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August 31, 2005

I Heart Rob Thomas

Adam got the new cd a few weeks ago and we booth just love it. I bought tickets for us to go see him in November too. There are so many catchy songs on the cd its hard to pick a favorite.

rob thomas.JPG

August 30, 2005


Ohhh yeah. We move this weekend. Here are pictures.
Front of the house, with Adam, Adam's mom and dad

This is the formal dining room and the french doors go into the office

Great Room looking from the dining room through it and into the kitchen

standing from kitchen looking through great room towards the formal dining room

into the bathroom(s) from the great room

Backyard from back door, brick path goes to the garage. On the side of the garage is the entrance to the Secret Garden

Closeup of entrance to Secret Garden

So what do you think? Do you like it?


Tiffani brought over the pool so Conner and Oliver could swim!

Look at his wee little swim diaper!

Birthday Rocket

Here are pictures of Conner on his Retro Rocket from Imee.

Hanging out with dad

Do you want a cracker Gandee

Mmm is this Febreeze?


Telling Conner that boxers are better then briefs

Birthday balloon fun

Do you want some?


Please sir, can I have some more?

Hiding from the dogs

Justa Swingin'

Adam's mom and dad have put up a swing at their house and as soon as we pull in the driveway there, Conner starts pointing and hooting at it.

Hee look at me

Hee look at me


Oh-you want to take a picture of lil ol me?

All swung out

The Fair

We went to the fair 2 weeks ago, we got wet and smelled and Conner just wanted ice cream.


Mom, can we take one home?

Weimaraner or Goat?

Our Namesake

August 29, 2005


-yay we move this week/end.
-Can't wait to have people over.
-I think the house is haunted.

August 26, 2005

You have a face for radio

Today I am going to record a spot for WPFKs faces/voices of public radio. I submitted what I liked about public radio a few weeks back and the coordinator called me to set up a time.

I am terrified that my accent will suddenly be more pronounced, but I am relieved that I did have radio experience from school.

I will let you know how it goes!

August 23, 2005


Mother, daughter killed during fight
Car struck them during street brawl

By Raygan Swan
The Indianapolis Star

INDIANAPOLIS -- A morning street scuffle Saturday between a woman and her daughter resulted in an accidental hit-and-run that left both women dead, a security guard injured and two men confessing to driving the car, Indianapolis police said.

The incident began, police say, about 12:40 a.m. Saturday when Jan Bailey, 49, and daughter Torre Bailey, 30, were "rolling in the street," exchanging blows outside the apartment complex where they lived.

Neighbors said the women were fighting over the younger woman's ex-boyfriend.

At that point, investigators said, Tommy Whitfield, 19, of Indianapolis, turned onto the street and drove straight into the altercation.

Police said his car hit and killed the women and injured security guard Alex Murdock, 22, who had been trying to break up the fight. Murdock was reported in good condition with a broken leg following surgery at Wishard Memorial Hospital.

After the impact, police said, Whitfield at first stopped the car, then backed up.

A second security guard, Donald Thurman, apparently feared the driver was coming for him and fired at the car with his handgun, police said.

Whitfield couldn't understand why the guard was firing at him, panicked and fled, police said.

He drove to the home of his mother and stepfather.

A short time later, Joseph Hatton, Whitfield's stepfather, called police and told them he had been the driver, even though police later said he had actually been at home all night drinking alone.

Police arrested Hatton, 44, on preliminary charges of leaving the scene of a fatal accident and driving under the influence causing death, said Sgt. Steve Staletovich.

But a devastated Whitfield refused to let his stepfather take the fall, Staletovich said. He called investigators and offered a tearful confession to his role in the accident.

Police then withdrew the charges against Hatton -- and said they don't plan to charge Whitfield, either.

Staletovich said Marion County prosecutors will review the case today.

Jacqueline Hatton, Whitfield's mother, said he told her he couldn't stop in time to avoid the women.

"My poor son," she said. "He couldn't figure out how people got on the ground (in front of him). ... He couldn't believe he was rolling over people."

Authorities also will try to unravel one further mystery that came to light after the bodies of Jan and Torre Bailey arrived at the county morgue.

Jan Bailey had been shot in the head, they found, although the car's impact was severe enough to kill her.

Investigators say the gun carried by the injured security guard might have discharged when he was hit by the car.

Sanitation Department

Good night, I can't believe that it has gotten this far and no one can agree on anything

New Albany council looks for ways to save sanitation

By Ben Zion Hershberg
The Courier-Journal

Members of the New Albany City Council discussed cutting the city's 2006 budget yesterday to save the Sanitation Department from privatization, with some of the talk focusing on the city's financial commitment to the Scribner Place development downtown.

But they didn't agree on what, if anything, can be done.

Councilman Steve Price said he believes that several hundred thousand dollars can be trimmed in equipment, travel and other discretionary costs from many different departments.

