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January 31, 2006

Good times at my expense

I was up at my grandma's house on Sunday with my parents, to help her sort clothes etc. I was sitting Indian-style* out on her couch playing with one of those sand-filled stress balls, when the the thing bursts open and sand goes everywhere.

My mom and dad and family friend immediatly started lauging and I had to gently remind them that I was stuck here until someone went and got a vacuum. Well who knew "I am stuck here until one of you gets a VACUUM!" was the funniest phrase in the English language, they all laughed harder. My dad goes and gets one of these little hand-held ORECK vacuums with the attachments, comes over and is gingerly poking at me with the stupid wand.

All of the sudden he throws down the vacuum, his face red, looks at my mom and says, "Come vacuum your daughter". Needless to say, everyone lost it again.

Good times indeed.

*Not intended slanderous in anyway to our Native American readers
**Update**Ok I'm not sure if I was drunk or what when I wrote that , but thanks so much to Brit for pointing out my faults :-)

January 30, 2006

Anyone Else Going?

It's going to be April 5-8 in Chicago. I am very excited, and hopefully Adam won't have military that weekend either.

I am hoping to get a lot of info out of it, not only for our house and the renovations we plan on doing, but also to bring home lots of information for the community.

There are some big things getting ready to happen in New Albany, big positive things. Stuff that will build neighborhoods, raise awareness, increase single-family homes, and most of all pride back to the people in New Albany.

I have some shirts in my car, that were my grandpa's, to give to someone. I was driving home yesterday and put my hand on one as it was draped across the front seat. I, of course, lost it immediately. My grandpa was a very broad, solid man. He was the kind of person you could hug and would immediately feel safe and secure. I realized how many times I had probably hugged him while he was weariing these shirts, then I thought about my grandma. I think she has been sleeping on the couch, not ready to go back to the bed they shared for 54 years. They had completely opposite schedules. She stayed up late working on crosswords or geneology and he went to bed and got up so early. Maybe that will be her finality setting in, slipping into the empty bed.

I wish she would slow down. My biggest fear is that she will get rid of all of his clothes now, and regret it a little later. I guess I just dont want her to hurt anymore.

I also took one of his ties that I always remember him wearing, just to have it.

It's been just over 2 weeks, so I know I should be getting over this, but I guess it's hitting me that I didn't realize how big a part he played in my life, all of our lives actually.

It also makes your own morality set in too, which is always good times. meh.

January 27, 2006



I am so, so, so sick of reading religion-rant posts. I don't know if it has something to do with the time of year or what, but STOP IT ALREADY. I

You don't believe in what I believe, OK, but stop making it seem like if you believe in God and consider yourself a Christian that you are an uneducated, sheep. It's insulting and frustrating.


Hot Dog Cookout!

Wednesday I had a meeting in Cinci for work. I had been dreading this meeting and got home a little late. Adam decided he was going to be awesome and start a fire in our outdoor fireplace and cook me some hot dogs! (i know i know it's sick but I love me some hot dogs).

It was a pretty funny scene when i arrived home. Conner had 2 paris of pants on, overalls and a hooded zip up jacket, he was running around the backyard(have I mentioned this kid LOVES to be outside) just tryinig to keep his balance.

Adam had the hotdogs on a stick and was holding them over the little fire pit. It was so funny.

This is the kind of stuff though, that I hope everyone get's to experience. It made me realize how lucky I am. It was freezing outside, and Adam HATES hot dogs, but he does it anyway. and Conner, well he's just pretty much awesome.
Here are some pictures for your Friday enjoyment...
101_0120 (Small).JPG

101_0121 (Small).JPG

101_0122 (Small).JPG

January 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen-My Top E-Commerce Sights

Thirteen Things about Ceece

1. www.ebay.com
2. www.gap.com
3. www.zappos.com
4. www.baumhaus.de
5. www.cafepress.com
6. www.itunes.com
7. www.victoriassecret.com
8. www.overstock.com
9. www.llbean.com
10. www.target.com
11. www.uncommongoods.com
12. www.ceece.net/cards (shameless plug!)
13. www.crybabyranch.com
14. BONUS www.annetaintor.com
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Public Service Announcement

I have decided that the public is again due for another one of my PSA's regarding driving. The one I wrote regarding yielding (motherf-er!) went over well, and I thought I would inflect my knowledge again.

1. Pedestrians Have The Right of Way. Yes they do, but, that may give said dumbass the right to stop while crossing the street/parking lot, but generally-not a good idea. This includes but is not limited to STOPPING TO TIE YOUR DAMN SHOE, stop-once you are already out in the middle of the damn lanes- and check for traffic, or slow down their gate enough to appear like they are walking backwards.
When you are crossing the street and a car is coming your direction MOVE OUT OF THE WAY ASSHAT!


