, good thing, I'm back on the crazy pills

June 22, 2006

question for you, interweb

what, exactly, does it mean when to be "ridin dirrteh"?

editing can work miracles

More realistic version of the the Brittany Spear's interview went?

June 19, 2006

I'm Dead Sexxy

Saaahhh-weet. I've wiped off my computer screen twice today after coughing fits and yesterday while we were eating dinner with Adam's family, he made the following two announcements:

Adam: Haha yesterday while Courtney and Conner and I were napping, Courtney fell asleep first and Conner was making fun of her snoring!!
Family: hahaha
Me: yeah Heh
Me: I'm so tired today.
Adam: You're tired?! You kept waking me up with your snoring!
Me: (red faced) umm you should have nudged me
Adam: I did!


So yesterday was the ESNA neighborhood picnic, and we got to meet a new neighbor! Guess what she does!? She is a psychic and she is going to come do a home reading (hopefully) sometime next week.

She mostly does tarot cards and personal readings, but I am waaaay more interested in what she has to say about the house and what former residents still hang out. Of course Adam has poo-pooed the idea but I secretly think he is excited to see what she has to say too.

I've done some research on the house and the previous owners so if she starts to name drop I'll probably mess my pants right there. She was also telling me that she can teach us how to communicate with them. Hmm I've had one or two "run-ins" with one of the male ghosts and I don't know how much closer I can get to communicating with them, other then stammering and staring at the floor after padding my way back from the bathroom, and asking him to please move, but we'll see. So far they've been pretty easy roomies.

Oh she also says that she can communicate with those on the "other side" perhaps she can check-in with Grandpa? I think that would freak me out the most.

Anywho, I'll definately let you know what she says and what we find!!!!!!


Gah, I can't even read about this anymore. I mean look how young those men BOYS are. Stupid fucking war and stupid fucking Bush.

I beg all of you out there to pray, cross your fingers, chant, WHATEVER, to bring all of our troops home safe. They didn't sign up to go to war, they signed up to defend our country, and we need to support them by bringing them all home safe.

June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Today, we celebrated Adam's second father's day, and it was all around a fabulous day. I got up and made him blackberry pancakes and eggs, which are two things I can actually cook quite well,( in fact I'll challenge my pancakes and eggs to any bitches in the land!).

After breakfast, and Conner boycotting the pancakes, seriously kid, as if it's enough you don't like Adam more, you won't even eat my food(!) we gave Adam his present. A new cd face for his truck that will allow his IPod to be plugged directly into the face, so we don't have to mess around with crappy FM Modulators anymore. Adam was pretty stoked. So much in fact, that we all had to hurry up and get dressed so we could go get the darn thing installed that morning.

Looking back, it was a pretty damn good day. We had some time to kill before so we went to Target and futzed around the baby furniture and then over to Bed Bath and Beyond to check out some linens and window treatments.

I realize to a lot of people this may sound like the day from hell, but it's these kind of days, even moments that I love the best and remember the most. Moments when it seems like it seems like everything just falls into place and my world is right.

I kid a lot that Conner likes Adam more than me, and while of course who doesn't want to be Ms. Congeniality, it actually makes my heart feel more full then I could have ever imagined. I knew that Adam was going to love Conner, after all, it's his son, but I had no idea he would like him so much. They have the best time together, doing anything. Whether it's playing in the drywall mud, or just reading a book, they just makes my day when I get to see them like that.

We are all excited for Lillian to make her big arrival, and I know that while it doesn't seem possible Adam will continue to be an even better dad, and for that I am so grateful.

Happy Father's Day, Adam, you really are doing a fabulous job.

June 16, 2006

I swear I just have a cold! or Open letters to the bitches who ruined my night!

Yesterday proceeded to get worse and worse once I realized I was coming down with the same cold that Adam was trying to shake and Conner seems to be trying to fight off as well.

Dear Hairbitch,

I had an appt to get my hair cut and colored last night with you my perpetually late, client-treating-like-shit hairstyist. I've been ready to kick you to the curb quite a few times, but you really saved your ass when you did an amazing job on my hair and make-up for the wedding. Last night was it. You is always late, and not like 5 minutes like 15-20, you never ever can remember how we did my hair the last time, even though you guys are supplied with these fancy little client sheets, where you can practically write down my life story and have it on had when I come in. and the part that just pisses me off even more is everytime I call to make an appt you ALWAYS asks if I can be there early. WTF not like it matters because you are forever taking walk-ins before I come in.

