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March 31, 2004

I mean really, are you surprised?

If i am gone to the bathroom to long they sound out a search party, how the hell does this happen? Surely there has to be someone who noticed the person drooling on themselves!?

March 30, 2004

1 day 21 hours and counting...

Until we have the big ultra-sound...I can't wait, I have like a billion people who have demanded that I call them as soon as we find out! I will try to scan the US and post them too. Even though it will probably look like a discernable blob, still it's my blob damnit!
If its a girl: Lillian Eve
If its a boy: not sure I like the name Addison-it means son of Adam-how cool is that? ALso I am all of the sudden in love with the name Jackson-Jackson Alexander...

Wow only 1 month of school left, I can't believe it. I am pretty darn proud of myself too. So is my mom, she keeps crying about it everytime I see her, hmm so that's where I get it from.

March 25, 2004

What can turn a college-educated worldly woman into a total nutcase over a gas-bubble...

pregnancy thats what! I have never been more obsessed with the goings on of my innards in my life. I can't not react everytime i have the urge to go #2 or "pass some air" I am positive it is my baby in distress...

Also I guess my boobs are finally growing, they are all itchy and painful and crap, yeah this is good times. I think today I am going to go get a pedicure because i wore sandals to work today and my feet look rough. I have to get them while I can now anyway because like once you are past a certain point you aren't supposed to get them anymore, because there are certain points in your feet that can induce labor! YIKES.

I am still contemplating though because at ProNails they rub lotion all over your legs and stuff and I am a little stubbly, I feel bad making anyone rub my legs when they are in that condition...

March 23, 2004

Biscuit POLL!!

What do you think the ultrasound will reveal!? an Ed or Edwina...

I think it will be an Ed

I'm in the money, I'm in the money

OK so not really but i did sell a $15,000 deal at work today, hooray it can go right into the little Ed Boudreaux fund! Speaking of which April 1 is when we go for our big ultrasound, keep your finger crossed that ed cooperates and shows us "the goods"!!

March 22, 2004

I would weep even if I wasn't PG!

Ok so this past weekend I went over to Ben's house (it was official Ben Schnieder Day) and had a fabulous time. There was even some ping-pong going on, we had some ringers too, Becky and Angie got up there and kicked some ass! I also got to hear the new Digby CD...

I know that you guys always make fun because of my love of this amazing band, but I am telling you, this was the best stuff I have heard from them...EVER! Especially one song in particular, it's called Some Can Hear...I don't know there is just something about it that is so, so well just moving. Also Falling Up was redone and is fabulous as well-only complaint- On a Roll was not included! boo... Anyway that is all. maybe if one of the Dig's reads this they can send me a copy of Some Can Hear (hint hint)

March 16, 2004

may cause darkening of the stool

shit, so I think that my last pair of "normal" non-maternity jeans are starting to get too tight. and still no "baby belly" just chub. arrgghh.

I am getting more and more excited though, Ambers baby shower was on Sunday, and damn she raked in the gifts. so FYI to all my guy friends-since I don't have many girl friends-you will be expected to attend-well ok maybe not- but you still have to send gifts! :-)

I was reading this book last night called The Secret Life of the Unborn Baby. it is pretty cool, and scary. it talks about how babies can sense the energy going on around them, and they know when people are "not pleased" with their presense and it affects them emotionally. God knows the kid already has the odds stacked against him when it comes to emotional problems. So i am going to start talking to Ed everyday and just telling him how much I love "it" and how excited we are! Even if I am the only one doing it, I want him to know.

Oh yeah it looks like Morning Sickness is gone and my BM's are still regular-hooray for no constipation...just dark stool from my wild-cherry flavored pre-natal vitamins.

March 15, 2004

Everyones a comedian

Download file
so adam thinks it is funny to draw pictures of me at work. This is "me" walking the dogs. notice the crazy hair and big boobs, belly and butt...he is on my list :-)

March 10, 2004


so it occured to me that a lot of you might misinterpret that last post. I want you all to know that I am very excited about biscuit.

Not only am I capable of having children (in a world in which there are so many deserving families who can't) and even though it was in noooooooooo way intentional it was with someone whom I really love and know has amazing traits that will get passed on to this baby. (as long as biscuit doesn't get the weddin-calling-off-gene then its free reign haha). Plus holy crap I am going to be someones mother. Yeah part of me is a little bummed because there is a lot that I have not gotten to do yet, that I alway said I wanted to before I had kids, but you know what, this is just a little more motivation for me to go ahead and kick lifes ass and accomplish those goals. So thats all I just want you all to know that yes I am very excited and we go get our ultrasound on April 1 to find out if it is going to be an Ed or Edwina!

Time for tetris!

