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February 18, 2005

Support Our Troops ASSHATS!

So I want you to think of these pictures before some of you decide that "supporting our troops is supporting the war" Keep in mind these are the people who are sacrificing so that you can speak your mind and keep that pompous attitude up.

I am not a supporter of war, I do think there are other ways but if you don't support the troops then you are seriously fucked up...

I guess the reason that I am so pissed about this is because the magazine that i work for recently recieved a letter bashing the troops. On the table of contents page we always have a bible quote -which I will admit I do think crosses the line there but hey I just work here, and we have "Choose Freedom, Support our Troops" on there as well. So anyway some asshat wrote us a big letter saying that he wanted to be taken off the list because of the righ-wing agenda we were pushing and it was so innapropriate to have the bible quote (which I agree) and the thing about supporting our troops. When we called to let him know we recieved his letter it sounded like his boyfriend answered the phone...haha Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Cost of War

going away.JPG

Both of these pictures are used without permission from the MSN week in pictures archive. you can access all the archives here

God Bless our troops

February 17, 2005

Reasons Confirming Why I Think People Suck

1. This morning at the gas station some guy proceeded to unload all of his garbage from his truck onto the ground. HE WAS PARKED NEXT TO A TRASH CAN. Then look around to make sure noone was watching

2. A lady gets into her car smoking with the windows rolled up 1 child age 4 in the front seat with no seatbelt on, child number 2 in the back age 1 NO CAR SEAT IN SIGHT, and only a t-shirt and diaper (keep in mind it was 30 degrees here this morning)

3. While making a left hand turn at a light turning yellow this morning a person coming towards me SPEEDS UP to try to hit me then slams on his breaks and honks his horn for a good 45 seconds solid.

4. In order to grow my hair out and not shave it all off out of frustration, I am now wearing it in FUCKING PIG-TAILS...and Adam thinks it's cute...

5. People do not know what RSVP means literally or theoretically...

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February 16, 2005

Conner Bean 6 months 21 days

Adam and Conner after a bath

conner in sink.jpg

Conner in tub.jpg

conners fry.jpg
Conner's first fry!

February 10, 2005

Bean 6 months and 12 days


Me and bean at work

February 08, 2005

Pictures: Month 4-6

Picture 123.jpg

Picture 125.jpg
The whole fam-damn-ily

Picture 126.jpg
The first (of many) trips to Home Depot

Picture 127.jpg

Picture 128.jpg
First bites of ceral....

Picture 160.jpg
Sooo big

Picture 168.jpg
Dad and Bean

Picture 186.jpg

Picture 187.jpg

February 02, 2005

wow sorry been so long

hmm I didn't mean for it to go like 2 months without updating, but the baby keeps me busy. Speaking of which I am sitting here watching him smile and talk to me while I am at work. It's awesome, espeicially after 5 whole days without him.

I was at the NADA convention and just got back in last night. I am exhausted but it was good.

We talked witha lot of potential advertisers and there was a LOT of cajun eatin' mmm I love that food...

We went to some great party's while down there too, Whos Calling, experian, and ADP. They were all awesome. Two were dessert party's and the other was just freaking amazing all kinds of drunk people and lots of food, I even got out on the dance floor a little...

However I am a tard and forgot the camera so i have no pictures of the town. Wasn't real thrilled with the people who actually inhabit New Orleans though, bunch o' rude bastards that's for sure...

I'm just glad to be home with my boys...