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April 29, 2006


Well damn, we are still at Kosairs. We went in for a bump on Conner's head from his little temper tantrum that caused him to fall into the corner of the dishwasher. Ended up coming down with a nasty virus that was causing his temp to spike up to 103, and the highest, 104.4, then today he developed an ear infection. AARRGGHHH! His temp is still down but now they want to do a stool culture and watch his ear infection.

More later. Thanks for all the concern internets! :-)

April 28, 2006

real quick

in case you've noticed the absense, we are currently taking up residence at Kosair's Children's Hospital. It's nothing serious, but Conner is bit ill and they just want to keep him under watch until his temperature is back under control and not spiking so much.

It's a long story,and you'll get it as soon as we return. I just checked in here at home, after taking a break from the last 24+ hours to shower and sit somewhere that is not in a hospital.

Again, no biggies, and we are all doing OK.

April 26, 2006

14 weeks

Thar she blows!

Thunder Over Louisville

This past weekend was Thunder Over Louisville, the official kick off event to the Derby Festival. We are lucky enough to know some friends who have a condo on the Ohio River in Indiana, that over looks the river and the fireworks. We are also lucky enough that they invite us to come there and watch the festivities.

Since Conner’s latest fascination is airplanes we were stoked for him to see the air show. He did not disappoint. Every time a plane would fly past and do its thing, Conner would immediately start signing more. He wasn’t scared at all.

My mom and dad brought their Airstream down and did the camping thing that weekend so we walked down to visit them too.

It was a long day, but you know what, Conner is like the most amazingly well behaved kid on the face of the damn planet. He just walked around and hung out and was cute.

The next night when it got dark, Conner kept trying to drag me and Adam outside to look for more fireworks. 4th of July will be great!

Click the picture for more.

Thunder weekend 015.jpg

Master/Reverand Bret

Last weekend at Thunder, Brit took some awesome pictures of the Con-Man. He can really kick some ass on the picture-taking business.

Seriously, he said some really nice stuff about Conner and it was the kind of thing that made me heart hurt because of how proud I am of Conner. Who knew how emotional this parenting thing could be?

If only Brit could take a decent picture of me.

April 24, 2006


With the recent release of The Dixie Chicks new single and video and my recent discovery of this Pink song, I have to admit, it's not whiney shit like this that is going to make a differance.

It's stories and information like the article found over in Rolling Stone Magazine this month about the new army technology and the effects his injuries has on his family, that, people should have memorized not these lyrics.

Really, Pink, you're going to lecture someone about hard work? I didn't know that being pissed because your titties aren't big enough for the boys and then writing a song about it constitutes as hard work.

I'm not saying I don't applaud these women for standing up in what they believe, but I wonder if their energies wouldn't be better spent doing other things like volunteering, or supporting the troops in concert, whatever.

Tirade over. Your thoughts?

April 21, 2006

I’ve always been able to talk some shit when necessary and I seem to have a taste for the louder, angrier music, , I even had a crush on Billie Joe Armstrong (this was pre-eyeliner mind you)but when it comes down to it, a punk I am not.

Of course I went through the stage in high school with the puma’s and chuck tailors, hell I even went goth for a bit (shudder), but I don’t really get the safety pins as fashion statements or being angry at everyone and everything all the time.

This could be the reason why my most recent haircut is so particularly…well…off. I like my hair to be on the shorter side, but it’s a find line when you have a round face and a little bit o’chub. It’s never a good thing to give off the super butch vibe, not for me anyway.

I’m not really to devastated cause most of the people who see my hair are just the 2 others that I work with, and the fam. My hair has always been a revolving door for styles and color, so most of the time they just look the other way.

I’m not too pissed at my hair-stylist because she did rock it out on the color, and I did tell her I wanted the back short, plus my hair grows so fast anyway.

That being said, I still feel like I am getting a few too many crazy stares when I go out, my stylist assures me that I pull of the dramatic hairstyle well. (what the hell does that mean?)

