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November 30, 2005

Encompassing the Christmas Spirit

All that I can think about today is getting to a store and buying some more Christmas decorations, and dominating the neigborhood when it comes to being the master decorator for this time of year, oh yes CHARLIE* IS GOING DOWN!

See, the ESNA hosts a Best Decorated House contest, and the winner gets $100 from the NAB, but most importantly, they get the bragging rights of having the house that sums up Christmas, that gives you that warm feeling inside when you see it, the house that kicks ass and takes names-er I mean, the house that reminds you what Christmas is about...

Let me clue you in on where some crucial mistakes have been made in this decorating game so far. See we were premautre decorators. The contest is tomorrow night, and we started putting stuff up on Saturday. Well this gave ole Charlie* across the street time to see what we were doing and he put up his decorations, when we pushed it a little more and added more lites, he pushed back and added lites. The neighborhood foolishly thinks we are done-but wait! Oh no, it was all a trick my friends! We just wanted to make the neighborhood think that we were done, when in reality-haha this is where it gets good- we are just waiting in the sidelines to pounce. POUNCE I tell you. It will look like a freaking nuclear reactor is going off at our house, think National Lampoon's Christmas but with class, style, pizazz even!!!!


*Charlie knows this is all in good fun, his house always looks great and I am only slightly jealous of his awesome decor!

November 29, 2005

churchin' it, churchin' it

Last Sunday was the Hanging of the Greens service at church. It was probably my favorite Sunday there since I have been back.

First off, it was so crowded, they combined the two services into one at 10, so it felt full and everyone was sitting close. You got a real sense of fellowship. There was also the fact that a lot of people were home for Thanksgiving, so I got to see a lot of the kids who went off away to school. The church was even brave enough to give several of us in the congregation the opportunity to recite prayers, a bible verse here and there and even some meditations.

Since going to Central, I have had the opportunity to begin to reconnect with my God, as well as with people who can help me do that.

My only regret was that Adam refused to come.

November 28, 2005

Rob Thomas

Last night, Adam and I saw Rob Thomas at the Louisville Palace. one word...FABULOUS!

Anna Nalick opened, and mooned the crowd, and then Rob Thomas came out and rocked the freaking house! One of the morning shows said that he is an example of a true rockstar. They are so right.

He was so interactive with the audience, told stories about the songs, for the encore he took requests, he had great interaction with his band, he even took some of the cameras that people had in the front row and took pictures with them.

He played some Matchbox 20 songs, but only about 4. He did Smoothe and of course his solo hits, Lonely No More and This is How a Heart Breaks.

I don't have any pictures :-( because our camera is broken. (conner pulled it off the counter) but it was just a great time.

If you haven't given much thought to Rob Thomas or Matchbox 20 in the past, you should reconsider. He is a great songwriter, singer and looks really, really , really good.

November 24, 2005

Come and buy my shit

Come on over this way, I am making stationary and you should all buy some!


I guess we all knew it had to happen sometime, but why did they have to come and ruin my Thanksgiving with their heartbreaking announcement?

Yes, that's right Nick and Jessica are spliting up...FOR REAL!

*wipes away a tear* What a shame...I think it was because she was getting so famous and he was...well fffffthhhhh.

November 21, 2005



November 18, 2005

Open Letter to the whiney bitch in Q-Doba

Dear Whiney Bitch,

I am so sorry that we have been waiting in line for so long, but I am sure that all the sighing, and hemming and hawing you have done, have at least made the experience more enjoyable for those of us standing around you, if not sped up the wait!

Secondly, just because the guy behind the counter works in a Mexican fast-food restaurant does not mean he is Mexican and cannot understand you, one request of shredded beef tacos at the TOP OF YOUR LUNGS should be quite sufficiant, but no, just to be careful, you then used your "codescending voice" and again requested that he make sure it was SHREDDED BEEF!

What's that? oh please for the love of God worker behind the counter, shake out this womans poor black beans!! Lady look, we heard you the first 3 times when you said that you don't like your nachos to be "squishy icky and mooshey", but I think the guy is doing all he can to dry out your freaking beans, short of bringing out a centrifuge.

Oh, you want the salsa verde, but you want it to be drained? look you are confusing that poor kid behind the counter because, well, salsa verde is pretty much liquid. Yup that's right, no real solid mass in it!