I hate being a Pioneer

Sombody actually asked me the other day if I was so mad that I wasn't the first one out of our "group of friends" to get married so I decided I was going to be the first to have a baby...yeah I could have kicked that bastard square in the nuts. I know it was prolly just a joke but good lord have some tact. It is weird being essentially the first one to go through this-although i would hope so most of my friends are guys...

I guess the thing that blows my mind is a lot of people whether they want to admit it or not still view this whole pregnancy thing as being the girls fault. Umm yeah it did take both of us just in case some of you slept through sex ed.

It's just weird because Adam will come home with these stories of people that he has run into that know and will say "Dude, what were you thinking". but when they see me they say, "Oh how cute how great how are you feeling" HYE HEY HEY HEY HEY!!! Adam's plans weren't the only ones who got dicked over here. I'm not saying this is a tragedy either-believe me things could be a whole crap-load worse-plus so far its a healthy pregnancy, and luckily I have like the best family in the whole world, who have been incredible and nothing less then like 100% supportive, but you know I was going to go to Germany this month and France and stay with Andrew, since I had all this money that I was going to use for the wedding. And there was graduate school, etc etc etc. oh look not anymore, but I guess people just don't see it that way.

Since I am not really showing yet, a lot of people have not considered them baby experts yet, which is good because I don't know how well I will handle that actually.

I know a lot of girls who say that the thing that will really bother them will be when people want to come up and touch their belly, I dont know I don't think it will bother me too much, I guess because I can't imagine that many people will actually have the balls to come and fondle me in public. Maybe I could just grope them back

test result= NEGATIVE!

Hooray the dr called and my AFP results came back negative!

This means that my bloodwork came back showing no signs of Downs Syndrome or other possible neural tube defects! Go Biscuit GO!

March 02, 2004

One Hundred Percent True

This article is so funny, and true I almost fell out of my chair laughing..

Not Responsible for crap flying off this site

So as I was on my way back from school to work this afternoon, and was being bombarded with shit flying off this dumptruck in front of me, I started thinking about the 2 signs that were on the back...

The first says STAY BACK 250 FT, well seriously how realistic is that? And does it matter? no this shit still hits my windsheild, how the hell do i know how much 250 feet is when I am driving like Indiana Jones and dogding pieces of rock or other peoples garbage.

Also whats up with the sign that says NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OBJECTS COMING FROM TRUCK. I always wondered, says who? Is it just because of the sign? or do these truck companies have some special kind of law protecting them. Hell I would like to get a sign that says SEVERE ROAD RAGE, NOT RESPONSIBLE IF I NAIL YOU IN THE ASS END. Then another right below that says SO GET OVER BITCH!

What about in school, can I give one to all of my teachers that says " NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR EARNING A PASSING GRADE, JUST GIVE IT TO ME" would that work?

By just saying I am not going to take responsiblity, can you really get out of stuff like that? That will be something I will have to look into. And if anyone knows the laws on this kind of stuff...let me know

March 01, 2004

Bumper Stickers

So today I was driving and saw three amazing bumper stickers (all on differant cars) The first one said "PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, BRING IT BACK"

I just thought it was perfect especially for this world that we live in today, I mean how many people out there (myslef included) are so ready to pass the blame onto someone else, when anything goes wrong?

If we don't get a job or get into a school we want we blame it on our skin color, or our sex. If we have 8 kids and can'g afford them from the start, but keep popping them out, we feel it is our right, and defy anyone to say fine you want some financial help (which is felt as though it is deserved), then you need to go on some type of birth control and not have kids, until you can provide for yourself. Well you may as well have just told us that we could no longer breathe.

The 2nd sticker i saw said "HOUSING IS A PRIVALEGE, NOT A RIGHT" This one I thought was cool, and ballsy, you know that poor bastards car is going to be keyed, by some welfare sucking low-life, and hey don't get me wrong, I am not saying by any means that all people on welfare are shit, because that is not true. Hell I am planning on getting on W.I.C for a while after the baby is born. this just helps out with food like milk, bread and cheese (so if we have a snow storm you all know where too come:-) And you know i figure that since I will only be on it for a short while and Ihave already paid for it out of my paycheck anyway (plus it is not like I will be getting any of my social security when i retire anyway) I say why the hell not.

The third sticker I saw was just lame and kind of pissedme off. It just said "I HATE THIS TOWN" I mean really. It was on the back of this ooooold car with all kinds of other band stickers etc. To make matters worse I think I knew the kid. I just thought the sticker was lame and a waste of money. If this town is soo lame then f-you just move away because we dont' want your sour ass here anyway. I happen to enjoy living in "Looahvulle", and enjoy telling people that. I know that there is some shit that could change for the better, but we also have a pretty cool heritage and history here, so I am proud. so if you hate this town then move to Laconia, where it really is boring and sucky.

Let me know what you guys think of these stickers or some other cool ones that you have seen!