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February 28, 2006

speaking of pictures

I took these a few weeks ago.
02-06-2006 001.jpg

02-06-2006 002.jpg

02-06-2006 003.jpg

02-06-2006 004.jpg

02-06-2006 005.jpg

02-06-2006 006.jpg
This last one, I actually cropped and had it blown up into a poster. I'll probably frame it and hang it in my office.


Kids, it's official, Adam and I are doing the mature thing and using our tax return to pay off our credit cards, BUT(!!!) we will have enough money left over to get a brand new Nikon D50

(don't worry I didn't know what the hell half those words meant either) but it does take some damn good pictures! I can't even wait.

It's also easier, like socially, to take pictures in public with something other then a point-and-shoot. Especially at concerts or something, this way you kinda look like you know what you are doing, instead of just some crazy fan-whore taking more pictures for your mini-shrine-errr-not that people do that...

Adam and I stopped by Murphey's Camera on Sunday to just check them out and get a little bit more information. The lady there was super helpful, and they have lots and lots of fun toys for it. I was looking at the lens selection they have and was impressed by two things, how many different kinds there are, and how relatively inexpensive!

February 27, 2006


basically, the last 24hrs of my life has been hell. I have been yelled at by too many clients to count, snubbed by a friend, screwed over by another professional contact, felt just about every range of emotion that there is toward my husband, all I want to do is go and destroy my body by lying in the tanning bed with silence for 15.freaking.minutes, but no, no rest for the goddamn weary.

Here's to a better tomorrow and tonight, too. CHEERS


waa-hoo. The Courier-Journal has posted the Derby Calender of Events.

Or check out the official Derby Page

February 24, 2006

someone get me a wire brush and some Ajax

Gawd, I read this two days ago I still feel unclean.
(thanks Hope, I think....)

Thursday Thirteen- a bit late

Thirteen Things about Ceece, things I'd like to change about myself

1. My foul, foul language
2. My weight
3. my inability to wake up in enough time to put on make-up before work
4. Chewing on my nails
5. I shop just a liiiiitle too much
6. my road rage
7. I want to be a better wife and mom
8. Spend more time with my grandparents
9. I talk about people too much
10. I try to save everyone and everything, from stray animals to our city's current state, and when I don't succeed I feel like a total failure.
11. I wish I liked beer
12. Not let my work life affect the rest of my life
13. Be more grateful
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February 22, 2006


August 2004


February 2006

Creative Juices- Negative

So our first anniversary is coming up on Sunday and I have absolutely NO IDEA what to get for Adam. I mean absolutely no clue.

I wanted to go the traditional route, which puts the first anniversary gift as paper. I know there are lots of routes I could go down, but none of them are striking me as something he would like or get a kick out of.

Hell, maybe I'll just give him money...bleah how boring. If only he wore jewelry!

If you have any good ideas, hit me up!

February 21, 2006

So when i got my new laptop at work, i was a dumbass and didn't burn all my itunes songs before the computer got sent off to be emptied. They were on my ipod but, Apple disabled the feature that allows you to download songs from your Ipod.

I did a little searchin' today and found this awesome program. It pulls your songs off the ipod and automatically transfers them to your itunes.

Bitchen' huh?

The wookie who could photoshop

Please, please go here. It's really, really good, and you'll thank me, I swear.

So far my favorite is between the Nick Nolte-esq mug shot and the Dick Cheney fun-time pictures. Be sure to listen to Chewy' song too.

February 18, 2006

More and more prayers

Hello all. So I am here to grovel for more prayers please.

Adam's aunt's kidneys have shut down this past week. She has surgery to put the shunt in, and then she starts dialisys on Tuesday.

My uncle's dad is now in palatative care while his family waits.

Thanks to all.

February 17, 2006

what a small, crazy world

I just read a post on Roger's blog about the death of a local girl.
Come to find out, we knew her too. She worked here for a very short time.

Her name was Sara Zozula, and she was a crazy as her last name and curly hair. She was a little much for my speed but I really liked her. She was nice to everyone and had a great attitude.

Sara, I hope you had a great life, and didn't suffer. My prayers now turn to your family and those that were closer. Please look down on them and deliver peace.

Johari Me!!!!!!

