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February 23, 2004

Ed Boudreaux's Heartbeat

No that is not really what we will call the baby, but my parents have this friend who told them he would give me $50 if we named it after him. and then my friend Tiffany who lives down in Louisiana, said that we have to name it Boudreaus, these are just some of the many people who have demanded that we name the baby after them...we just thought it was funny.

Click Download file for Ed's hearbeat.

Nothing like a dancing, pregnant hippie!

Thats right kiddies DMB is coming back to Nobelsville in June and I cannot wait!

I love you Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 20, 2004

Girl Scout cookies are here!

Hooray hooray, guess what kids girl scout cookies came in today! God bless our mailman for bringing them and his grandaughter for selling them! Hooray! I love you thin mints...Also this is baby biscuits first taste of girl scout cookies!

February 18, 2004

This is frightening too

If you go here it shows you a map of the United States and all the differant hate groups in that state, what they are and where they are located! Eeek there are like 4 in Louisville!

February 13, 2004

"Let the lying lips be put to silence;" Psalms 31:18

Doesn't this in some way just seem...wrong?

February 12, 2004

alright alright

I know everyone is chomping at the bit for me to post something here

so here goes. Yup I am about 12 weeks pregnant. I mean it just came out of nowhere with crazy horrific timing huh? Actually Adam and I had been considering getting back together and had just decided to and not even 2 days later found out I was pregnant. As best we can tell, it was just an ooppps!

So this way there is no more "rumour mill" going on. So if you have any questions you can just ask me directly.

Also because for some reason there are thos jerks out there who have doubts. Yes it is Adam's, as much as I would like to say it is someone from Digbys, alas no. I have always been and always will be faithful and in love with grouch ole' Adam ;-)


February 09, 2004

new dresses for the bride (ME!!)

So since the wedding is back on, there are a couple of dresses that I am leaning towards that have a more "casual" feel, and something that is not quite so stuffy and what someone else wants! They are both Dessy collection and not really as expensive as some of the others.

wedding dress1.jpg

or... yes this is the same dress as the one I am wearing as a "groomsmaid" in Ryan and Tiffany's wedding. Except I can get the lace in white or ivory :-)

wedding dress2.jpg

Tiffy's dress!

bridesmaids dress.jpg

Hooray for Tiffany not being a bridzilla and making us wear crap. THis is probably one of the prettiest dresses i have seen, ever. I will actually wear this somewhere else. I can't wait for it to come in. Yay!~

Does this pic work?

February 06, 2004

I really like this band...

They are like a modern Queen or something crazy, ladies and gentlemen I give youThe Darkness

I think they are going to go on tour with Lynard Skynard or something crazy like that. They sing that rocking song "I Believe in a thing called love" you should check them out. NOW