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May 31, 2006

My New Mantra

In honor of freaking out about Conner's behavior in general this last week-end, I have written this down all over my planner and on a sticky note to put in my car. Not only did his little running out in the street stunt freak me out, but he was also very good at being two.

What's done to children, they will do to society. ~Karl Menninger

Getting ready for the pool

Busy Bees

Whew Memorial Day weekend was super busy with swimming, visiting a local nature area and oh yeah doing some demolition and renovation in Conner's room!

Saturday morning, Conner and I took a stroll with Adam's mom and dad, and cousin's to the Loop Island Wetlands.

The Ohio River
This is a shot of the old dueling grounds that open up to a beautiful view of the Ohio River, and we are trying to convince Adam's Dad to bring his metal detector and see what we can find.

Old railroad tracks in the wetlands.

The Tannery
The tannery that remains on the property, this is the building Mr. Goodman would like to turn into condo's.

I'll have more about our swimming adventure and the knocked down walls in our house later on today.

Bye-Bye Baby

I just made an appt to tour the school that we would like to start sending Conner too. Did you hear that?! Conner going to school? Wow. Seriously I am getting all misty over here. That means no more baby, he's a big boy now.
He's going to be going to a school with other kids his age, and learning how to color, and share, and before I know it, he'll be coming home telling me about his best friend and all the stuff they do together.

It's a huge relief though that the school that we will be sending him to is so darn fabulous and at least I won't have to worry about him not being taken good care of. It's actually the kind of place that I swore up and down I would never send him too, because it was for all the hoity-toity's who thought they were better then me (ah again with the teenage angst) but now I realize that it had nothing to do with them, and like me, they just wanted what was best for their child. I used to babysit for a family who sent their daughter there and when i would pick her up in the afternoon, you could just tell she was having THE BEST time!

The days of a refrigerator full of drawings will soon be upon us, and I can't wait.

My little bean-dip is growing up!

May 30, 2006

I'm the mean one. Goddammit, I'm the mean one! You'd think that after 9 months of sciatica and back pain strong enough to take down some of the surliest bikers out there, and, enough stitches down there to reattach a severed limb, the kid would cut me a freaking break.

No. Of course dear Adam is no help. He says its my own fault for (and I freaking quote) "standing around telling him no all day". Of course! It's all so clear to me now, I should have let him run around with that sucker in his mouth, or even better, the screw driver. Wheee! Oh wait, now he says it's OK because he "watches him". Riiiiiiight. Just like earlier tonight, (and I am still sick about this) when Adam was unloading stuff out of the back of his truck and Conner was pushing it by walking down the porch stairs to the sidwalk and decided to go in an full on sprint into the street. Yeah Adam good fucking watching.

Seriously, it was like one of those time when everything moves so slow. I am yelling and running after him to please stop and I just manage to grab him before he steps out into the street. The whole time Adam is just standing there watching, didn't say anything, didn't move.

Of course, Conner tried to stroke me out and it's my fault.

So, after I snatch him u[ and starting hugging him and crying and basically LOSING.MY.SHIT. right there on the sidewalk all Conner wants is to go see his daddy. Icing on the cake.

I come in the house and stand over the toilet trying not to lose my dinner and then we start fighting. I told him next time Conner decides to run into the street he could tell him to stop, since the boy basically farts in my general direction. Of course he took it as an attack and told me to stop telling him no all the time. Fuck that. I was pissed off, and freaked out and he was going to call me out. I mean what if I hadn't been outside with them? Seriously, Conner would have run right out into the street. Oh God, I'm starting to get sick again. I also feel like the worlds worst mom. EVER. I mean why did I even let him go down the stairs. God I am so STUPID. I mean really, it was the scariest thing I have ever been through. I don't even deserve to have another kid.

Bleach. so anyway Conner hates me and loves his dad. whoopty shit. I'm going to bed.

