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April 28, 2004

Talk Derby To Me

Sweet I loooove Derby Festival Time, I'm not really sure why though, maybe it is all the greasy food and the fact that during these 2 weeks everyone is proud to be from Louisville!

Even though I hate to admit it, I often read that crappy Velocity, and this week they did an awesome feature on the 50 best things about Louisville and it is pretty bitchen'. I am in a pretty pumped mood because next Thursday is Little Ed's 4-d ultrasound, so we will get to see if he inherited the Hill or Paris good looks :-) and I just signed an account with a pretty big company that we have been trying to get for quite a while, and I have Friday off for Oaks!


April 26, 2004

Tyler Durdin

So i just called to order a new National City bank card, because mine is sooo beat to hell, and the guy answers "Thank you for calling National City Tyler Durdin, how can I help you?" I, being as smooth and collected as I am, bust out with NO WAY! Are you serious? he is like um yeah and if you are going to tell me that name is in a movie I know and I haven't seen it. I was like What you have never seen Fight Club?? Anyway I just thought that was kinda crazy, I mean what a random name. So thats all. Have a good day! Oh yeah he did say he would go see the movie though!

April 16, 2004

Happy Thunder 2004!


April 13, 2004


Check out my blirtatiousness!

What's yours???

April 09, 2004

attack of the giant ass!

OK so I don't really think it is my ass that is getting bigger, rather then the small human being that is growing inside me. (how weird is that, man I STILL have trouble believing that sometimes).

So the other day I was trying to feel all not fat and pregnant so I decided I would shave my legs (a feat that is getting harder and harder-much like tying my shoes) and wear some hot mamacita undies. So as I am pulling up those sexy things i hear a rrrriiiipppp, yup my big ole momma booty and belly ripped a hold in my lacy undies (see illustration) :-( That pretty much just set the mood for the rest of the day! tanga.bmp

April 05, 2004

gotta love those cravings

yesterday, Adam's mom's sweet rolls...today Chicken nuggets from McDonalds...yumm

Mmmm hmm and the hormones have won...

So I was reading this book last weekend called Pregnancy Sucks, What to do When Your Miracle Makes You Miserable.
and I am now officially terrified. It wasnt so much the labor part, or the part where you just start leaking out of various parts of your body (sorry for the TMI Ryan) but the aftermath.

Essentially the first 3 months. Where the kid has to eat like every 2 hours and be changed every other hour. Luckily I won't be working those first three months, (God Bless you FMLA) but I feel for Adam and our relationship. Holy hell, all I have heard is women are so surprised to make it past that first month. Yeah and intelligent us decided to get the one bed-room apt with the enourmas living room instead of two-bedroom. Auuggghhhh where the hell will the changing table go? and the dresser? and the crib,In the bathroom? The dogs will be dragging diapers everywhere. We will be better off living in my car!!! sweet lord I am hyperventilating. I know that we will only be in the apt for a short time before we move into the house...but that will be during the roughest part. So that's all, keep me and my little Ed (no name yet-Adam is dragging his feet on this one :-) in your thoughts, and hope I don't go crazy!

April 02, 2004


Lilypie Baby Days

April 01, 2004

Pics from the Ultrasound...It's A Boy!!

Thats right I was so right. Its a boy and he is measuring fantastic. Actually, they moved my due date up two weeks! So I am due now August 12th! Hooray

This is Ed from the side view. you can see his head (right hand side), and his little leg and stomach (on the left)

These are Ed's feet pressed up against the side of the womb! They are pressed together.

Right when we were finishing up, he turns as if to be looking right at us! Hello little Ed!

Thar she be! This scan doesn't really do it justice, He was just showin' it off to everyone!