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March 30, 2006

Don't say this to me, or I will cut you!

So this technically isn't a definition, but it will save your ass when you are talking to me anyway.
Yesterday, I cruised through the Chick-Fil-A drive through for a nice large, UNSWEETENED ICE TEA, but oh much to my unpleasant surprise, (and Adam's, because I was talking with him on the phone when I took the first sip) it was SWEETENED. I continued to tell him, that I just HATE when people do that to me*, and you know what prince-charming said? " Courtney can we just come to terms with the fact that for the next three weeks you will be hating everything and everyone?" Hmm point taken.

Hmmpppphhhh, what does he know, just because we are almost done with Trimester number 1, in which all crankiness during pregnancy is rooted...

*now that I have actually written it out, i do sound pretty damn pathetic, I mean it's not like someone punched me in the face, or called my kid ugly. THAT, I am pretty sure I would hate.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Ceece's Thirteen things I'm doing instead of working.

1. Filling out my Thursday Thirteen
2. Working on our neighborhood directory
3. Reading blogs
4. Looking for a new camera bag
5. Eating too many Robin Eggs
6. Downloading songs from Itunes
7. Thinking about what I am going to have for lunch
8. "Window shopping" online for some new maternity clothes
9. Staring out the open window and feeling the breeze of a great day on my face
10. Missing the Conner-Bean
11. Thinking of things I can take pictures of with my awesome new camera
12. Trying to will myself to go to the gym after work.
13. Playing around on Flickr.com
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March 29, 2006


Adam's latest purchase for the boy is a new bike with one of those little seats mounted on it.
We just got it on Tuesday, and neither boy could be happier. A

Adam took Conner to Target last night to get him a helmet and they went for their introductory cruise around the block. I stood on the sidewalk like a geek taking pictures and everytime they would pass me, Conner would squeel really loud. I'm not sure how was having more fun.

We weren't quite sure how Conner was going to do with the helmet since he kept pulling it off at the store. Once they got home, I could hear Adam telling Conner that wearing the helmet was a prerequisite to riding the bike. I had to stiffle my laughter. We can't get the boy to say anthing, but he is going to understand what prerequisite means?

Anyway, we loaded him up, helmet, jacket and all, and headed to the garage. Conner wasn't quite sure what was going on, but he was up for it.

DSC_0087 (Small).JPG

We got him all buckled in, and off they went. They only circled the block a few times, as it was a little nippy and getting dark, but Conner was definately ready for more! I don't know who was more excited Adam or the boy. I love to watch Adam with Conner and am constantly amazed at how much he adores him. Conner and I are both so incredibly lucky to have Adam as his dad.

bike 017 (Small).jpg

bike 015 (Small).jpg

bike 014 (Small).jpg

bike 016 (Small).jpg

March 27, 2006

Personal Responsibility

Over at SuburbanBliss, one of my favorite bloggers, Melissa, has been stirring the controversy pot over her last few postings.

I always hesitate to comment on such heavy subjects such as Rusty Yate’s involvement in his children’s death, as well as the issue of false advertising when it comes to marriage. Mostly because I feel like I don’t know enough about what’s going on, and I don’t want to seem like a dumbass. (I have an easy enough time doing that as it is, har har).

But I just can’t help but think about this Rusty and Andrea Yate’s scenario. (in case your memory needs a jog, she is the mother who murdered all 5 of her children in a bathtub 3 years ago).

Melissa’s point, which is valid to an extent, is that she feel’s Rusty, who just got remarried this last week, is getting off to easy for his involvement in the murders. She feels (from what I am reading, and I could be wrong) that the whole life they were living was responsible for Andrea killing the children, and Rusty should be responsible as well.

This scenario is so complex on so many points for me. I have a personal history of mental illness, while my own has never been as severe as Yate’s, I still have experience. I have family members and friends who have battled with mental illness as well.

