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December 31, 2003

this is just bullshit

This article talks about how a soldier is going to be charged with "cowardice" after he had a panic attack when he saw an Iraqi who was cut in half by gunfire. Well i would hope that would affect someone, and that we don't have just a bunch of killing machines running around, and that make up our freaking armed forces...


December 29, 2003

weddings weddings everywhere

as most of you know, the wedding is off. so keep me in your thoughts. On a happier note, Tiffany and Ryan have asked me to be in their June 19th wedding, awww that is nice. i am so happy for them

December 17, 2003

Andrews home!

Yay, everyone Andrew is home this weekend and ALicia and I are driving to Ohio to go see him, we are super stoked! ANd there isn't even going to be any snow, does it get better then that? I don't think soo, and I put my two weeks in at Victoria's Secret, hooray.
Thats all

At least I'm not suicidal

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