So without further ado, I give you…PUNK CEECE!

bad hair 001 (Small).jpg
(oh wait, it get's better!)

bad hair 002 (Small).jpg
(trying to get a nice shot of the color)

bad hair 003 (Small).jpg

bad hair 004.jpg
(Top O' my head, now we know where Conner gets some of his cowlicks from)

bad hair 005.jpg
(I just don't even know what to say)


Remember, what I said about Adam having an uncanny knack for taking bad pictures? Well the reign isn't over. This was the best I could get him to take of me in the Derby hat, so I had to do some creative editing so I would feel better about looking like total ass in the picture.

derbyhat edit.jpg

It looks better when my hair is fixed, and I have on makeup, and Adam and I haven't been having a silent fight all night.

Good times.

April 20, 2006

better then a good hair day.

Monday was the big meeting with all the people who are going to get Conner to start talking.
It went well, we met with the account coordinator, the service coordinator, the intake coordinator (can you tell this is a government program) and the therapist who “interviewed” Conner and assessed his speech skills.

The good news is he is quite advanced in every field expect expressive communication. He is only functioning at a 10 month level there. Which sounds scary as hell, but everyone assured us that the kid is pretty darn smart he just doesn’t want to talk.

As I mentioned above this is a government program so of course they have to ask really freaking stupid questions. My favorite was this, “If we has parents had to brag about Conner what would we say? Where do we feel our strengths are as parents?” I was like umm do you not think you’re going to get a biased answer here? The kid is perfect. And silent! So, Adam and I went on about how well behaved he is (knock, knock) when we go out in public, how well he does at nap and bed-times, he’s a good eater, he adjusts to his surroundings easily.

All of which is stuff that I think has more to do with nature then nurture, hell I’m just proud I didn’t kill him in the first few months. (If any of you have every seen my plant graveyards gardens then you know, I don’t really excel in extending the life of some things.

Anyway, they pooh-poohed us for being so modest and said to feel proud because a lot of his behavior is from his environment and we are great parents. Sigh. I shed a little tear then. Seriously.

It reminded me of this one time I went to get a trim, and Conner was still pretty wee, so he came with. He didn’t do much at that time other then hang out in his carrier and sleep. I’ve been going to this salon for a while so I was comfortable taking him with me, and I wasn’t getting any color done or anything. Right, back to the point, I was sitting in the waiting area after we were done, giving him a bottle, and another stylist came up and was coo-ing over him and all that, and said, “Well he has just been so good since you’ve been here, not making a sound, he just looks so happy.” She looked up at me, winked and continued, “That’s a sure sign of a great parent”.

I smiled back and said thanks, loaded Conner up in the car, and cried the whole way home. Adam was still away for basic, and I was doing this without him. I was staying with my family which was such a tremendous help, I can’t even tell you, but I felt like I had so many people to prove wrong. That I could and would be a good mom and Conner would get everything he ever needed.

It was hard being in the beginning, I mean no one prepares you for a baby, and all the books in the world can’t get you ready. I still worry that I’m not doing a good job sometimes, and with Conner’s speech delay, I keep looking back and thinking if there was anything we didn’t do, I mean when the hell do you go over the “How to teach a baby to talk” part in your life manual? So when someone tells us that we have done a good job with Conner, that is pretty much the biggest compliment I can get.

Happy Thursday

Ahh, this made my freaking day.

Our household has some of the largest Princess Bride fan's out there (inconceivable!), and this is just perfect. The kid really does have Vizzini's voice down.
I promise I will have a post with important stuff in it soon. I seem to be feeling rather apathetic currently, not sure if it's the pregnancy or just crazy cycle of my life, an issue that TB discuss's wonderfully over here.
On a somewhat related note, Adam and I watched the biography of Andre' the Giant last night on A&E, did you know he was French? All in all, pretty good, but I feel asleep before they got to the part where he died. I'm sure I would have cried.

April 19, 2006

But the baby needs it's vitamin C

So I just fell in love with Panera Bread all over again.

Upon returning from lunch, and ready to eat the amazing salad which they call Fandango, I quickly realized that there were NO MANDARINE ORANGES.

I was a little peeved, but it was cool. I called them anyway just to give them the heads up, cause I saw a guy back in the prep area that I had never seen before, and thought maybe he just didn't know.