May 26, 2006

Memorial Weekend

With this upcoming weekend being that of the Memorial kind, please take a moment to remember all of our service men and women, past and present. There are many who have sacrificed much. I feel my family is extra blessed when it comes to Adam's military life and what we've had to (and not had to) endure.

This is not about supporting or not-supporting this war or this president, but about taking a moment to be silent and grateful.
Thanks and enjoy your time together this weekend.

Image of the Day!

Hey, I've got a picture over at Blogging Baby that's image of the day!

You can see it here.(Scroll all the way to the bottom!)

May 25, 2006

Want to Help a Princess?

I found out about this awesome opportunity courtesy of Erika.

To sum it up, this little girl has cancer, and a bunch of kick-ass people have started a card campaign for her. So make one you bee-otches, if nothing else it will keep you grateful for what you have.

She really like princess's, too.

Blog Quote of the Day

Today's blog quote comes from Amanda over at Mandajuice, on her last few days leading up to having her gorgeous new baby! Good lord I hope this isn't indicitive of how things will go around the Ceece household:

At one point about an hour ago, midway through my last journey to the bathroom (which was futile since I'd already peed my pants just getting out of my chair), I was howling and gasping, Alex was screaming and crying, and Dave, well, he was just screaming. Poor guy. It was like a scene from a bad horror movie (Friday the 19th Part Six, When Due Dates ATTACK!). I can only imagine what the neighbors think. (Especially since the bathroom window was open when I yelled for Dave to get me a fresh pair of underpants.)

May 24, 2006

I <3 Glen Beck

So we all know what a dumbass Madonna is right? Well this guy from CNN pretty much nails what we are all thinking.
"Ok the people that went to Madonna's concert in L.A. Spent $380 A Ticket to see this (he shows pic of her hanging on the cross) and let me tell you that's worth every dime that you paid really. Hey Madonna will you do me a favor, knock off the Christ bashing for 10 minutes will you. She doesn't even offend me anymore I've gone numb to Madonna's antics. What really bugs me is the hypocrisy. Last year she was promoting her horrible children books Madonna said 'we shouldn't let our kids watch TV, Americans have to stop doing that theres too much filth on television'."

"Gee Madonna why would you think theres too much filth on TV? (he plays her videos for like a virgin and American pie) Look at this I'm not even sure but I think I'm getting crabs just from watching this, really in fact if youre at home grab some penicillin, swallow it otherwise youre gonna be peeing cookie dough tomorrow."

"Do you remember when Madonna made out with Britney spears at the vmas apparently that confused her daughter Lordes, which is a stupid name, she asked her mom she said "mom are you gay?" Madonna's response in that fake British accent "I am the mummy pop star and she is the baby pop star and I am kissing her to pass my energy on to her." By energy, Madonna if you mean cold sores then yeah you're probably right."

"Madonna's latest antics has everybody shocked, I don't know why really she's a one trick pony, since 1983 same stuff. The only thing that shocks me anymore is when people are who they say they are they don't play games with who they are just to makemoney."

"Instead of humping a stack of bibles Madonna, maybe you should lose the fake British accent, act your age, spend a little more time with your kids and leave mine alone.

That Madonna would be truly shocking."
Who knew CNN was funny?

Thanks to DListed from bringing this kickass guy to my attention!

Fiddler on the Roof can SUCK IT!

Gosh, we have already reached the point in this pregnancy where it’s time to start thinking about a birth plan. Something, I intend on taking very seriously this time around. Before, when I was pregnant with Conner, I had always assumed that the Drs and hospitals had your best interest at heart. HA!

After my mildly traumatic birth experience with Conner, I resigned myself to make sure that I was always there to be his advocate as well as my own. So far in this pregnancy I have already switched dr’s, and seriously debated the whole circumcision thing. Plus, with Adam being here it will be a whole different ball-game. While I’ll be taking the epidural thank-you very much, I still would like to re-attend birthing classes as well as learn as much about Lamaze and the Bradley method as I can.

