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June 28, 2004

YEah I am pushy so what?

June 24, 2004

Holy Rib Kicking Batman

Yeah so Conner has officially found my ribs and sweet lord, I am certifiably uncomfortable. Its like someone is knocking the wind out of you and prying your ribs apart with a screwdriver all at the same time!

Adam leaves in 12 days :-( It is sucking and getting harder to think about, I just hope the time goes by fast while he is gone.

I have been cross-stitching Conners name from this Peter Rabbit ABC pattern and honostly I could do it all day, it is sooo addicting. I come home from work and literally get excited because I don't have anything to do but sit there with the dogs and cross-stitch...good lord.

Also like I said last post Raech is going to Hawaii, last time she was in an airport, she got to meet Pauly shore, maybe this time she will meet some fancy schmancy celebrity, that would be cool. The only "celeb" I have ever seen in an airport was Rick Petino and I didn't say anything because I was gawking at how short he was the whole time (hehe).

So yeah thats it I think, Ben is having a birthday party for Rich this weekend so we may go to that, last year was crazy, everyone was drunk as hell and then they started playing with bottle rockets, I found one on my car when I went to leave...good times ;-)

June 22, 2004

Ryan and Tiff's Wedding

OMG it was absolutely fabulous really. She was gorgeous he was handsome, it was so emotion filled. We all HAD A BLAST too. I am so happy because I got pictures taken with just me and Tiff and one of just me and Ryan, ooooh i hope they turn out, I can't wait to see the pictures of just them too.

Now they are in somewhere hot and sunny. I hope Ryan doesn't get burnt. Tiff better make him put that colored zinc on his nose hahaha.

Oh yeah only 7 weeks!! I can't believe it. August 12 is coming faster and faster. I also just want to move into that new apt. arrgghhh. How awesome is this Raechel scheduled a trip to Hawaii for August 13th, you can tell she is super excited about Conner!

June 17, 2004

only 2 days...

Wow Ryan and Tiffany's wedding is this Saturday. I can't believe it. I mean I remember when they got engaged and it seemed so far away, but here it is. I am excited to of course because i get to get all dressed up and pretty for it too. I have to stand on the end over on Ryan's side because I am the shortest. hooray. I just hope that people will notice that I am pg not just a little chunky (OK chunkier), whatever people will be so in awe with Tiffany they aren't even gonna notice any of us.

I can't wait to see her dress. siiigghhh she is going to be pretty. woohoo. today is gonna be a day of pampering, I get to go get my nails done and all that,plus buy some stuff for my hair. yay. dress-up time.

NOw I have to get back to work, and find a restaraunt for lunch that carries root-beer....

The Devil has taken over

Fear of fears, it has finally happened to me. Me, the least likly of suspects. I have gone out of my way TWICE, just so I can swing by a drive-thru STARBUCKS. Shit, I have even gotten excited about going for dress fittings because I know there is one along the way. Oh vile chain of chain stores, how you have overtaken my mind.

It's weird because I don't even drink coffee (i abhore it everything about it, the smell, the taste, other peoples dependancies) but what I get is not coffee-oh noooo it is far better. It is a double chocolate chip frappacino. blended with creme' mind you!

Its's one of those amazing drinks where when you get done you feel like you could just wretch everywhere because it is soooo rich. Yah I love food that makes you sick it's always the best.

June 11, 2004

A little scare on Wednesday

So I am right around 31 weeks, and on Wed I just felt bad, dizzy, nauseous, and it was hard to breathe. SO i got a little worried and called the drs office just to be sure. They called back and said, why don't you just go ahead and swing by the ER yikes.

So at 4:15 i drove( more like hydroplaned) over to Norton's Suburban and was admitted into the ER, they did all kinds of blood tests, blood pressure tests and even and EKG, well three hours later (!) I checked out fine in the ER so they sent me up to L&D triage to check out the baby.

So they put all the little monitors on me and checked me out (Down there) sure enough I was having contractions and had already dialted 1 cm. Yikes

So they gave me a shot to stop the contractions and they monitored me for another hour and half and said I was good to go. So hopefully that was all, and Conner just made his little announcement that he was still hanging abound and not to forget him.

Of course now everytime I feel something I am freaking out, my poor drs office is on speed dial! :-)

June 09, 2004

The coolest thing ever

So today I went to lunch and was pulling into a metered spot, when I saw the most awesome thing I have actually ever seen.

There was this lady in her 40's just a truckin' down the street, and she had on these tight oooold black jeans (tapered leg and pleats and everything) with "PLAYA" like ironed on the back. It was awesome, to make it even better she had the best mullet ever. It was suuuper short on top and really really long in the back. It was all gray and stuff too. And she was skinny like I smoke 10 packs a day to keep my girlish figure skinny. Sweet

June 08, 2004


I really want a beer...

June 03, 2004

Good news and stuff

So nothing really major, just lots of little things going on.
1) I passed my glucose test so that means no gestational diabetes, even after passing out in the drs office, apparently it was the whole they had to stick my like 5 times thing that made me loose it.
2) Adam got to feel Conner kick and move for the first time the other night. He put his head on my belly and started talking to him. I guess the vibrations got him all spazzed out because Adam said he could feel him really well. It was cool, he was there for like 15 minutes. He kept saying stuff like wow, it feels like something moving underneath a blanket. And then whenever there was a real big kick, he would go whoa did you feel that? It was great. But it also kept Conner up and kicking for the next 2 hours! HOLY INDIGESTION BATMAN!
3) Digby is playing at Headliners this Saturday for their big CD release party. Doors open at 9, show starts at 10, The Mucks play after them.
4) Alicia and I hung fliers around New Albany for the show yesterday, it was fun but hot, we went to IUS to put some up and I said screw it and was driving all over the little sidewalks that are meant for the little campus carts. Hehe, I guess I am glad we didn't get caught.