2. DON'T PARK IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE!!!!(public parking psshhh-sshhawww)

That is all thank-you.

January 24, 2006


I admit it, I do NOT get what the attraction is to American Idol. It's boring, cruel and so over. Did I mention it was cruel? Yeah I know, I know, the people put themselves out there, but they are asking for a critic of their voice, not their height, weight, sexual preference, occasionally he will tell someone they can't sing.

I know that most of the time honostly is the best policy and all that crap, but really, let's be honost. Simon is the biggest jerk, I have ever seen. He is unusually and unnec. cruel.

I think the public is finally starting to notice.

Karma baby.


January 23, 2006

Sometimes Corn Needs to be Told When to Lay the F Down

Many of you may only know Chuck Norris as the man who plays "Walker, Texas Ranger", others may have gotten the opportunity to learn about what makes Chuck Norris, one bad mo-fo.

These "others" have taken it upon themselves to educate others about the Great Chuck Norris, and it is so worth the read. Go here. (and tell your friends)

January 20, 2006

Wanna Laugh??

So, I may have been born a blonde, but for the most part the characterisitcs don't come out in me too often.

Maybe that is why I had to laugh at this joke so much.

Finally, he gets it...

I just got this email from Adam. It's what I have been saying all along...

From: P****, Adam
To: P****, Courtney
Subject: re: Flight School

How many tiles would you have to sell to make $____ next year? You better get to work. It is going to be 20 hrs a day of making tiles, babies, and saving the world (you may as well just run the world).

Did you catch that last line?(I italicized and bold-ed(?) it for you in case you missed it)
You damn right...

January 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen-Thursday Already!?

Thirteen Things about Ceece

1. Still sad from losing my grandpa.
2. I have some great friends and family
3. I lost 1.6 lbs at WW today!
4. I really like my new sunglasses
5. City council meeting tonight!
6. Conner rules.
7. This is going to be pretty lame, because I don't really feel like thinking about much
8. I can NOT wait to get my tax return back, we will be able to use it to finish and sell the house on French Creek Road, and maybe buy a new camera!
9. Saturday we get to to go the Cheesecake Factory for Raechel and Tim's birthday
10. Adam may get us bikes when it warms up, and we are going to take the dogs's and Conner and ride along the river!
11. That tomorrow is Friday!
12. My grandma kept telling me that my grandpa was so proud of me with my job and Conner, I only wish I had heard it from him, and visited him more often.
13. I really want to scrapbook.
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I'm Ba-ack!

First off, a big thanks to everyone who helped me and mine out in some way over, not only the last few days, but ever since my grandpa got sick.

The service was nice and had a lot of meaningful parts in it, some of his favorite hyms, some bible verses read by a close pastor friend of his, and I read my list. It was nice while I was reading it to hear some people chuckle at a few of the things and respond in a knowing manner. I felt I did a good job representing and summing up parts of him that made him, him!

It has been your prayers, thoughts, messages and visits that have made this bearable. Those that made the trip to come to the funeral home on Tuesday, just wow, you guys are awesome.

(does this feel like it's turning into an Emmy speech to anyone else...)

But seriously, it has been rough and still is, but you guys really have helped!

I have some pictures to post from Conner's dedication, and a few other cute ones so click below to see 'em

*the shoes that he is wearing, were mine and Alicia's when we were little. My dad painted and polished them back into awesome shape!*

*Conner and Oliver, doesn't Conner have kind of a Tom Cruise thing going on here?*

January 16, 2006

Sinking in

It's weird to see it in print. It's still not really sunk-in though. Perhaps because he looked so differant lying there in the hospital room, perhaps because of denial? I'm not sure.

This is the obit from The Tribune. The night that I found out from my mom and dad that he was diagnosed with the cancer, I went home and wrote a list of things I would always remember about my Grandpa, my grandma asked me to read it at the funeral. I have a feeling, Adam will be reading it while I stand up there and cry.

I will try to post it later.


Fredrick S. Hill

76; Shriner

Funeral services for Fredrick S. Hill, 76, of Floyds Knobs, will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 18, at Floyds Knobs Christian Church. He died Sunday, Jan. 15, 2006, at Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Service in New Albany.

Visitation at the Market Street Chapel of Seabrook Dieckmann and Naville Funeral Homes will be from noon to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 17, and after 10 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 18, at the church.

The obit seems so short and weak. Nothing like my grandpa.