See, back in the day before I actually carried a living human being around in my gut for 9 months I was so totally going to have natural child birth, hey if my mom did it with my sister and I then why not? Yeah…that abruptly ENDED when Adam and I attended our first childbirth class in which we were lucky enough to get to watch a real live natural child birth! Ring of Fire and everything, good times abound. I stood up after that movie was over, and searched to see if I could just go ahead and have that epidural right now. Natural child birth my ass, crazy bitches all of y’all*

So after we decided that I didn’t want to carry around a grudge against my child for putting me through inexplicable pain, the next question was what type of “pain management” did we want to use. The epidural was pretty much a no-brainer. See, I don’t do so well when it comes to narcotics. No one in my family does, so I guess there goes my shot at becoming an addict! Not only do they make me nauseous, but I tend to get a little bitch, and if there’s narcotics and alcohol, I may, just may, make out with the nearest wife (now-ex) of the lead singer of my favorite band(you’re shocked right?)

For example, when I was about 19 I had my wisdom teeth taken out, and since they were awesome-ly curled around my jawbone and a bunch of other nasty stuff, I requested to be put down
to sleep. You think I want to hear all the drilling and chipping away at MY BONE?

Anyway, it was the first time I had ever been anesthetized and I didn’t know what to expect. With my mom and dad and Adam working, my grandma was the lucky person who got to escort me from the drs office to the pharmacy and back to her house.

I remember getting to the pharmacy and asking if I could go in the store with her, she didn’t think it was a good idea, I told her to get a cart and she could push me around in it.

Umm not happening, I guess I went back to sleep or whatever because I woke up a little later, lying across her backseat with the window down and it RAINING ON MY FACE. Damn. I went back to sleep. Again.

Later on at her house, Adam called right before he got off work to see if I needed anything or wanted anything. I told him I was bored and wanted some movies(I think my grandmas house was hard-wired for golf-channels only). A bit later he shows up with some flowers and fucking FIDDLER ON THE ROOF and THE SOUND OF BLOODY MUSIC. All I remember is throwing the movies at him and going back to sleep.

What? I mean could he have picked out some lamer shit? He still brings that up.

Then there was the awesome time I broke my back in high school, and when they made me go back to school (only 2 weeks after I broke it-crazy bastards) I had to try like 10 different pain pills before deciding that I was screwed and had to tough it out on Extra Strength Tylenol. That shit doesn’t even touch a headache let alone 2 BROKEN VERTEBRAE AND 3 BROKEN RIBS. The non-tolerance was demonstrated after I had been to school about 20 minutes and I threw up percocept all over the girl sitting in front of me. (haha that’s how the cool kids do it.)

Anyway, I don’t think it would be a good idea to get all exorcist or kd lang on any of the staff who is helping to bring my lovely and amazing miracle into the world, so I’ll do us all a favor and stay away from the narcotics and go straight for the epi.
(see how happy I looked)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
*I’m just KIDDING!

May 23, 2006


Whew Vegas was tiring for a lot of reasons. I got up yesterday morning to go to work after our majorly delayed flight rolled in at 1 in the AM and felt drunk all day long. I went home and went to bed at 7:30, and Adam was so awesome that he did kept Conner pre-occupied with baths and peeing on Adam's army boots, and let me just sleep.

Anyway, I was out there for work (we had a convention on Thursday and Friday) from Wed-Sunday, and flew my mom out for Mother's Day on Thursday. I don't know which was more wearing, her or my clients for work.

I can see where I got some of my quirks that's for sure, but damn! Oy, girl wears me out! She immediately reverted back into mothering stage as soon as she got there, and I am sure that me being pregnant only amplified her urges. Don't get me wrong, it is sweet and awesome, but if I say that I don't want another glass of water I DON't WANT ANOTHER GLASS OF FRIGGIN' WATER!!!! ahem.

Oh did I mention she is nosey as hell? Now at least, I know I come by that honestly, that's what our major fight was about. She has to like, "help" everyone around by joining in their conversation. Mother, SHUT IT for a minute!