He also said he believes that the city's proposed $400,000 annual commitment of economic development income-tax revenue to Scribner Place can be cut substantially, especially if county government takes part, saving up to $265,000 a year.

"It has to be across the board" that city government tightens its belt, he said.

"The cuts are here" if city leaders are willing to make them, Price said.

Councilwoman Beverly Crump said after the meeting that "there is a possible way to fund sanitation."

But she said she doesn't know if the budget cuts discussed last night are practical, and she doesn't want to risk plans for financing Scribner Place.

Mayor James Garner didn't attend last night's meeting. His announcement last month that he intends to privatize most city garbage collection and recycling services precipitated much of the discussion.

He said he intends to complete a contract with Industrial Disposal Co. soon so it can take over city garbage collection and recycling by Oct. 3, immediately eliminating the Sanitation Department losses, which are projected at nearly $800,000 this year.

Garner said the eight-year contract would keep the city's monthly sanitation fee at the current $13.75 a household through next year.

The city's 26 sanitation workers and many supporters from the public have opposed Garner's plan.

"How difficult would it be to put together a budget that has sanitation in the general fund?" Councilman Dan Coffey asked.

City controller Kay Garry said it costs about $2.6 million a year to operate the department, and it brings in about $1.9 million.

"What department of city government are you going to take $700,000 from?" Garry said.

She said after the meeting that she didn't hear anything that would save the department from privatization.

Garry said she will submit the $16.1 million budget the administration has proposed to the City Council for a public hearing and first vote on Sept. 8. It will be up to the council to act at that point, she said.

Price said he will continue to discuss possible budget cuts with his colleagues to see if he can get enough support to enact them next month

August 22, 2005

New Albany

So as if my anxiety and utter disgustance (hell is that even a word?) with people wasn't high enough, I have decided to get involved with New Albany politically now. Mainly just an observer at this point, but some of the "good ole boys club" crap is just pissing me off. Everyone in this damn town has their hand in someone elses pocket, and is so scared of change that progress for our town is being hindered.

It was interesting however to find the many 'blogs out there that are dedicated to this same plight. I am just in the beginning stages of involvment so I am trying to figure out who everyone is and what part they are playing but so many people comment as anonymous that it is hard.

On a happier note. I do believe that I am one step closer to getting a site up and running to promote historic homes that are for sale in New Albany. Very excited about that.


Hooray, we are closing on the Elm Street house today at 5:30. I can't wait. We aren't moving until Labor Day weekend, so that kinda sucks but at least we are hiring movers again. So, Aaron, Daniel and Sean you can come our from hiding, you have escaped moving duty again.

We went through our final walk-through on Saturday. Bwwaahhh! I am so excited. There is a lot of work to be done as far as the backyard is concerned, lots of overgrown stuff will need to be trimmed back but the end result is going to be fantastic. As soon as I get pictures I will put them up!

August 16, 2005

Don't Be a SHEEP!

Ahhhahahahahaha I am laughing so hard right now. This has to be the most hypocritical piece i have ever seen, and not to mention paranoid.

They are saying that we should do things to damn the man and not be bullied into doing things the "man" says. Well, what the hell is this article doing? The same thing.

They say that Abercrombie is bullying you into wearing their clothes, when the author is bullying you into not.

Sorry, I am just a firm believer in everyone doing their own thing as long as noone else gets hurt.

August 15, 2005

I am quivering with excitment

Walken 2008

Thanks to Sweetney for the heads up

August 12, 2005


When will this bullshit war be over and our men and women can come home and OUR families stop being torn apart?

daddys leaving.JPG

fallen father.JPG

father funeral ii.JPG


young victim.JPG

Just because you don't support this war, you better be damned sure you support our troops and their families, lest you ever have to feel these emotions.

I'm "gooder" then Bret

I am 20% evil.
Take the test :: koolplace.com

August 11, 2005


nothing feels so good as to step in to the shower and rinse off all of the vomit that your sick one year old has deposited somwhere on your persons over the last 12 hours.

August 09, 2005

Runaway Bride mows the yard

look you can see her crazy eyes peeking out from under the hat!

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (AP) -- Runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks mowed the lawn of a government building Tuesday as part of her court-ordered community service for lying to police after she ran off days before her scheduled wedding.

Wearing an orange community service vest, a ballcap that said "Life is good" and running shoes, Wilbanks seemed upbeat as she pushed a powered mower by a swarm of reporters and photographers. She briefly spoke when the mower's engine died in tall, wet grass.

"I'm doing well," said Wilbanks, who has been undergoing mental health treatment. She admitted with a laugh that it had been a long time since she had mowed a lawn.

"I need to get back to work. I don't want to get into trouble," she added.

Her lawn mower then kept dying in the grass, each time prompting her to repeatedly yank on the pull string to restart it. After the eighth time it quit, she let out a big sigh.

In all, she was ordered to do 120 hours of service. Wilbanks had already completed 16 hours of her sentence by cleaning probation offices and washing public vehicles. Department of Corrections spokeswoman Peggy Chapman said Wilbanks planned to work off eight more hours Tuesday, also picking up trash.