Well who should answer the phone then the awesome chick that works there (whom I have praised before for being so awesome and nice), and I told her what was up. (this is why she is awesome) She immediately sided with me, saying she'd be pissed and did I want her to bring me some oranges for the salad. I was taken aback. I wasn't be super pissy or anything, but then I started thinking hell, the girl probably wants to get out of work. So I said sure. She put her boss and and told me to act super pissed.

Well, it's kinda hard to act pissed over oranges, but I did my best. The manager said they would send some right over. t

Just a minute ago, they dropped off a brand new salad, and enough cookies for the whole office! wheee

Panera you are back in my good graces, and thanks Katie!

April 18, 2006

Little Baby Xenu has arrived!

TomKat has had their alien freak baby.
The world can now commence in ending.

You can read more interesting accounts here, here, here

April 17, 2006

marsupials scare me, cause they're fast

I'm watching Wayne's World 2 right now, and I can't get over how freaking young Christopher Walken looks.


Photo Scavenger Hunt

I found this on Kelly's site, and am to lazy to go get the official code, but still wanted to have fun.

Apparently there is this fun little Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, this week's theme was feet.

Here we go.

Spring 001.jpg

I took this picture about a week and a half ago, when the sun was out and we had just gotten over some nasty cold rainy weather. It was a good day.

April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

I hope this day finds you and yours truly blessed and able to celebrate Christ's resurrection with those you love.(you know if that's your thing).

We spent a lot of time this weekend outside enjoying the fabulous weather and we went to an Easter Egg hunt in which we saw, the Easter Bunny, the fire trucks and even the Weiner King.

Pictures to come shortly!

April 14, 2006

Derby Hat!

For the last 3 years for Derby, we have been going to a colleagues amazing kick-ass Derby party, but this year they are going out of town to like the Bahamas or the Cayman’s or some shit. Anyway, we I decided to have our own Derby shindig.

Although I have lived here my entire life, not once have I ever been to the Derby, or even Churchill Downs for that matter. Never really had the time, money, or people to go with, someone else was always have a party that would be just as fun. I guess maybe I feel slighted.

So anyway, this year's party, chances are most of you that read this are friends, and are invited to our little party.
-ONE CATCH, you must wear a Derby Hat! It can be something you bought or made yourself, but you have to participate DAMMIT!

I'll be sending out more formal invites early next week, and if you want to make sure you're invited leave me a comment or send me an email with your address.

That being said, I was out shopping (shock shock right?) yesterday on my lunch break, and decided to go into this season hat store, that comes out just for Derby time. I figured I'd poke around, and try not to let myself feel like I am below poverty level. (That issue is a whole other post waiting to happen, even with my sudden sharp increase in income, I still feel very less-than).

Anyway, I parked the ole Vue, and madewaddled my already growing pregnant butt into the store. I was just in shock. Look at all the hats, I would look like such a tool, holy crap that hat is $400.00! Just as soon as I turned to high-tail it out of there, I heard a voice say, "Miss, is there anything I can help you with?" Well, being from retail and sales, I truly detest the "lookers", because when you explain to your boss that they really were just looking, they don't give a shit, if you were a decent sales person, you could have sold them (again a whole other post).

So, I told her about our party, and that I didn't know what kind of hat I was looking for, but I did know I couldn't spend a car payment on a hat.

She started buzzing around the room and grabbing all different kinds of hats for me to try on. Ha some of them were so laughable!

I did find a nice taupe small sturdy brim hat with coffee accenting, and a big magnolia blossom. As soon, as I put it on, I was sold. It was just like freaking Pretty Woman. I felt so classy.

Only one obstacle stood in my way of the hat....ADAM!

But oh no, this clever hat store was not going to let one pesky, frugal husband stand in their way. They have this lovely little program where you can take the hat home for 24 hours on "approval". AKA take the hat home, bond with the hat, so there is no way you could ever dream of returning it, promise your husband all kinds of favors(!) if he let's you keep the hat. Sneaky hat shop.

While this was coincidentally the cheapest most inexpensive hat the in the store, let me tell ya, these hat's aint cheap.

Adam was none to pleased when I told him the price tag, but being the awesome husband that he is, (that and after nearly 24 hours of me buzzing in his ear about wanting, nay, needing the hat) he called this afternoon to say it was alright.