Oh yeah, and she doesn't like to spend money,at all. That must be why I sought out that characteristic in Adam. She gambled like once, and didn't even bring herself home any souveniers or whatever.

I mean she is so anxious she makes me look sedated. Ha for example, one night we got back in the room after dinner and the message indicator was blinking on the phone. Here's how that went down:

Mom: Courtney, what's that? What does it mean?!
Me: Mom, it means I have a message.
*I proceed to call the front desk for the message, mom stands next to me and begins to nervously bite on her nails, like they are going to tell me some big national secret.*
Me: MOM! Can you go somewhere else and do that?
Mom: Fine, I just want to know what's wrong!
Me: Nothing is wrong, I had a package at the business center but I already picked it up. NOTHING IS GOING ON!
Mom: So nothing is wrong? Everything is alright?
Me: YES!!!!!!

*Mom at The Venetian*

I did take a bunch of fun pictures of her though, and we had a good time, but I think we were both glad to get off that plane.

*Mom at Ceasars*

I also did a little bit o' shopping and got some maternity clothes, bean-town some clothes, and I got my watch!

Giving props to my local homies

Congratulations to Roger and everyone else at Rich O's, NABC, and Sportstime, in this bitchen accomplishment.

Rich O's named 19th in top 50 places to have beer in America!

'Blog quote of the day

So I've decided to start pulling the funniest (to me) random shit I see quoted on a blog.

Today's features Traceys/Sweetney's comment policy:

NOTE: Comments lacking a valid email address and/or blog URL will be deleted. Also, comments that are rude, nasty, asinine, or irritating -- all determined by my own admittedly subjective measurement -- will be deleted. Though none of this applies to 99.9% of comments, please always remember: This is not a Democracy, this is a ROCKTATORSHIP.

He can talk!

Before I left for the airport for Vegas, my sister and I taught Conner how to say poop. He says it in a really high-pitched squeeky voice. Sweet.

May 22, 2006

I'm back from Vegas

whew it was busy and went by fast. I'll post more detailed shiz later, but I had to share this with you guys ASAP.
Guess who I met in the airport?

Dermott Mulroney!! He was extremly nice and super hot in person. (you can tell in the picture that he wants me too)

oh yeah 16 week belly pic, Vegas style

May 16, 2006


Don't forget to check out the picture page!

Oh god, my butt's itiching now. I think I need to vomit

Politics, Schmolitics

I thought this was pretty right on. I do consider myself a democrat(shhh don't tell the hubby) I am NOT a liberal, and I hate the way that word is just thrown around anymore like it's a bad word or something.

So for what it's worth, here are my results, what about yours?

You are a

Social Moderate
(56% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(33% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Sometimes I've got to unh-unh get away...

Hooray. I leave for Vegas tomorrow through Sunday. On Thursday and Friday I will be balls-to-the-wall busy with the conferance that we are hosting but Wednesday night and Saturday I'm not doing anything but shopping or sitting by the pool.

Since I have a suite at The Veneitian all to myself and Adam has military, I invited my mom to go with. (seriously I hate to do shit by myself, unless it's shopping, then, you better get the hell out of my way, especially if you shop at bullshit stores like 5-7-9)

She couldn't bring herself to pay for the plane ticket so for Mother's Day we all chipped in together and bought her the ticket.

I'm not much of a gambler and I won't be doing any drinking this time around but I freaking love Vegas. I love The Venetian, I just like getting away I guess. Of course I'll miss the bean-town and Adam, but ahh I love a vacation.

May 15, 2006

Mother's Day part 2

Conner and I on Mother's Day

Flowers from my mom and sister. They also took me for mani's and pedi's but I figure noone wants a picture of my feet.

Mother's Day Belation part 1

Sorry for the delay in posting. I usually try not to post over the week-end so I can be at home and enjoy my boys and this week-end was no different.