"She's a hard worker. She didn't take advantage of anything. She did more work than most people," said 17-year-old Michael Powell, who has cleaned bathrooms and offices with Wilbanks while working off his own sentence of 80 hours of community service for an offense he declined to disclose.

Wilbanks, 32, disappeared four days before her scheduled wedding in April, and was reported missing early the next morning. Hundreds of police officers and volunteers - including members of the wedding party - searched for her for three days.

Then she called her fiance, John Mason, from Albuquerque, N.M., early in the morning of her planned wedding day, claiming to have been abducted and sexually assaulted. She soon recanted her story, saying she fled because of personal issues.

Wilbanks pleaded no contest in June to telling police her phony story. She also was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to pay $2,550 in restitution to the sheriff's office that helped with the search for her.

The nearby city of Duluth, where Wilbanks had lived with her fiance, spent nearly $43,000 to search for her; Wilbanks has repaid $13,249.

August 08, 2005

Busy Day

so far i have already had an emotional transaction with Sarah M, and decided that we are going to try to rekindle our friendship, and I think I have royally pissed Bret off but he won't return my calls or emails. Whew how exausting.

Imee you are too sweet!

My Friend Imee, whom I meet at walt disney world, sent conner this amazing gift for his birthday. I can't even believe you did that! It took some detective work to find out who his retro rocket was from but i found it!

He loves it too. He thinks the buttons are the best and he loves for us to push him around on it.

I need your current address. (I think that you are like me and move around like a freaking gypsy) I would love to send you pictures of him on the rocket.

You are the best!

August 04, 2005

does this work?




Birthday Pictures

027_27 (Medium).JPG





sigh...They are my heros...

I have been reading Dooce and Fussy for quite sometime now, they are witty, funny, independant, great moms, creative...most things that I aspire to be.

There was this covention in CA called blogher, in which women bloggers from all over got together and discussed the differant facets of blogging and the impact on society. (Really I think most of the women used it as an excuse to take a mini vaca, and meet some of their internet crushes-oh yeah and judging from the pictures and posts-drink lots of tequilla)

Anyway, by reading their posts I got "introduced" to several others in the "mommy blogging" scene. You should check them out sometime-or NOW
Suburban Bliss

August 03, 2005

shitty 24 hours

fuck fuck fuck, is that she sound of the other shoe dropping? Where have you been old friend.

Things so far seemed to have been going pretty well, with the house and Conner and us. I was just kind of bracing myself for it to stop-suddenly. Then last week it did. I got hit (it is my fault too according to the police report)i got in a raging fight with my mom.

I guess that being catty and just over all lame by typing this out helps me put shit in perspective. Really in a sense of things what's happened isn't so bad, its just that it's been a barage of it.

I am kind of in a corner in a sort of a way too. I don't have really any close friends who are in the same kind of position as me that have time that we can get together.

It's hard to express all these mommy concerns to those who aren't mommy's and aren't close.

God what a whiney post.

August 01, 2005

One Year Old

So we made it. Conner is one year old and the ginormous birthday party went off without a hitch.

Conner got so many gifts and well wishes from people (Even though we said no presents on the invite!). It made us realize how truely blessed we are. A healthy baby boy and lots of family and friends who love us.

Conner has four teeth right now, and we are (painfully) getting two more in. He can stand up on his own, and he is able to navigate around furniture pretty easily.

He is still a daddy's boy, but doesn't hesitate to give a kiss if you ask. Kimberly has been watching him over the summer since classes are out, but she goes back next week. Adam's uncle Jimmy and my mom will grab hold of the reins for baby care once again.

Conner can sign to us when he is all done and wants more. He can say all done, mom, dad, dog, duck, bye, numy. He loves to swing and play in the dirt. He is very laidback and observant like his dad.

His favorite toys are pens or anything in that shape, he likes to use them to draw, tap, rub and stir.

Our sleep schedule has gotten pretty off track, he can't seem to go to sleep easily any more and the last few nights he keeps waking up 1-2 hours after he goes to sleep. We are wondering if it has to do with the cake, party and just overstimulation of the last two days in general.

We had lots of people come into town for Conner's party and that meant so much to us. Bret flew in from Chicago and Ryan and Tiffany came up from Midway. It was great to be able to see everyone again.

We are in the process of closing on the house, and unfortunatly the realtor took the pictures off of the website so I can't show you any right now. The final day to close is August 24th and we are hoping to get it done before then.

We will definately have people over to come see.

My mom is doing pretty well. She had surgury a couple weeks ago for fibroid tumors and her recovery has been steady. Still no answer for the lung issue. She went to have some more tests and they came back and said that there is nothing wrong with her lungs now. She still can't breathe when she lays down, she gets dizzy from it and anymore she can't even bring the laundry up from downstairs without having to stop and catch her breathe.

I am getting very pissed at the doctors.