Actually that's what happened last night. I called at about 10 minutes till my appt to say I was stuck in traffic and would be there about 5 minutes late. The receptionist said you'd scampered down the street to do blow or something (ok not really but I'm super pissed here) and she'd let you know.

So I run in, my big pregnant ass sweating all over the place. The receptionist lady tells me you'll be right with me.(Psshhhawww) 10 minutes later, still no hairbitch. I get up and find out what the hell is going on. "oh", the whiney receptionist tells me, "She's with another client, she took a walk in right before you came in".

MOTHER.FUCKER. I saw red (and not just the red on the tacky felt couches in the lounge). "cancel my appointment, i'm out"

I got up and left and went and sat in my car and just shook, I was so pissed. There is absolutely no excuse nowadays for bad service. Look bitches, I have worked in the customer service/retail/sales field my entire(short it may be) career, and with all the competititon that's out there, you better step up your game, because guess what, there are tons of people who will step all over themselves to take my hundred bucks every 6 weeks to do stupid shit with my hair.

I checked my phone last night and you had called like 3 times saying you were sorry and to come back in, I haven't even listened to all the messages. In the notorious words of Amil, "Never test my patience nigga I'm high maintenence"
Dear Wal-Greens Pharmacy Bee-otch,

First off, I'm not against body piercings in anyway, yeah yeah freedom of expression and all that shit, hey I know, I had a tongue ring and um...other body part pierced. Hooray for bucking society and authority. However, when you're talking with people about important shit, like dying if they don't take their medicine properly, and you get that little what foamy thing of spit that forms around your lip-ring, I'd say take that bitch out, you're making us gag sister!

Anywho, back to me. I know that you all just trying to do your job and protect the public from their own self-destructive ways, but seriously, I'm sick right now, and I need my damn sudafed. I am lucky to be functioning with the pressure in my sinus cavities right now, so forgive me since I didn't bring my drivers license. Oh what's that? What, you can't sell me an over-the-counter sinus and cold drug without proof of ID? Excuse me? Now look, I don't even want to get all political here, but come on goverment! I'm a sniffling, coughing, sinus-pressured mess, and I can't get relief because we have to protect all the junkies from themselves? F-that. I'm out.


June 15, 2006

Wheeee guess who's getting sick! Arrgghhh. *UPDATE*

Adam has been sick for the last week, and I was hoping that it was just a sinus infection, and not anything he could pass along, but when the boy woke up all crusty around the schnoz yesterday, and I woke up with a thick scratchy throat this morning, I knew it wasn't so.

Shit. On my week-end too.

* Still feel like shit even worse. so I went to get a mcflurry on my lunch break. good times. It's helped a little*

sick damnit

eat it!

June 12, 2006


Wheeew. I can never tell if I feel rested or exhausted the Monday after returning from a vacation. This last week-end we spent with Adam’s family down at Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. We got their Thursday morning, and were treated to 4 days of fabulous weather and more fun with the boy then we could have imagined.

Conner loves the outdoors and takes to it like his mama takes to water. Adam always calls me a mother duck, I would live in the water if I could. Even on it. We grew up with a boat and spent almost every weekend from the late spring to early fall on it. I can get my sea-legs back in an instant. I love when you just get on the boat and it’s a no-wake zone, but you can see the opening just ahead. Waiting for you to get out there and cut the engine loose. I love the smell of the exhaust from the boat. When I was little I would hang over the edge and drag my hands through the water, just hoping to feel the water spray up on my face. I love how friendly other boaters are.

I was pleased to see that Conner seemed to feel the same way. He’s still a little wary of getting in the pool, or any body of water bigger than the tub actually, but wow did he love the boat. He would run from side to side to look over the edge, and then turn to get our attention and tell us all about it.

The cabin that we stayed on was lakefront and that meant that Adam and his brother and dad spent a lot of time fishing. Of course Conner wanted to fish too.

We also stopped by Mill Spring for the day and took some pretty pictures of the springs and waterfalls and also some of our fam.
The fam

There was a lot of time for me to spend on cross-stitching and just enjoying not being at work, and of course it went way to fast. I look forward to another vacation, but now it looks like my major things to look forward to are the baby in October (duh) but sooner then that is the finishing of Conner and Lillian’s room, buying of new furniture for our bedroom and the babies, and enjoying the weather.

More pictures if you click on the picture.