I will miss him and it saddens me to know that Conner won't get to know him. I feel the worst for my grandmother, what does she do now? There are so many things that needs to be taken care of but where do you start? They were married for 54 years and now she is alone. She has us, and luckily we all live so close, and we will be with her, but what about at night? You can't share a bed with someone for 54 years and wake up to them not being there, eat breakfast and go to church, and watch golf with?

I don't know I just want to make sense of this for her...

January 15, 2006

Good bye

My grandpa passed away this afternoon at 1:45 pm. He went peacefully and we were all there oddly enough.

It was sudden and unexpected this early on, but we know he is at peace and finally at home. I spent all day with my grandma and family and we got out pictures for the slideshow and were able to laugh some, which felt nice.

Thanks to all who have prayed, sent positive vibes and everything else.

The visitation is on Tuesday and his funeral is on Wednesday. So if you notice an absense, pretty good bet that's where I'll be.

January 13, 2006

Grandpa Update

Last night I went to see Grandpa and Grandma at the hospital. Whew he looks bad...More hair is gone, and he doesn't wear his dentures. It's awful to see someone just deteriorate before your eyes.

But oh my gosh the people that have come to visit him. Yesterday when I went, a guy that he did business with in Evensville had driven up. This is someone that he knew only through work, but he made that strong of an impression on him. It really is a great testement to the type of man my grandpa was/is/and will be again.

I think he has started to decide he doesn't want to continue, when he is coherent enough to form clear thoughts, he starts to tell us the pictures he wants at his funeral and in lieu of flowers donate money to his church.

I don't want him to hurt anymore but I don't want him to give up either.

The other day I made a list of things I will always remember about my grandpa, it was sad and fun at the same time.

The drs hve pretty much told us that for right now it appears as though we are prolonging the inevitable and he is to compromised to do any more chemo, so for now, we just wait..wait and pray

Also, to all of those who have emailed, called or told me in person that you are praying, chantiing sending out vibes for him and my family-thanks. It has meant more then you know.

January 12, 2006

Thursday Thirteen- Things on My Mind

Thirteen Things about Ceece

1. Getting Conner out of the day-care even though he is only going once a week.
2. Making sure I write down everything I eat so I can get back on track for WW
3. A post that I have been following regardng religion, and how it doesn't matter if what you believe isn't bother anyone else, they will still pick an arguement just so they can be right
4. Conner's dedication on Sunday
5. Going to visit my grandpa after work
6. How this experience with him at the hospital is just another example of the sh*tty way our healthcare system runs.
7. How gorgeous the weather is outside
8. Is that a sinus head-ache?
9. How much butt I kicked this month at work
10. My next tattoo
11. That tomorrow is Friday!
12. I need to return something to Steinmart, but when will I have the time.
13. How happy I am Adam will be home this weekend.
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National De-Lurking Week

Alrighty, if you read please post. Just drop me a line to know the traffic is not all spambots!


Image a la Sweetney and Papernapkin

Snakes On A Plane!

I at first thought this was a joke, but no, it is real, and Samuel L Jackson is really in it, and is one of the main reasons they won't change the name of the film to Pacific Air Flight 12 from (are you sure you are ready for this..?) Snakes On A Plane.

The lovely Sweetney brought my attention to it, and for that i am forever grateful.

January 11, 2006

Ipod my baby!

Conner is so getting one of these!

They should make one for adults too!

Like Jonah in the Whale

Sometimes when I am shopping and I see a shirt that I really like but they don't have it in my size, I will get the next size up. I usually think to myself that it will make me feel and appear smaller, but it never does. I hate the way I look in the shirt I am wearing today. It makes me look wide and shapeless.

Perhaps the fact that I gained a bit at WW has something to do with it too. damn shame too, this is a cute shirt.

Lesson: Always buy your clothes to fit right!

It's a good thing their rights were protected

This article makes me want to vomit.

If you have talked to me at all about this, you know my mixed feelings. Where does the right of the child come into play?

It's kind of the same arguement I have with second hand smoke. Yeah it is the smokers right to smoke and if they choose to do that then great for them, but when does my right to be able to choose where I want to go in public, get more important then a smokers right to choose where they want to go in public?

Obviously, there is no right answer here (for everyone at least), but maybe someday people's eyes will open and these types of challenges can be solved justly.

January 10, 2006

Council Meeting

I attended my first council meeting on Monday night. It was...interesting. I had heard several different ways of how past meetings have gon, so I didn't really know what to expect.