The part that bother’s me about Yate’s story is that, she was just so willing to do whatever she was told. Whatever Rusty said, fine, whatever the crazy preacher friends said fine. Yet she flew defiantly in the face of any medical professional who tried to help her, denying to take any type of medicine for an consistent amount of time. According to one biography that I read here, the Yates’ were very much eager in having a large family, and while several sources out there chastise Rusty for not giving Andrea help, he did send her to therapy several times. I mean, how many times does a medical professional have to step in and say, “look, it would be very very bad if you choose to have more kids”, before something needs to be done. Ha, but that would be an entirely different post in itself, because God forbid, we try to tell anyone what to do when it comes to reproductive rights. Geez I have even heard that argument in this story, that Andrea didn’t have enough rights over her reproductive system. Umm excuse me? The crazy bitch was popping out kids left and right, and while Rusty was apparently and protagonist, there was nothing stopping her from getting on the pill. Anyway, I better stop now before I get on a tangent, that gets me lot’s of enemies.

I’m not saying that Andrea Yate’s wasn’t mentally ill, I mean if you can kill your own children, all fucking 5 of them, then yeah you have some issues, but the fact that people are now saying oh tsk tsk poor thing, Rusty made her crazy and if he had just been home more and done more to help her, well that’s bullshit. According to that bio, he took her several times to the doctor’s and even protested when he thought they cut her medicine too much.

This whole thing basically comes back to an issue that has been irking me for the last few weeks. Personal Responsibility. No body wants to take it, everyone is bitching about their rights being violated and I am so disgusted by it, because people take it too far.

You typed something on the internet about your job, and they found out, got pissed and asked you to take it down, no your freaking rights aren’t being violated, especially since you chose to be incredibly vulgar. Your business has a job to do when it comes to protecting it’s own right’s. You’re lucky they didn’t fire your ass.

This whole nasty, vile epidemic is what I have so lovingly dubbed “The Howard Stern” epidemic, when people push the envelope just for the sake of pushing it and then when people are starting to get violated by this and say something, everyone starts crying and threatening with lawsuits.

For example, I read an article in a supposedly neutral publication this month about keeping God and Christianity in the work place. For me, hey not a problem, because as we have discussed before, I am a Christian, yet this article still offended me on so many levels.

The guy who wrote this article was the CEO of his company, what if he had a Jewish person working for him? Would that person be fired because they weren’t Christian? I know that he was basically talking about bringing common sense practices into the workplace and like it or not, most of the guidelines in today’s society are similar to Christian and other religions beliefs, don’t kill anyone, do unto others etc, but why do you have to bring religion into it? The article then goes on to talk about how he feels persecuted in the workplace for being religious, give me a break.

So right, sorry for going on and on, perhaps I am the only one who feels this way, or maybe the pregnancy hormones have just got me all jacked up, but what do you think, dear readers, about personal responsibilities? Do you think that people do have the rights to do what they want or say what they want without suffering any consequences despite what they say and do could hurt someone physically or emotionally?

March 24, 2006


I just picked up our camera at lunch. It is so amazing. I love it and want to have it's babies, and it is sooo easy to use. Granted I've only been taking pictures of stupid stuff here at work, like T on the phone, and the air unit outside. But seriously it's easy. Maybe I love it so much because when the zoom is fully extended it looks a little falic(!) dirty.

Anyway, get ready for some bitchen' picture posts!

March 23, 2006

Pregnancy Dictionary

Just an FYI, the whole pregnancy glow thing that people talk about is bullshit. What they are referring to is the sun glinting off of your horribly broken-out 14 year old like complexion due to the hormones.

Don't you dare tell a pregnant woman she has that glow, or she will run to the bathroom and start popping zits on the mirror.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Ceece's Favorite Food. In honor of my morning sickness kicking in, I look back lovingly at all the things i used to like to eat.

1. Qdoba, Naked vegetarian queso burrito
2. McDonalds Daily Double Burger
3. Dairy Queen's Biscuit's and Gravy
4. Cheese!!!
5. Chicken Salad Sandwich from Ermin's
6. Crab Cakes
7. Coconut Shrimp
8. Cheese and spinach quiche
9. Potato soup (my grandma's recipe and the stuff from O'Charleys)
10. The Chicken Fingers and Fries meal with a fountain Cherry Coke from Steak N Shake
11. Cottage cheese and pinneapple
12. Butter popcorn from the movie theatre, and not the crappy imitation stuff they sell in the store that you microwave
13. Strawberry shortcake with foo-foo and milk.
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March 22, 2006

Don't be hatin'

I just got an email from TB, one of my favorite bloggers. Actually she was commenting on the post about Conner being sick. She said (and I quote!) "You have such a great attitude. I always leave here feeling happy."