It being Mother's Day and all got me thinking about a couple things. One of them being how eerily right on my own mom's intuition can be. I mean it's freaking creepy sometimes. Even when she meet's a new friend for the first time, she can usually peg which ones are the flakes are which ones are going to really be there.

I'll give you a few examples of the creepiness.

When I was a senior in high school, a bunch of us decide that on the last day of winter break, we would go sledding at one of the local parks. It had been snowing, but it wasn't anything that resembled a blizzard or the like.
Anyway, that morning as my sister and I are piling on the layers, my mom is all but begging us not to go. She just keeps saying she doesn't have a good feeling about it. Yeah, right. Of course I'm just thinking that she totally doesn't understand me, and just doesn't want me to have any fun! (ahh teenage angst).

So we all load in the cars and off we go.

Dude, the park is packed! We all roll out of the car and get out our assortment of things-to-sit-on-while-we-go-down-the-hill-that-will-make-us-go-really-fast.

I’m so freaking stoked by this point. So I grab an “innertube” and my friend Jennifer hops on as well and with a whoosh and a squeal we are off down the hill. About halfway down we hit a bump and Jennifer goes flying! I remember the tube spinning around and I see her lying on the hill laughing her ass off. I’m laughing too, but stop once I realize that I, somehow, got way off course and, you know that part of a good sledding hill that is real long and flat at the bottom, well I managed to get to the part of the hill that didn’t have the nice long flat part for me to stop. Fuck. I am headed straight for the trees.

I get spun around backwards again and can’t see where I am going. Once I am facing the front I see, oh joy, I’m not going to hit a tree, but a big ass utility box. I remember trying to lie flat thinking maybe I could slide under it. Ummm not so much. The tube slams into the box and that causes me to slam into the box.

It knocks me out for a few seconds. When I come to, I can’t catch my breathe, and I am hurting like a sonofabitch. My sister and friend come running over laughing, and soon realize, this aint’ cool and we got a problem.

Some dude runs out of nowhere and crouches down beside me, telling me not to move. Umm yeah not a problem. Anyway, to make a long story short. I ended up at the hospital with 2 broken vertebrae and a handful of broken ribs. The point of this post is not me being a loser and messing up sledding, but HOW DID MY MOM KNOW??

Case 2: My sister wanted to go out with her friends one night when she was in high school and my mom said no. She didn’t give a reason and my sister wasn’t in any kind of trouble (for that minute anyway) but mom just said no, she had a bad feeling. Early, early, early the next morning we got a phone call that the group of friends she was going to go out with was in a very serious car crash and one of the girls was in a coma. It was pretty fucking scary, and the first thing we all thought was how glad we were that my sister wasn’t in that car. Once again HOW DID MY MOM KNOW??

Of course there have been the friends and boyfriends along the way that she had warned both my sister and I about, knowing that there would be tears and a broken heart involved somewhere in the future, and I think, while we misunderstood her pleas as being paranoid, she soon realized that a lot of the time this was just shit we had to learn on our own. Of course if she would, she would stop the hurting and let us learn the lessons of life
the easy way” but it just doesn’t work like that.

Already I find myself watching Conner in, what I am sure is, the same way my mom watched us. So proud of how big he is and how much he can do on his own, but so fearful of the harsh lessons life will surely bring his way.

When he has a check-up and he is due for immunizations I think I oftentimes cry harder then he does, it’s so hard for to not be able to make him understand that I am not hurting him on purpose and I do this because I will always use everything in my power to keep him safe and healthy. Much in the same way my mom reacted when she took my sister and I for immunizations when I was going into 6th and my sister into 3rd grade, my sister was crying and asking why she had to get a shot. I will never forget the look on my mom’s face when she grabbed my sisters hand and said, “I will always take away the hurt when I can”. Of course now I realize she meant much more then just a sting from a shot.

Thanks Mom, for being such a good role model for me and Conner. I am truly, truly blessed.