There were some outbursts during the public speaking forum, and a little confusion during the time in between the public and official speaking time, and the guy from the Humane Society JUST WOULDN"T SHUT UP!

A few of the things I noticed (and maybe this is how things work or are supposed to) was a lot of the council members didn't really have all the information on the subjects being discussed so while lots of questions (a few good) were being asked, it seemed as though maybe some of this stuff should have been discussed or figured out before the meeting.

It was really just a nice time to sit back and absorb.

Despite what, I am sure, several people think, I did go into the meeting with an open-mind and tried my best to not come with any preconcieved notions about how people were supposed to act.

With few comments from the peanut gallery, and the section I was sitting in, didn't get any debris thrown our way, the meeting was educational and I look forward to attending for the rest of the year.

Little Boy Mute

Conner had his 18 month check-up today. Adam took him, so I am sure I only got a sampling of dr-y words from the dr. Not really the best day considering this was also his day of the week at the shit-hole baby prison daycare.

He not only had to get some shots, but we need to stop giving him a bottle at night, give him whole milk-not 2%, he only gets 4-6 oz of juice a day-not the gallon he usually drinks, and the biggie, she is concerned about his speech.

Conner can sign plenty of words, but the boy refuses to speak English, unless he is yelling for me, Adam or Pap. He babbles all the time, but no words. He understands things that we tell him, 2-3 step commands even, but the boy WON'T TALK. So we have to make an appt with Kids Steps, a government organization that works with differant types of therepy for kids birth to three years old.

Given the fact that the kid is not only amazingly cute, but he is so damn smart, we are really perplexed (but not to worried) about what this could be about.

I have an appt to call the dr tomorrow morning and find out where we go from here. Bleah.

Protesting at Soldiers Funeral

Protesters are planning on gathering at a slain soldiers funeral in Evansville. The protestors are from a church in Kansas and are actually protesting anti-gays, and say that our soldiers are being killed because the United States harbours gays.

How disgusting, to use this time and this families pain to make your (ridiculous and hateful) point.

Here is the whole story

January 09, 2006

Get my Picture Took

Sunday, Conner and I ventured the way of the professional photographer, not neccesarily because we need more pictures of the boy, but because I want a decent picture of Conner and I.

I think they turned out really really well, even though I didn't get a proof of the best one :-(

My only real complaint was that for some reason, his eyes look very dark instead of their normal bright blue.
oh and all these pictures are protected by copyright. there I said it, can't stop you beyond that (wink,wink)

January 07, 2006

Boring Saturday Update

I just got back from a brief but eye-opening shopping trip to Stein-Mart. Ever been there? You should definately go if there is one near you. I had never been, but received a gift-certificate for Christmas. So with Adam at military and no other plans what do you expect me to do? SHOP of course. Except the darn budget got in the way. Alas-I have my gift certificate. So the boy and I loaded up and met Adam's mom, and off to shp we went.

Stein-Mart is apparently like a higher scale Fashion Shop, and oh-the shoes. Lord have mercy the shoes! I showed restain though. I only came away $20 over my gift card and sadly with no shoes.

They had such a wonderful selection of clothes for Conner too! I will have to take Adam back and get some clothes for the boy, because when he sees cute clothes for the boy, the budget goes out the window.

I got my first piece of cashmere there. I'm excited to wear it. Hopefully it fits nice and lives up to the cashmere reputation.

I can't wait to go back... BUDGET BE DAMNED!

Went to see Grandpa last night. He keeps trying to get out of bed to leave. He keeps saying OK let's go, Im ready, where's the car? His oxygen dropped down to 62% so now he has an optimzer hooked up to his regular oxygen.

He was pretty alert though and was very happy to see Conner. We only stayed for a bit, but I think that seeing the boy really helps out Grandpa and grandma. His hair has started to fall out too. So sad. When do you decide if the remedy is worse then the cure! Thanks for all the notes of comfort that have been sent our way it does help and mean a lot.

In New Albany news, a bunch of dumbass vandals have been screwing up the riverfront property with spraypaint and with cars.

It says that the police are busy patrolling neighborhoods and can't be down at the waterfront. Umm yeah, I don't see them in my neighborhood at night when creeps are using the street in front of my house as a damn drag strip. Also why not put in surveillance equipment, like a camera. If nothing else hopefully it will be used as a deterrant.

That's all I got, have a great Saturday!

January 06, 2006

Tragedy in West Virginia

It's a bit delayed but to all who lost someone in the mining accident, my prayers are with you. I pray your family members did not suffer, and God took them gently.

I can't imagine the loss, or find a way to express my sadness for you.

January 05, 2006

Enough with the celebrity romance dreams!

