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October 29, 2004



October 28, 2004

new family car

We finally are no longer white trash with a capital WT. we officially have two cars in the paris-hill household. One kick ass Jetta and a new(to us) ford expedition. it is white and pretty bitchen. Now we are the ultimate family, and it feels great.


Happy Halloween

This Sunday is Conner's first Halloween and I am so freaking excited. He is going to be a little pumpkin. I can stand how cute he is.

We went to Hubers this past Tuesday and got Conner his first pumpkins.
Adam's Pirate Pumpkin

My kick-ass Gandalf pumpkin



We also found out Conner likes Peppermints like his dad ;-)

October 21, 2004

Do the right thing

I leave today

to fly down for Adam's graduation. Hooray. I can't freaking wait. It is going to be so awesome.

James Brown Baby

jamesbrown baby.jpg
Compliments of Uncle Bret

open mouth baby.jpg

baby feet.jpg
I looove me some baby feet

If you listen carefully you can hear the retarded kid squeel.

October 17, 2004

Prayers Please

For those of you that don't know, jessica Lemmels boyfriend Keith was in a bad accident 3 weeks ago at his work. He works for the train company and his lift leg was cut off below the knee when two cars came together. They still don't know if they will ahve to take the right one.

He is at University Hospital in the burn unit (because of the skin graffs)

Please keep them in your prayers

ONE WEEK-actually its more like 4 days

YUP Adam come home this Friday and I can hardly stand it. Conner and I fly down Thursday afternoon and then the three of us fly home Friday night for Chris's wedding on Saturday.

He passed all of his training and now will come home to one weekend a month stuff and then officer training school which starts in March.

We will probably go away the weekend after Halloween so we can spend some quality time as a family. So don't be offended if we aren't too social for the first couple weeks :-)

October 11, 2004

I gave birth to a can of Crisco

TOday was Conner's 2 month drs appt. and when the dr was reviewing his weight, height and head circumfrance, she quickly pointed out that he was short-hello look at Adam and I-no future basketball centers here. She then looked at his weight and gasped and said oh well he is just gaining like crazy. (he was only 10lbs 14 oz) I was like "umm yeah he gets that from me" (beetoch)
Then she started talking about how big his head was and how we would have to watch that, I jumped in with "Oh don't worry his dad's head is big" she looked at me like I was crazy and just let out a low mmmmmmmhmmmmm.

So I have a short, fat, big-headed baby. great a crisco can with a bobble-head.

Oh well I think he is the cutest thing EVER. You disagree and I will cut you.
conner nakie.bmp