So yeah, I am weak, everyone else is doing it!
If you have never posted here before, now would be an excellent time to let me know you are reading, and if you do post then you better do it!

Nerd Alert

So, do I really even, need to say that I am so excited about this...?

mmmm Hugh Jackman...

Hammer don't hurt 'em

Whew! sorry for the hiatus, but the work thing whis weekend kicked my butt.

I did get to see Moraiba and (surprise!!) Chad (hi guys)! I wasn't expecting to see Chad so that made my visit even more awesome.(seriously!)*

We drank, we froze, we chatted, we couldn't believe how long it had been, we promised it will NOT be another 5 years and I hope we keep that promise.(seriously!)*

thanks you skinny fuckers for making me look HUGE!

You know how you go and time slips by and you don't see someone for a really long time, but when you do again, it's just..right? That's how it was with those two. Sadly, between the drinking and freezing, we didn't get near enough catch up time, but it's all good. I'll be going down again soon, and I made them promise (seriously!*) that they would come up for Derby-MIchael too!

I kicked some major ass at work too. Got some contracts signed, and shook a lot of hands. This year is going to be a big and busy year for me!

I even got to meet "Duby"(booo!) and Hammer(yes as in Hammer don't hurt 'em)(seriously!)*

*inside joke

February 15, 2006

New Server

The move the new server is complete.
Thankfully, it looks like everything is still working!

February 09, 2006

my business,my businasss

I leave tomorrow morning for 5 straight fun-filled days with my co-workers. That's right. It's NADA time again, and this year it's in Orlando, which excites me for a few reasons.
1. WDWCP and Moraiba!
2. Hopefully the party's won't be as crazy as they are in Las Vegas and New Orleans, and I won't get to much grief for pussing out early. (dude to be fair, I have to walk around for 8 hrs/day for three days, covering like a bajillion square feet)

But let's get back to reason number one. When I was a sophmore in college I did an internship at Disney World. This was powerful on so many levels for me. It was the first time I had been away from home for an extended period of time, since I attended IUS, which was like 10 minutes from my house, I obviously didn't "go away" to school.

While I was there, not only did I become good friends with my roomates and surrogeate roommates, but also with the full-time people who worked at Disney.

Moraiba, who was our trainer in a lot of the stores, was probably the most memorable for me for a few reasons. Ha, the first one was because on my first day of actualy work, she spilled hot water on her hand from the coffee machine and the store was in total chaos. The other (not quite so painful) reasons revolved around her being just an awesome person.

She always went out of her way to make you feel welcome, and if there was something you were struggling with then she was there to listen, bitch with you, whatever.

She heard every stupid story about Adam, and was so psyched when he came down to visit. She had a Christmas party at her house, and since we were away from our families, she invited all the cp's* over.

She is pretty good about keeping up via email, and always has something fun to say.

Moraiba, I can't wait to come see you girl!

*college programmers

February 08, 2006

Managers and boss's out there please take note

Nobody likes to be micromanaged. It creates hostility and resentment. ESPECIALLY if one of your employees has been the top sales rep for the last 6 months, yeah, she especially hates it. SO.FUCKING.STOP.

That is all.


The 2nd Annual Myspace Stupid Haircut Awards

'Nuff said.

February 07, 2006

On a lighter* note

I got my hair cut on Saturday. Now I know this may not seem to be a big deal, but oh if you only knew the internal struggles I face everyday because of my hair, and when it is cuttin' time, get out the Pepto!

See the thing is, I feel that all I've really got going for me are a cute kid and nice hair. When your fat, people don't really compliment you on your clothes or tell you you're pretty, the hair is always a safe bet though. I need my hair to look nice and stand-out a bit. I need people to remember me for something other then being Alicia's fat sister, or Conner's mom.

Another problem, Adam likes the long hair. I know he may not believe me, but listen to me honey, I do feel a twinge of guilt every time I get it cut, I swear, but long hair on me, does nothing for the chub.

It's shorter then it was and also has more blonde. I told Marla, my perpetually late but the amazing job she did on my hair for the wedding saved her ass, hairstylest it reminds me of how a "mod Barbie" would look. I'm getting my go-go boots now.