Hooray! I have my very first Derby hat, and it is so fab. The best part is, I can replace the ribbon and embelishments to wear it again.

I'll try to get a pic of it later!

April 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Ceece's love for Adam (i know right, could we get a gaggier title?).

1. In the morning, when he comes to tell me he's leaving for work, and I'm still in bed, he straightens all the sheets, and make's sure I'm covered up.
2. The way he is with the boy, what an amazing dad.
3. Mmmm he is the main house cleaner.
4. How supportive he is of me in most of the stuff I do
5. We can go to the bookstore and it's a great date
6. He doesn't give me too much grief when I go shopping
7. He is so.damn.smart.
8. He likes to be outside and keeps himself in great shape
9. He is as interested in old homes and preservation as I am
10. Most of the time he gives really thoughtful and sentimental presents
11. How excited he is about baby number 2
12. His patience with everything
13. He has a good laugh
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April 12, 2006

Your Name in Lights

Well, actually not really, just print, in our local rag.

Last night was another neighborhood forum meeting, and I think it went pretty well. Most of everyone is in agreement that we are interested in cleaning up New Albany, and making it a more desirable place to live.

Based on a neighborhood forum last week, the citizens have decided that for right now, we want to focus on stregnthening the code enforcement.

As shocking as this may be, sometimes I have a tendancy to run my mouth, and start a little shit, but I think I did fairly well last night. I didn't call anybody names or punch anyone in the face (but I do have a list...)

So anyway the meeting was productive and we are all eager to move forward.

You can read my awesome quote here.

12 weeks appt

Yesterday was the 2nd drs appt and everything looks good. The doc had a bit of trouble finding bean #2's hearbeat, and I thought we were going to get an ultrasound, but she found it in the end.

I know we've heard it before with Conner's but, wow, what an amazing sound. It's like what really drives home that we're having a baby. There is something alive in there, and it's depending on me to keep it going and give it what it needs. No pressure.

Next appt is in 4 weeks, and that's when we do the AFP test.

We decided to do the test, not because the resutls would have any bearing on terminating the pregnancy, but our thoughts are should there be a problem, we can start reading up on it now.

Not that we are thinking we will have a problem ,but this is major controversy for a lot of parents and practitioners, and I'm happy that this is one of the things we agree on as parents.

April 10, 2006

Which is Worse?

Having to spend time with someone you don't like, or spending it with someone with whom you have nothing in common?

April 07, 2006

12 weeks

Here be the baby belly at (almost) 12 weeks. Wow they are so right when they say that you look pregnant earlier with your second. I can't wait to get past the "just looking chunky" stage.



The other day, I was outside taking pictures of the neighborhood, when this assbag in an ugly van drove past and threw a beer bottle on the sidewalk. It shattered into a million pieces and all I could think was Conner getting cut.

So being the act before thinking moron that I am, I took off down the sidewalk with my camera to get a picture of the van. There was a train that was stopping him from going much further. As I was running and trying to get a picture of his license plate to turn into police, (seriously, I know i have said this before, but when it comes to my property, my family or just being a douche overall, do.not.fuck.with.me) I started thinking, Courtney this guy is obviously braindead enough to toss a beer bottle onto a sidewalk in a residential area, he could be crazy enough to get out of this stopped van and beat the living shit out of you, AND take your new camera (the horror).

So, I turned my wheezing pregnant butt around and walked back home, all the while hoping and praying that none of my neighbors or aquaintances saw me running down the sidewalk like a freak.

This is the best shot I could get. Be warned asshat in the ugly, dented van, I'm watching for you!

architecture 011.jpg

April 06, 2006


Recently, my friend and all around amazing person, Tabitha went to volunteer in cleaning up New Orleans. She has posted her pictures over here on Flickr.

Really, go check it out. It may not be covered by the media as much anymore, but these people are still hurting and need a lot of strength, prayers, good thoughts whatever to get back any sense of normalcy.

It's a good reality check too. I have been all lame and acting sad because of my job, when there were people who lost everything. It's enough to make myself sick-of myself.

So, again, check it out, and don't forget that many organizations are still accepting donations to help.

April 05, 2006

Sorry, I have been a bit absent. I have been out of town for work since about 2 hours ago, and well, it just brings me down.