What-what's that? Yeah we know, no squishy icky and mooshy tacos.

Thank goodness time to pay and get the hell out of here. Oh no, you mean we all went through that delightful trip through the food line, and got to hear your commentary on EVERYTHING, and here you forgot your Q-CARD? Damn, it really must not be your day.




PS Quit talking through your nose!

Great American SMOKEOUT!!!!

Yesterday was the Great American Smokeout!
I applaud all who participated and if you did not, and still smoke, encourage you to learn on differatn ways to quit, to not only better the lives around you, but your own!

Raising a kid is so ha-aard!

So good ole Dr. Ferber, the mastermind behind letting your child cry it out (all the while, simaltaniously ripping your heart out) is modifying his statements.

The main problem that I had with Dr. Ferbers method was that he advocated it for up to 45 minutes. OK there are a lot of things that could go wrong in those 45 minutes. They child could be hurt, or hungry or have a dirty diaper.

We chose the method that involves checking in on the baby every 10-15 minutes, until they fall asleep. The first night we did this with Conner it lasted about 40 minutes, we checked on him 2 or 3 times to make sure he wasn't hurt or anything and he finally fell asleep out of pure exhaustian. It was HEART-WRENCHING. The next nite it was about 25 minutes the next nite he wimpered for a few minutes and now he usually goes down without a fight.

I know that this isn't typical behavior, but neither is leaving your screaming 10 month old to their own devices for hours just to fall asleep.

Suck it FERBER!

November 17, 2005

Mamma, I'm coming hoooome

Ever been to Craftster.org?

If not, you are so missing out. It's an awesome site that is devoted to crafts. Not tea coozy crafts either, but bitchen stuff made out of old jeans, vintage embroidery patterns crafts!

They have weekly contests over on the blog part. Now I have a place to go and let my inner DIY geek out.

Bwaah look at this one project a craftster sent in! She knitted little Yoda ears!

November 16, 2005


My mom's dad just moved out here from California.
He was having his new house built so he was staying with my mom and dad for a while, he just moved in this past weekend. Pretty good timing, I think the family bonding was about at it's peak.

We thought it was great though because he got to spend quite a lot of time with Conner.
So anyway, having everyone together was a great time for me to get some update pictures of everyone.

*Alicia don't be mad, I dropped the camera before I got a chance to take yours and moms picture with the boy*

Here they are:

My dad's parents with Conner

My mom's dad, me and Conner and my mom, this is a good one but I really like the one below, it seems more...real ie Conner not cooperating, my trying my damndest for something to turn out good, my mom TALKING DURING THE FREAKING PICTURE, my granddad just haning out.

The two grandpas, I guess great-grandpas now. They go to breakfast in the morning to hang out with the other old guys in the neighborhood, it's cute.

My mom and dad with Conner

I like this one too. What the hell is my granddad always looking at off to the side?

Adam clearly likes having his picture taken.( just smile normal-ass!)

Conner and Uncle Jimi checking out the squirrels in the backyard.

Conner with Adam's mom and dad.

Conner and my dad

God Warrior

I found this link to an ebay auction featuring the God-warrior herself Margaret Perrin on Brit's website. It made my day!

Typically Adam and I don't do the reality TV thing, but we were fortunate enough to stumble across this gem that is Trading Spouses.

It was so juicy that they had to make it two weeks!
In the last episode she jut flips out-on her own family. and on the crew!

November 14, 2005

A Very Merry Christmas

I think that I am going to talk with Adam about doing this for Christmas.

You "adopt" a soldier and fill up a box with some of the items listed on the website, and send it to the soldier over seas.

I'll hang it up right next to my x-ray

This is the neatest thing!

You send your spit to this company, and they get your DNA results and turn it into artwork! I want one, seriously. I want one for all three of us. Seriously.

November 12, 2005

Once the dogs kick it....

We are sooo getting fainting goats.

If you have never seen one, or a video of one, please allow me to describe these awesome awesome creatures, how they will, someday, provide hours and hours of entertainment and fun for my whole family.

The goats, are regular looking enoughm, but what set's them apart is a genetic trait called myotonia congenita

Apparently, when the goats get startled, the body releases a chemical which causes the muscles in the body to stiffen or lock. They then pass out. It only lasts a few moments, and seconds later they are up moving around as if nothing happened.

