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September 30, 2004


dadandconner reading.jpg
down in Georgia, Adam reading a Dad book.

Showing Conner off

This is Conner in Kosairs when he was really really sick. You can see the NG tube that was draining the bile from his stomach because his parastalsys was really slowed down, and the IV was put in his head. They do this so babys can't pull it out and often it is the easiest place to locate a vein, it doesn't hurt thme anymore then a regular one:-( But he made such a comeback so for that we can all be grateful. Please always donate to Kosairs and the March of Dimes, I don't know what we would have done without them.

so much stuff to do

wow I have a busy busy next couple weeks coming up. This Friday is my dad's birthday, Saturday is St. James, Sunday is Conner's first trip to the zoo, and then Tiffany's baby shower.

Next Saturday is Tim and Gwen's dress rehearsal Sunday is my Mary Kay party (blushing)

THe 15th is Tim and Gwen's wedding and then Tuesday I will be in Michigan for work and Thursday night the 21 I fly down for Adam's graduation and he comes home on the 22, then on the 23rd is Chris's wedding. WHEW!!

September 27, 2004


We got to drive down to Georgia this past weekend and visit Adam. It was so wonderful. He just loved Conner (duh) we had a great time.

I can't believe it had been 13 weeks. Only 3 weeks and 4 days left! Hooray.

It was really crazy. It definately is like a whole nother world!








September 19, 2004


Conner's first visit to Target!


September 17, 2004


Well thanks to Hurricane Ivan, our visit to go see Adam got delayed. Bleah. we were all set to leave today when he called on Wednesday night and said they pulled their pass. I was so bummed. I was out to eat with his family because it was Kimberly's birthday, and so everyone got sad. I know thought noone is prolly more bummed then him. He is getting really aggravated so if you can please please right him a letter and let him know he will be home with his family and friends soon.

But they did say that they would get the pass next weekend. which should be good news, however the military has this tendancy to dick people around when it comes to stuff like this. :-(

only 35 days left though, I can hardly stand it! His graduation is on the 22 of October and family day and his turning blue ceremony will be on the 21. Then we have to haul ass home for Chris and Beth's wedding the next day. How busy.

I can't wait to see him, and his baldness and ooohh I bet he is ripped now..goodness I am getting all excited! I will be sure to post pictures. which reminds me....

conner nakie.bmp

September 08, 2004

more conner pcs

Conner sun glasses.jpg
Conner in sunglasses

Mom and conner.jpg
Me and Conner