June 07, 2006

Stargazer Lilly

I got home from work yesterday and while outside messing with Conner and the pups, and noticed that my Stargazer Lilly had finally opened, on the same day we found out that, in October, our own little Lillian will be (God willing) gracing us with her presence. Here are a few shots I took of it.

My creation

Coloriffic Swap-O-Rama

This month was the first swap for me, and I had just as much fun shopping and putting together a package as I am having waiting for my package to come. Squeeee!

The basic gist of it is as follows: Each month has a color theme, and you need to pick things that fit within that theme and are crafty related. Your partner has a bio and flickr page that can give you more information into the certain types of crafts they like. Plus, you have to throw in at least one handmade item.

This months colors were black, white and a mystery color. Based on your partners likes, you got to pick the third color. I chose aqua. Here are some pics.

Most of the contents of my swap!


All packed and ready to go!
wrapped up and ready to go.

June 06, 2006

And the ultrasound revealed....

A girl! Say hello to Lillian______ Paris. (Still some debate on the middle name).
I know, I know, noone can ever tell what the hell ultrasounds are I'll try to help, so just humor me by looking, smiling and nodding!

Profile of her:

This is the money shot!

Here is a pic of her little feet!
Lillian Feetedit

June 05, 2006

damn hippies

Anyone every been arrested for civil disobedience before?

Jes' wonderin'...

Why are you talking to me like that!?

Gaaaawwwwwdddddd. All of the pregnancy books and articles tell warn you about how emotional you can and will get at this point, but damn if it doesn’t matter. If there is something out there for me to cry about then watch out. It’s like I’m some kind of emotional sideshow attraction. “Step right up ladies and gentleman watch this sap cry at a Baby Einstein video. Don’t get to close there young man, you don’t want snot on your sleeve do ya?”

The other night I was lying in bed with Conner while he was having his final cup of milk and watching his Baby Van Gogh video and as I watched him pointing out all the stuff to me on the screen, and telling me (in his way) a whole story about each scene, guess what I did? That’s right I started crying. Crying for Conner as soon he would no longer be my only baby, crying for how hard having two babies could be, crying for all the expectations I have for the new baby. So I just laid there and stroked his soft baby skin and cried. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely excited about bean #2, and now feel like our little family will be complete. It’s just these DAMN HORMONES.

Oh and don’t get me started about Memorial Day week-end, sob, sob, sob.

Adam has military drill this week-end, and my mom and dad offered to watch Conner tonight, so as they were trotting off down the sidewalk to get into my mom’s car and Conner turns around at the last minute and waves at me with his wee little hand. Oh mah gah. The neighbors probably think I’m a huge freak, especially after the great sidewalk debacle of last week-end, oh and that one time I started hoofing it down the street after that ass-bag who threw the glass bottle out of his moving vehicle.

I can just see them peeking out their windows going, “Oh great, there goes that wimpy Courtney-girl, yup she’s crying again. Wuss….”

June 02, 2006

Adam just called to check in before going to bed (he is away for military drill) and said he is considering signing another commitment with the national guard.

I really, really don't want him to do this. I want this stupid fucking war to be over, and I want all the troops we lost to come home, and I want there to be no need for any military forces in the world ever again. Ha I know foolish thinking, but this just gives us another 6 years(from now) to hope he doesn't get deployed.

I am so proud of him for wanting to help protect his country, but I just want him to be home with me and our family. Fuck you George W Bush, and the rest of your money hungry bullshit administration. Fuck you for destroying families all over the world, and then having the audacity to pull God into it.

Have I mentioned how much ass my husband kicks?

So there is this super fun and time consuming political blog that I spend way to much time reading, and today there was a fun post about a recent Memorial Day broo-haha put on the by city.

This one guy makes some really dumb and assanine comments about the military brainwashing, so of course my big mouth responds, though I did retype it several times, the first reply was just a string of cuss words.

But the most beautiful part was where my husband, who hates all things blog, posted and put this little shit in his place. Saaaaah-weeet.

You can read it here.


So, remember when I posted a while back about Snakes on a Plane? Well BITCHES! Get ready cause it is opening on August 18th, and the official trailers are out, and you know who's in this movie?(Besides Sammy J) LIN SHAYNE, the crazy lady who played the Landlady in KingPin. Damn it just keeps getting better.

Here is the official trailer

Here is an interview with Lin

Check out Snakes on a Blog.

Here's a piece from CNN

Here is a kickass comedian talking about SOAP