Seriously, I didn't even know what to say. That was like the nicest thing anyone has said to me all month long. I suppose as some of you may know, I don't follow the road of Anthony Robbins, and am all woo-hoo I live in a castle and rule, but, that being said, I don't always walk around with a rain cloud on my head and say shit like, "Thanks for noticing me".

I have always said that I like to call it as I see it. As cliché' as it may be I am actually going to quote some song lyrics here so just get ready. I think Ani DiFranco says it best in her song As Is.

Cause when I look around
I think this, this is good enough
And I try to laugh
At whatever life brings
Cause when I look down
I just miss all the good stuff
When I look up
I just trip over things

Some people give me shit about my attitude mostly just for fun, they know it gets a rise out of me and we usually laugh about it. There is really only a select few who attack me for it. I'm not saying that sometimes I don't bitch about stupid stuff, but if you know me, or take the time to know me at all, you will definitely find that I am going to be over it in about 5 minutes. But what you don't know and can't know, is all the life experiences that have come together to make me view things the way I do. You put two people in the same situation and their reactions are always going to be different.

For me, if I am vocal about complaining about something, it is usually because I am simply trying to validate my feelings. I didn't always have the easiest time in elementary school with peers, and in 7th and 8th grade, I had a girl who decided it was her personal mission to turn everyone in her click against me, It's not like I was unpopular and the one who they tried to stick pads and gum and shit too, but I could always attract that one girl who wanted to take me down.

While, for the most part, I think I didn't let it bother me to much, I had and have some great friends, and could usually get along with everyone; it just planted that little seed of self-doubt. I remember thinking, what is it about me that causes these girls to hate me so much, it's not like I am any type of competition for them in any realm, and I never did anything to them. I know, now, a lot of it is just their own personal experiences and they were the one's with the problem, but when you're 15 you don't care about psychology and how you will look back in 10 years and laugh.haha

I have never had a problem speaking out; I do always second-guess it, and wish, sometimes, I was more like the quiet girl, who gets promoted by nodding yes, and standing down from her beliefs.

I hope Conner has more courage then his mom, and will never second guess speaking up for himself.

March 17, 2006

For Every Season....

Conner got sick on Wednesday night and he’s still sick this morning. We went to Qdoba for dinner on Wed and he was fine, he asked Adam to hold him and as soon as he did he puked all over him. We thought it was just because he had been so congested that day and he had too much snot in his belly.

Once we got home, he started puking again, and fussing. He finally quit throwing up around 10, but then spiked a fever around 11. We kept him in the bed with us and yesterday we all felt like zombies. Conner’s a bed hog! It’s nothing serious, just a virus according to the ped.

This is the first time in,-I don’t know how long-that he has just lain there, like a newborn almost. It was kind of a break as we were able to get things done a lot faster that usually take forever, like sweeping, cleaning the kitchen, making dinner etc. It was also nice because I got to snuggle him. I would just lay there next to him and stroke his face and eyebrows. I’m convinced this is soothing to him, because when were in the NICU right after he was born, there was a period of time where we weren’t allowed to hold him at all. We could only look and rub him. I would stroke his cheek bones and tell him how much I loved him and how much everyone loved him, how lucky we were to have such awesome families who would come and stay all night with us just to keep watch. I would say his name over and over again, in a low, soft voice so he would know I was there. To this day I swear if I rub his cheek the same way and say his name, I can see him relax instantly.

Anyway back to sick baby present day. After a while of him just not doing anything, I started thinking of how much I couldn’t wait for him to be able to get up and run around, and while he may be messy, and not that much of a help, I wanted him there teasing the dogs and conning Adam into reading his book.

It made me realize that while I have loved every stage we have gone through, (from newborn baby blob to nursing to eating solid foods to walking and so on) and how much I enjoyed it, I would never, ever want to go back.

I can’t wait for what tomorrow brings.