May 12, 2006


So who watched The Office last night?
I know it sounds a little weird, but umm when Jim and Pam kissed, total butterflies in my stomach, much like when I watched Garden State for the first time. It was just really sweet I guessed. But damnit now I have to wait until the next season to see what's going to happen.

Now before you go giving me any grief for being lame, please keep in mind the following:
A) I am pregnant and hormonal so back the F off
B) I am emotional anyway
C) Shut uuup, it was really sweet!

May 11, 2006

This is why I'm sad I didn't go away for college

Since I stayed at home and went to a "commuter college" I never really got the full experience of living away at a college dorm. Although I think doing the WDWCP did make up for that, well partly anyway. I met a lot of people that I still talk with today, and learned a lot about myself. Mostly I did it to prove that I was independent. I mean I cried just about every night I was there for the first three weeks just wanting to go home, but I didn't. That (besides Conner) is one of the things I am the most proud of.

Right, so now that we have established that I am a lame-ass, moving on...

I made good grades here, worked and paid my way through school, didn't have to be far away from my fam or Adam, but sadly I always felt like I missed out on something.

Today, I realized what it was.

How sad is that?

May 10, 2006

I dare you to not smile

May 09, 2006

Mother's Day

Just in case you are itching to get me something special for Mother's Day this Sunday, let me help you! Seriously, I don't want you going through all that stress of thinking up something special for lil' ole me.*

So, if you want me to come and make out with you, this will do it!

Or if a simple call of thanks is all you need, this will work too!(any color I'm not picky)

*Of course I'm just joking. My mom and sister and taking me for a pedicure and I already told Adam that he could get me a weed-eater, because well, we need one. boo.

Baby News

Had another drs appt today. Everything seems to be going well and right on schedule. Baby's heart beat was 162 which according to the old wives tales is indicative of a girl, but I still feel like it's a boy.

Our ultrasound got scheduled and get this, is on June 6. That's right 6.6.6. WTF! I was pleading the lady to just push it back one day, but she said they couldn't, they were too busy. Nooo devil baby.

Oh, I am also at the lowest weight I have been in quite some time. Strange huh? The dr said it's fine though because, well you know, I have some extra.

We have names picked out and are waiting to just find out so we can do some shopping and nursery decorating. whee. I think we will probably go with a sage green color, but hopefully the faux painter we are going to have come in will have some crazy awesome ideas that we haven't even thought of yet.

This baby will be born at Clark Memorial (pending no problems) and I am already getting a birth plan ready. I would like to labor for as long as possible in the tub, and then get a walking epidural. I was not happy about how strong and how much the epidural from Conner limited me. The thought of Adam getting to be here for this one is just amazing. So exciting.

May 08, 2006

Der-bay Par-tay

Whew Derby has come and gone and it always seems a little like Christmas, I just get so amped up and ready for all the events and I can't wait for it to get here, and then it's done.

I already miss the small festive things like all the local tv morning new shows broadcasting from Churchill Downs, all the Derby Festival events like the Hot Air Balloon Race, and Balloon Glow, Pegasus Parade, Steamboat Race etc.

Anyway, our party went off without a hitch, and thank you God, our weather was perfect! Here are some pics.

Click the picture for more

May 05, 2006

Print this out now, WHORES!

Umm, it's like you can't tell if it's real or not.

One thing for sure is last time I had a one-on-one with my higher power, none of these things were on his list of important stuff for me to remember.

May 04, 2006

Snakes...ON MY BUTT!

Oh Sweet Jesus, Mother Mary and everything that is holy. This is one of my biggest fears. Holy shit I feel a little ill just thinking about it.

Ever since I was little I would always peer into the toilet, TERRIFIED that something was going to bite me, aggghhh! I can't even finish thoughts or sentences after seeing this. My mom always told me that nothing could get me from there turns out she is a LIAR!!!!!!

To think, I have been taking my life into my own hands everytime I use the pisser.