My mom was the first person to tell me about this demented source of entertainment, and we have been fascinated with them ever since. My mom and dad actually have a big enough yard to keep one or two more then comfortably. So everyone should email me and say that my mom should get a fainting goat, I will then send them her way.

Heh, heh, heh

November 11, 2005

Open Letter to Adam's Nose

I did this a while back, the open letter idea I mean. Forgot about it for a while, and saw the same kind of idea somewhere else and got re-inspired. So here is my kick off open letter, to dear Adam's nose.

Dear Adam's nose,

Is it really neccessary for you to be stuffy and plugged up all the time? I mean come on give the guy a break. He hasn't been able to smell or breathe properly since-er...EVER!!

It also makes it a little hard to sleep when you start to drain in the middle of the night, thereby causing Adam to do this really loud, really annoying throat clearing thing, sounds kind of like, oh I dunno, HE'S GARGALING GLASS??

Also when you sneeze, could you not do it loud enough to wake the dead (or even baby!)

I'm really not asking much, and thanks in advance for your cooperation.



November 10, 2005

Gonads and Strife

It's just to funny. Ah Back in the day eh Brit, Tiff and Ryan?
You have to have speakers and hear it for the full effect.

If you don't laugh out loud then you have no soul...
Gonads and Strife

November 09, 2005

Grandma will be so proud

For a long time, I have been pretty happy with my relationship with my God. I knew that I needed to find a "spiritual home", I also knew that I wanted to get Conner into a place where he could feel like he was comfortable learning, growing in and questioning his faith. Just like my Grandma's church was for my sister and I as we were growing up.

I had gone to Central Christian for a while about 3 years ago, but you know schedules and the baby and all that good stuff got in the way.
When we moved to the new house, I was so happy that Central is only about 4 blocks away.

I started going at the end of September and last Sunday, came before the pastors and church to request a transfer of my membership. It felt great. Of course when I was saying my pledge of faith, I got a little choked up and almost cried in front of the whole congregation but-eh, what are you going to do.

Central Christian is a Disciple of Christ church, and that "branch" of CHristianity is known to be more open minded and liberal (if you can even be that when it comes to church) then most religions. While it is certainly not the most free-spirited, it seems to fit perfectly with my beliefs.

The pastors are great, and that is important for me. They are both young(er) and have a way of talking to you during the sermon instead of at you.

I know for a lot of you, this isn't your thing, but for those of you who kinda feel the same. Keep us in your prayers that we continue to grow spiritually, that Conner gets a great support system there, and that, eventually, I can get Adam to come with me.

(Can you believe he hasn't come once?-ass)

November 08, 2005


He is just such an idiot.
The thought of him makes my skin crawl.


Pirates attack cruise ship.
I bet none of them were as cute as Cpt Jack Sparrow

November 02, 2005


Conner was a chicken for Halloween. Not because he particularly likes them, or we have any special bond, but because he looked so damn cute!

Halloween started Sunday night at Gramerly and Pap's for a bonfire and lots of marshmAllows!

more marshmallows


Gwen, my sister-in-law, and I are sort of in this ride together. We both came into the Paris family from completely differant backgrounds, so when things get crazy, we will ride it out together. She, Raech and I "work: on the Sunday crossword together...haven't finished one yet

OK so maybe we had some more marshmallows...

BWAAHHH! He's just so cute!

Halloween night. The trick-or-treaters were out when I rolled in from work at 5:30! I tell you it was like something out of a movie! Kids were everywhere, it was so fun!

Views from the porch

Conner and Dad

Conner and our "nanny", Adam's unclie Jimi. He has been so fabulous. He adores Conner and Conner loves him! They go for 2-3 hour walks around the neighborhood everyday. It's great!

Conner found the jackpot! Everytime a kid would come up for candy, and we would give him some, Conner would just get this very disturbed look on his face, like WHY ARE YOU GIVING MY CANDY AWAY!

"But mooom, I wanna take it off!"

Good stuff

I swear to God, if there is an unflattering camera angle, Adam will find it

2 more whee

Hooray two more pounds gone!

All by myself, part deux

it seems that noone had a solution to why i have become such an outcast bitch, but several of you did say that you had tended to feel the same way.

none of you had the balls to post it though, just emailed me. leaving my poor little "why am I a loser" post to dangle in the wind. :-)

Bottom line...get over it i guess