March 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Ceece's Bumper Stickers. I either have these on my car now or did at one time

1. Techies Do It Backstage -from when I was in high school theatre
2. They Might Be Giants
3. The Cure
4. DMB (I've had about 6)
5. A purple fairy
6. VW sign on my Jetta
7. "Girls Go Fast Too" (I got pulled over a lot when I had that on my car!)
8. Ear-X-Tacy
9. Army Wife
10. Keep Louisville Weird
11. Nickel Creek
12. "My Other Ride Wears Combat Boots"
13. ivote (rip off of the ipod theme)
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March 14, 2006

Does the fact that I have on a very pretty, matching necklace make up for the fact that I pulled my wrinkled sweater out of the bottom of the clothes basket this morning?


Today was my first dr's appt for this pregnancy. Nothing to exciting. I did have to have blood drawn, and I ended up getting stuck in both arms, so that was kind of a downer. My next appointment is in 4 weeks. Hopefully, we'll hear the heartbeat and things will be moving right along!

I think Conner was more excited to wear his big brother shirt then we were. He kept getting the best and biggest reactions out of people whenever they saw it, so he, of course, thought everyone was making a huge deal over him. (which most of the time we are. I mean the kid is super cute!) Damn he is fun!

March 13, 2006


Sometimes if I have to come home late at night,(typically after one of my saving the world meetings) and it’s after Conner is already in bed, I get so disappointed that I can’t see him one last time before the long stretch between then and morning. Occasionally, I will peek in on him, to make sure he is still covered and get one last look at his cute little baby butt that will no doubt be way up in the air, in his favorite sleeping position.

If I don’t go check on him, after brushing my teeth, taking out my contacts etc, I will go sit on the couch and just take in the messy room. The toys on the floor, clothes pulled out of their baskets or drawers, a book half-open, or a half-colored picture sitting on the coffee table.

I try to imagine Conner’s wee little hands carrying them around, as he giggles at Adam chasing him. I’ll see him trying to get the dogs to play with his toys, and getting frustrated when he doesn’t understand that all they want to do is chew on them.

February 019.jpg

February 023.jpg

Flipping through a book and “reading” it out loud. My favorite thing to watch him do is open up the seat on his “Retro Rocket", and try to get himself entirely in the hatch. I have to remind him, “Conner, the baby doesn’t go in the seat, he goes on the seat”. He shakes his head at me and goes on about his business, “Psssht that mommy, what does she know?”


Sometimes, the mess isn’t just a mess.

Conner Says

February 071 (Medium).jpg

yup! Yes it's on purpose, I think we are due around October 25th (our first appt is tomorrow morning), and yes I am freaking out a little bit!
We told all the families yesterday, they are as excited as we are!

March 10, 2006

Broken Record...

Don't they say this every time a poll comes out ?

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Ceece, just random stuff today

1. I know a secret!
2. I have been sworn not to tell until Monday!
3. This weekend is my grandparents and my parents anniversary.
4. I want to have a Derby party!
5. I really want to go back to Las Vegas and stay at The Venitian and sit by the pool.
6. We are going camping in June, I can't wait, this will be Conner's first camping trip, and there is nothing like beer and hot dog's cooked by a campfire!
7. I can't wait to get our new camera. Hooray for tax returns
8. My hair grows so fast, I just had it colored in the beginning of Feb, and the roots are just tragic now.
9. Hooray, it is supposed to get up to 72 today
10. Conner still isn't really talking, so I have a message into his ped to find out where we go from here.
11. I bought him a shirt that says, "I heard Einstein was a late talker" its from www.honostbaby.com
12. I need a nice week-end break, I am in a MAJOR work rut, keep your fingers crossed that everyone decides they want to start advertising on Monday.
13. This week for breakfast, I have been eating sliced tomato and mozerella cheese, it is so damn good.
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March 09, 2006


Congrats are in order to my little sister, who got into the nursing program at her school today.
Good job lame!


i swear i didn't use the worst picture I could find


I just went to Murphys Camera yesterday and put our camera, lens and memory card on layaway. (the camera is on sale and we won't be getting our tax returns until after the sale is up).