So I told you guys the embarassing John Mellencamp dream story, and sure enough, I had another dream. This time about House.

The story line of this dream is even weirder. 'kay..ready?

I was at the Kroger salad bar, when this guy (house) started chatting it up. We made small talk and as I was leaving said sorry, i would have laughed a little more at your jokes if I wasn't married.

We leave for the parking lot at the same time, and as he is driving away he crashes into a telephone pole.

A few days later he shows up at our house with a contract saying that he will sue me for causing the wreck because he just couldn't get me off his mind (puh-lease I get that line everyday!) the contract also says he will pay Adam $7,000.00/month for alimony. I am like duh take it!

So the rest of the dream goes on and on about how I end up falling for him, and my inner turmoil. Pretty damn weird huh? yeah I thought so too. Although House is pretty hot in that angry, jaded addict, who hasn't shaved in a few weeks, and is killer in the sack sort of way. Yum...

Thursday Thirteen- Things That Gross Me Out

Thirteen Things about Ceece

1. Hair in the shower drain, or on a pool deck
2. The smell of vomit
3. Roadkill
4. Touching the shower curtain or sides of the shower while taking a shower...bleeah
5. Anything having to do with ripped off or torn finger/toe nails
6. Adam's stray kleenex's around the house
7. Conner's snot trails left on the furniture or my clothing
8. The way a vet's office smells
9. Nails on a chalkboard
10. A fork or knife scraping a plate
11. Pee on the toilet seat
12. When some one "hawks up a loogie" and then spits it out or even worse...plays with it in their mouth
13. Walking barefoot in a shower room or pool area

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January 04, 2006

Grandpa update

Just talked with my mom, and she said they are going to put a feeding tube in through his stomach, because his throat and stomach are so freaking painful. The drs have said that the chemo shouldn't have affected him so strongly, and there may be something else wrong.

This isn't looking good kids, not good at all. Keep the prayers'a comin, please...

It sucks.

Blue! You're my boy...*tear*

Last Wednesday, we lost Blue.

He died of natural causes in his home in Texas. What a sad sad day.

We loved you blue!

January 03, 2006

New Year's Pics

It was a little weird with Aaron not being there :-( but people got drunk and stupid enough to take his place. Raech and I hardly had anything, Save a beer during catchphrase and the champagne toast. At any rate here are some pics from Tim's and then some from the family gathering.

*Daniel and I both spouse-less, Robin was at work and Adam in Virginia*

*Jess giving an excellent clue in a rousing game of Catchphrase*

*A really, really great picture of Raechel">

*We played girls against guys, but the guys had a few to many so Sean swtitched over to the dominating girls team, we ruled*

*The girls winning-AGAIN*

*Yeah. not real sure what Sean is doing here*

*Tim, Raech and some guy I don't know*

*Tim's brother giving, what I am sure was, a crappy clue*

*The New Year in Time's Square*

* Raechel ringing in the New Year*


*Oliver and Alex*

*Conner and Oliver*

If you want to see more pictures click here

New Years Bonus

Seriously. how great is that? I also got a Christmas bonus.

So far 2006 is shaping up to be a successful year at work, with the biggest show of the year in February, it's a great time to make contacts and build rapport.


Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's Eve and Day. Adam helped Aaron move to Virginia Beach this weekend and got back on Sunday afternoon, when we went to the Hollins family Christmas get together. Since everyone has so much going on the days around Christmas they just moved it to New Year' day.

On New Year's Eve, Adam's mom watched Conner (my mom and dad spent the night at Floyd Memorial with Grandpa) and I stopped by the Embry's and then to Tim and Jess's new digs.

Pictures will be posted later.

Grandpa is doing much better, his white cell count is finally back up, and they have given him medicine to sleep, so he is not in so much pain. His throat still hurts terribly because of the chemo, but the specialist says it will get better.

Since he is no longer in isolation, I am going to take Conner up for a quick visit this evening. I hear he has been talking about him quite a bit.

and now the resolution bit. Mine are posted below, share yours if you wish!

1. Stick with WW
2. watch the language
3. Increase my income by 150%
4. Sell the house on French Creek Road
5. Get lots of work done on the new house
6. start saving for Italy


Well, it seems I will be having some new readers for a bit. Some of the fellow posters on the New ALbany political blogs have discovered my site and decide to check it out, for better or worse.

So yes, you will find cussing, and pictures of my family, and semi-regular updates of what's going on in my life, but hopefully you will also find that I am not a mean or cruel natured person.

Some content has been password protected as there have been some idle threats of using it to do me harm.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or comment.