(see I do know how to smile!)
*get it blonde=lighter heh hee heh.

National Annoyance Day

Did someone send out a memo and I missed it? Or perhaps wasn't included on purpose. I swear to everything that is holy, yesterday was my own personal National Annoyance Day. I mean this shit just came in waves!

Where to start,oh how about work. No real change, still micromanaging every second and every step of my day. You would think, that being the number one sales rep for the last 6 months would earn me some kind of peace, or make them step back and say, "oh, hey she seems to know her shit, let's leave her alone and let her do her thing." Yeah, not so much.

Then I made the mistake of picking up a Velocity and reading the cover article on Scott Ritcher. WHAT.A.CREEP. This guy takes pride in stealing the "Support our Troops" magnets off of cars, because it is "a tiny victory in his guerrilla attempt" to curb super-patriotism. Ummm...what? Needless to say I am super, super SUPER PISSED. I wrote a letter to the editor as well as a phone-call.

Then there was a city council meeting. Good lord. I can't count how many times I was sitting there when I realized that my jaw was hanging open from disbelief. I can't quite understand if people want the city to grow but are afraid to spend money (and if I hear about grandma's freaking cigar box ONE MORE TIME...) or they want the city to stay how it is, or maybe they have no real opinion but just like to hear themselves talk. One council man talked for a good 10 minutes about how and why he voted like he did, and if we just were a little more like him, what a better place the city would become.

Ahh politics, how I love thee.

My mom said that she see's this being my kind of thing because I am so social, but it's not really that, I don't think. Nope. I am just nosey.

February 05, 2006

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Adam! Hard to believe you are 25 (that means I will be soon).

Hope you had a great day, and I am excited to be around for your next 25.

Love you.

February 03, 2006

Thursday Thirteen- Things I am excited about in 2006

Thirteen Things about Ceece
(yeah I know I am late with this)
1. Our first anniversary
2. Selling the house on French Creek Road
3. Getting our Nikon D50
4. Convincing Adam to at least condsider, maybe, that a sibling for Conner would be nice sometime in the next decade
5. Wow Adam and I will turn 25
6. Getting bikes so we can get some exercise(well mostly me, he get's enough at military)
7. Conner will be 2!
8. Watching Historic New Albany grow and be successful
9. Actually watching all of New Albany grow for the better and become the kick-ass city it could and will be.
10. The Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference in April
11. Maybe getting one of these?
12. Going to Lake Cumberland for vacation in June
13. Start renovations on the house!

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February 01, 2006

I'm a Frickin' Mommyblogger

My newest purchase, designed by the lovely Sweetney.

There is also a R-rated version, but hey, I had to think of the kids.

Anyway, you should check out Sweetney's blog, she has a lot of cool stuff to say, and some nice taste in music. (plus her kid is cute and her hubby is hot!)

As the whole world responds with,"Duh!"

Was anyone else just too afraid they would projectile vomit if they watched the president stutter one more time?
*Raising and waving hand* Oh me, me, I was!

I opted out of watching the prez lie a little bit more, and instead watched a rerun of Project Runway, because, let’s face it, Michael Kors ain't afraid to tell the truth!

Anyway, back to the important stuff. I found some reviews and transcripts of the speech last night, and was so grateful I didn't watch.

Let's explore...

Bush:” America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world, the best way to break this addiction is through technology."
Me: umm duh, and isn't this like, a little late? I mean the Green Party has been toting this line for years (as has anyone one else with half-a-brain, and no stock in Halliburton or any of the Bush oil co's)

Bush: "second-guessing is not a strategy" (when referring to the war in Iraq)
Me: OMFG. I thought only God was infallible-oh wait, never mind.

I think that Nevada's Democrat and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, put it best, saying it was not credible to hear Bush talk about "making America more secure and honoring our troops or making America energy independent or making health care more affordable without hearing him explain why he's done just the opposite for the last five years."

He went on some more about how the war was the best thing for us, and to leave now would mean abandoning our allies blah blah blah, it's the right choice we have to keep our word, blah blah.

Yeah, how about helping all those soldiers keep their word to their families, that they would be coming home safe.
AARRGGHHH- don't even get me started.

Have a nice Wednesday, and I would like to hear your take on the President's speech.