So anyway we ended up going with the Nikon D50, it's an easy to use SLR and I can't even wait, behold in all it's glory, and picture-taking-ness:

We also got the upgraded lens action. Nikon 70-300 f/4-5.6G AF , seriously I will be able to watch you picking your nose from 3 states away so watch it.

March 06, 2006


Remember when I got all pissed off at Scott Richter?
Well I did end up writing a letter to Velocity, which I could never find on this here intraweb, but anyway.

This weekend Adam had military, and I met him for dinner when he got home. He was still in his uniform. We stopped into Graeters once we were done eating, and this lady came up to the table and put down a $10 bill, and said, "I want to buy your ice cream, as a way of saying thanks for what you are doing for our country and doing something I could never do." *

Seriously, can we do something about making sure this lady has her spot secured in heaven? Lady, thanks for doing that, I hope that, even if you dont buy other people's ice cream, that you keep on letting our military guys know how thankful you are. It helps them more then I can say.

So anyway, this creep Scott may be out there floating around, but people like this lady, trump his lame ass a billion to one. Thanks, again.
*yeah I was crying.

"To drink and fight!"

haha! Who watched SNL this weekend? Damn Natalie Portman was funny. If you haven't seen her rap video with the awesome Andy S(who brought you Chronic-les of NARNIA!) then click here.
(for some dumb reason, SNL keeps taking down the video as fast as people can upload it, so if it's not at this link then just search for it, so worth it)

Yeah here's to drinkin' fightin and BEEP-ing all ni-ight!

Mother of all that is holy!

What the hell is this? Eddie Van Halen? Looks like Eddie meets the Crypt Keeper!

Seriously, I freaking recoiled in horror. And is he holding his dentures in his right hand? WTF!!!

March 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Ceece's Taste in Fashion

1. I really like to wear cardigans
2. I have 50+ pairs of shoes
3. My favorite shoes are my tennis shoes, my birks and my crocs
4. I own more loafer's then a girl my age should
5. I like dark-washed Gap Long and lean jeans
6. I own a Kate Spade and Burberry purse, but I ususally carry an old green backpack
7. Yes, it's wrong, but I really like capri pants
8. I really, really like to wear cardigans, in fact I have about 10
9. I hate pleated pants
10. I have to get all my pants hemmed because regular length is too long, but if I get a short length they are too short.
11. Most of my clothes are pastel colored.
12. I don't really own any "going out clothes" that would be appropriate for like clubs or anything.
13. Cardigans RULE!
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Conner and I had dinner at my grandma's house last week. It was good for all of us.
I honostly don't know how she stay's there. I can't be there without sobbing.

She made chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes (ahh carb's, Hill family favorites)

Since she doesn't have a high-chair, he usually sits at this bar-stool and eats. I swear he is never that messy in his high-chair at home. We finally got him all nakie (save the diaper) and wrapped a tea-towell around him and let him go to town. We all had a blast.

Then we played a rousing game of pass the stressball!

Enjoy, and try to ignore your womb yelling at you from the cuteness!

02-06-2006 008 (Medium).jpg

02-06-2006 010.jpg
02-06-2006 014.jpg

Hey look the wasabi matches my sweater!

Whenever we go out to eat as a company, it is inevitable that we end up at a Sushi/hibachi grill restaurant. It's not my favorite food in the world, but hey, it's free lunch so who am I to complain?

Anyway, I usually just eat the fried rice from the grill, and have slowly been trying some differant kinds of sushi, most of it-NO! We got this new guy who is apparently a sushi expert extrordanaire or some shit, so we go today and he is like ordering stuff with raw quail eggs, eel parts, shrimp heads, fish tenticles. BLEAH.
It took everything I had not to just yack all over the place.

I wanted to get my friend rice and get the hell out. Give me my Qdoba naked, vegetarian, queso burrito anyday. My beans and rice are my friends, no eyes or feelers or anything.

March 01, 2006

Interested in Buying a Historic Home

You should check out this article from Business Week

Boss is out today

I am 15% White Trash.
Not at all White Trashy!
I, my friend, have class. I am so not white trash. . I am more than likely Democrat, and my place is neat, and there is a good chance I may never drink wine from a box.