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July 29, 2005

They Might Be Awesome

Last Friday Amber and I went to see They Might Be Giants at the Waterfront, it was great. They were here for Lebowski Fest. Gosh I haven't even listned to them in so long, all my cds being packed away from the 8 bajillion moves :-)

I have pictures and a video and as soon as all the hoopla from Conners birthday dies down I will post them (brit I will need some help with the video)

They played Istanbul, Spiders, Puppet Head and lots of others.

I had (still have) a huge crush on the accordian playing John (l). Awww he is so cute. John F was hillarious though, he is crazy. He did like 99% of the talking. This crazy guy named CornMo opened up for them, he was a little to random for me, but the kids loved it.

July 28, 2005

Humor Type

Lord help us Bret and I are the same...
The 3 Variable Funny Test

July 26, 2005

Saturn Wreck

DDDAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNIIIIIIITTTTTT. I just dropped Conner off (thank goodness) when some crazy bitch pulls out onto shelbyville road and slams me! Crap... I don't have the police report but since she hit me, I am certain it was her fault.

My back hurts and the Saturn is in the shop AGAIN...its a good thing we have that rental car rider on our insurance.

July 22, 2005


We were Pre-Approved, we are submitting and offer today!

July 21, 2005

waiting for a new house

I am at work nervous and fidgety as I will ever be. We are waiting to get preapproved for a loan on a new house. Then IF we get approved we have to make an offer and see if they will accept it.

I am so damn impatient and this is killing me!!

July 19, 2005

Kentucky frowns on smiley license plates

State getting rid of plates after residents ridicule them

Now if Indiana could get rid of ours.

July 18, 2005

Southern Indiana "Star" featured on Theonion.com

Read all about him here

July 15, 2005

4th of July

More pictures..
Party Time at the Cabana Hut



005_5 (Small).JPG


The 4th at the Paris'

026_26 (Small).JPG





Lame questionaire

1. smoked a cigarette - yes

2. smoked a cigar - Nope

3. made out with a member of the same sex - Yes

4. crashed a friend's car - Not crashed but popped a tire, sorry Jay...

5. stolen a car - nope

6. been in love - yes

7. been dumped - yes

8. shoplifted - yes

9. been fired - yes

10. been in a fist fight – haha no

11. snuck out of ur house –yes

12. had feelings for someone who didnt have them back – yes *that is the worst*

13. been arrested - nope

14. made out with a stranger - no

15. gone on a blind date – no

16. lied to a friend - yes...but it was to save face.

17. had a crush on a teacher – a student teacher in my biology class

18. skipped school – yes

19. slept with a co-worker - no

20. seen someone die - Thank God no

21. been on a plane - lots and lots

22. thrown up in a bar - nope, but on the way home from

23. taken painkillers - morphine, oxycontin, precacept-HEY they were all for my back!

24. love someone or miss someone right now - yes and yes....

25. laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by - Gosh too long ago
26. made a snow angel - sure have...

27. played dress up - yes

28. cheated while playing a game - yes

29. been lonely - who hasn't....

30. fallen asleep at work/school - school yes, work when I was pregnant

31. used a fake id - no, I wussed out

32. felt an earthquake - no, thank God

33. touched a snake - Bleah yeah, and it was to "impress" that student biology teacher...

34. ran a red light - on accident

35. been suspended from school- does in school suspension count?

36. had detention - yes...

37. been in a car accident - yes....

38. hated the way you look- hate's a strong word, but I am not happy, thats why the kickboxing classes!

39. witnessed a crime- my parents had illegal cable once...

40. pole danced - nope

41. been lost - yeah....

42. been to the opposite side of the country-

43. felt like dying - yeah...who hasn't...

44. cried yourself to sleep - yes

45. played cops and robbers - uhh..what? no

46. karaoke – nope

47. done something you told yourself you wouldn't - yeah...

48. laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose- yes

49. caught a snowflake on your tongue - yeah

50. kissed in the rain - yes...

51. sing in the shower - yes, until someone tells me to stop

52. made love in a park - no

53. had a dream that you married someone - yes

54. glued your hand to something - my scrapbook stuff all the time

55. got your tongue stuck to a flag pole - no but an ice cube!

56. worn the opposite sex's clothes - yeah, adam's shirts

57. been a cheerleader - nope

58. sat on a roof top - not recently

59. didn't take a shower for a week - no, thats fvcking gross

60. ever too scared to watch scary movies alone - yes, i'm BIG baby

61. played chicken – in a pool on someones shoulders, but not with a car

62. been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on - yes...

63. been told you're hot by a complete stranger - not but but that i looked good

64. broken a bone - yes...

65. been easily amused - yes..thank god...

66. laugh so hard you cry - yes

67. mooned/flashed someone – yeah...

68. cheated on a test - not a high point in my life.

69. forgotten someone's name - almost every day

70. slept naked - yep...

71. gone skinny dipping in a pool - actually no

72. been kicked out of your house - no...

73. blacked out from drinking - no I just puke

74. played a prank on someone - prank phone calls and thats about it, I am lame.

75. played poker - No, I'm a black jack girl

July 14, 2005

Del and the Boys

Last night the Del McCoury band did a free instore performance at Ear-X-Tacy and Alicia and I went out. They were promoting their new cd and the show was fabulous. Below are some of the pictures






July 13, 2005

Overheard in...

OK these have to be the funniest damn websites out there.

Overheard in New York

Overhead in the office

In the new york check out todays wednesday one-liners in the wrong line of work and the bus driver

July 12, 2005

liberal propaganda!

I am still laughing. I just came from the site dontblamemeivoted4kerry.com, and ordered a bumper sticker:

and I just happened to stumble onto the hate mail section of the site.

It's awesome to see how bent out of shape people get. Which in the right circumstances is great, but there was a lot of the "DEMOCRATS SMELL" child like banter going on, more so then educated arguements.

True some of the products on the website were harsh and really didn't help the cause, really both parties are guilty of the name calling...

Check it out if you are bored.

July 11, 2005


on Friday I was at The Muckrakers pre cd release party, when Stu Pollard came up and introduced Digby and showed us a preview of the new movie Keep Your Distance.

WOW it looks awesome. There are actually some famous people in it, and its set in Louisville, filmed in Louisville, and has Louisville bands on the soundtrack...


July 08, 2005

London Calling

This London attack is all bad. Just on the crazy off chance that you are British or a London transplant and you are reading this, please know that just as you stepped up and reached out to our country, we will do the same for you. Prayers and best wishes to you all...

July 07, 2005

Brief Survey

Does TOMKAT make anyone else want to puke.

turns out my mom has been right, for as long as I can remember she has been saying how Tom Cruise reminds her of a little rat...I have to agree with her now. Barf

July 01, 2005

to level our house

one of the estimates that I got today said it will cost $4800.00! yeah I think we will just demolish it. That really really sucks. I was excpecting it to be in the thousands but not that much.