PrePay After Dark

Is it just me or does there seem to be eerily common traits among gas station workers? It’s like there are usually 3 workers (hmm workers may be a little generous, how about employees) at the station at any given time, let’s review shall we?

Employee A: Usually younger and working their first job(damn what a way to start, no wonder some people enter the work force so jaded). Typically (if you get them while they are still new) they are the only ones doing any work.

Employee B: The crusty old person that works there, most standing around and likely smoking like it’s their last day on Earth, and looking like their dog just got shot in front of them. Don’t really move from the crossed-arm, pissed off stance the whole time you’re in the store (except to put the cigarette to their mouth). Think the landlady in KingPin.

Employee C: Real loud crazy person who finds in necessary to talk to everyone and call everyone honey, baby or sweetie. Creeps you the fuck out.

Or is this just how it is in Indiana?

Final Judgement Day

What a fool. Although Lisa Dolan pretty much nails it with her comment.

he must have a deathwish

Guys, here's a little tip o' the day for ya. If your pregnant, hormonal and chemically imbalanced wife comes to you and says that she is having a bad day, and is feeling easily aggravated, there are several supportive, caring, loving things you could and should say in response.

One of the things you should not freaking say is "Oh it doesn't sound like anything abnormal", and then laugh at your "witty" response. Big mistake, brother, big mistake.

May 02, 2006

If I could teach the world to sing...

On the way home from work the other day, a War song came on the radio, and it was like one of those nerdy sci-fi movie scenes where the character is sucked into a vortex and transplanted somewhere else. Luckily, in my case it wasn’t a far away land with 3 headed monsters or some shit, it was on a boat with my mom, dad, and sister.

Up until recently I always thought that music played a huge part in everyone’s life but it’s just not the case. Especially, with Adam. I guess it has to do so much with how you grew up.

My parents always had music playing. I can remember this one stint my dad went through when he decided he was going to be the next great saxophone player, and he got this complete Beatle’s songbook. I can remember being like 7 and thinking that “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” was like the greatest thing ever written. What literary genius!

My very first concert was The Rolling Stones, on their Steel Wheels tour. Actually, we didn’t have tickets, but they were playing at an outdoor stadium in Louisville, so the night before the show, my parents and us drove down and parked one of their cars like right next to the stadium so we could come back the next day and tailgate. They even took me out of school early (haha eat it Ms. Bauman I didn’t have a dr’s appt! I was going to see Mick and his lips!). We brought mine and my sisters bike’s along and this guy had a whole roll of these promotional stickers that he just gave to us. My whole bike was covered in these fluorescent orange and pink Rolling Stones stickers. It was awesome. To this day every time I hear Mixed Emotions or Sad, Sad, Sad, I think back and realize how awesome it was that my parents actually pulled us out of school for a freaking Rolling Stones concert. Eat shit all you bastards in school who thought they were cool. My parents whooped your ass.

Then when I was in high school, my dad was running Saturday morning errands when the radio came on a said that Bob Dylan/Joni Mitchell tickets were going on sale that morning for a show in Indianapolis. Dad decides he can make it to a devil-stand, Ticket Master in time. Awesomely enough, he is the first in line, and manages to get us 5th row tickets. 5th row for Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell bitches! It was so awesome. I mean these two are freaking legends, I’m just glad I got to see BD before he just blew away like dust a la’ Kicking Wing in Joe Dirt.

In fact, I think most of the shows I have been too have been with some member of my immediate family. How bitchen’ is that? When the IBMA show was in Louisville my family always volunteered to work, then there was the BlueSky Jam Fest (only happened once :-( we all volunteered to work security and stuff.

As I type this post I have realized how freaking grateful I am to my parents for being so damn cool and therefore making my sister and I even more bad-ass.

May 01, 2006

We're Home

Hooray, we finally got home last night. After some crazy turn of events we are better and I promise a whole post soon, and another one about something othern then sick babies and asshat drs who roll their eyes at me.

Again, thanks to much to all who sent emails and comments about Conner getting better!

It meant a lot!