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September 30, 2003

I'm a...dude..?

Which Homestar Runner character are you?
this quiz was made by jurjyfrort

Well I am not really sure what the hell that means, but I am in sales so that part was right! I love this job, right now we are having an arguement over who has the best mexican food. does it get any better? my friends I think not. Actually I wish they would quit this training crap, and let me get on the damn phones! I wanna sell sell sell!!

September 29, 2003

Dizzy Whizz

So another kick ass perk of this new job is that Dizzy Whiz is just around the corner! So we get bacon and eggs every morning (that fits in the south beach diet!YAY)

So it is the 4th day of my new job and I am really digging it so far. If you want to check out a little bit of it you can visit the site at www.autosuccess.biz OH yeah so Ambers big news is that she is going to be a momma! hooray for her, and guess when her due date is APril 24! My wedding, (i knew she would find a way to take the attention ;-) SHe is going to the docter and everything and is doing pretty well! so congrats for her.

Yeah so everyone knows that Adam has joined the National Guard and specialized in infantry, so everyone email him at adamp56@msn.com and tell him what an idiot he is and that he should choose something else. Oh and we now don't know when he is going to boot camp because one of the biggest organizations in not only the country but prolly the world is the most disorganized piece of crap ever! (yes even more so then IUS!) dumb bastards..
but I digress.

So i am going to take brets job for a minute and play movie critic, every one needs to go see Bowling for Columbine. I wasn't really a big fan of Michael Moore after the whole movie awards thing, but holy crap this movie just rocked. really go rent it NOW

September 23, 2003

New Job!!

Thats right kids, Mamas got a brand new job, no more crap face law office (no offense Jenny, Angie, Karla, Steph or Katie) I am moving on to the wonderful world of advertising sales. hooray for me! Sorry that it has been qquite a while for an update, I have started school again, and Adam and I have been working like crazy on the house. Yeah thats right we closed on it about a week ago. We have done a little paintint, cleaning, stripping (the wall paper that is, pervs) and waxing.

This will be the house where we live when we get married, but for right now we will be renting it out, because Adam gets ready to leave for bootcamp :-

Oh and congrats to my good friend Amber, (if she is OK with me posting her goodnews then she can let me know!)

And I talked to Andrew this morning he is an ass, he leaves for Italy tonight just for fun. jerk!