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July 28, 2003

Moving again

Thats right kids I am moving again, after Aug 11. I will no longer reside on 4th st in Louisville, Ky. Why? Read on...

because after really sitting down and performing a plastectomy looking at my budget and figuring out a plan that will work with the budget (damn you Dave Ramsey ) I deduced that if Adam and I want to buy a house within the next ooohhh say 2 years then I need to either move home or in with him. SO kids it looks like thats the plan. Unless those of you out there that are oh so generous feel like donating towards the cause, I will be more then happy to accept!
So I had a really good weekend, although my time with Adam was sincerely lacking :-( Friday night we ate chinese food from the best Chinese rest. in the world, (the one in the New Albany Plaza by Blockbuster and Fashion Shop) and then I met up with Amber and we went to see Digby at Pheonix Hill (the best freaking band in the entire world) and then went home to bed. Sat sucked, since we are getting ready to move out, we have to really clean the bastard, and that (if you know me at all) is not my favorite thing to do by anymeans, and of course the short bus cats kept trying roll around on the freshly bleached floors, good times. YOu all have to go try the California Pizza Kitchen we went on Sat night and it is soo damn good. Then I went and saw Digby again at Gerstels. I looove them, they are so awesome, and they are all my boyfriends (shhh don't tell them though their wife's may get mad)
so anyway theres my weekend, wow what fun... what about you all?

July 24, 2003

What a beautiful day

So Ihave nothing really important to say, I just thought I would comment on how beautiful it has been outside recently. Mmmmm it makes me excited for fall, my favorite season of the year! I'm going clogging tonight with my mom because she read an article in the Courier-Journal and wants to go... good Lord, what have I gotten myself into?

Also, I know this will probably piss a lot of you all off, but I feel I should put the info out there in case anyone is interested. Go to this site if you are like me, and the smoke kinda bothers you when you are out in public. I am not in agreement with 100% of the missions like, I think they should leave the Cigar Bars be, and in bars maybe they could do something like they have in the airport, so people don't have to huddle out side in the cold and rain and shit. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to infringe on anyone's right to smoke, but I don't think that their right to smoke should infringe on my health either. There are lots of links that prove the dangerousness of second-hand smoke, this is just one of them. So I hope that I haven't pissed anyone off, but I would be interested in hearing your alls thoughts and stuff! so let me know

July 21, 2003

New Day, New Hair Style...

Well kids, thats right I have had 3 differant hair cuts in the last three days, and I think that this one i have now, i finally am happy with...

At least I better, because I am running out of hair. Thats right kids its back to the short haircut. This has had me thinking about this topic for quite a little while now, and I have decided to take a little poll. See at work the other day, we were talking about you know typical girly stuff (in between the bra and panty chit-chat) and we got on the subject of hair and how much we pay, what we use blah blah blah. So some of these girls were like oh I go to blah and pay $50, and I only use $25/bottle shampoo, and all that, so I was like yeah right, unless we are talking major transition or perhaps a special occasion, I would never pay that much I mean $25 is the limit, for me. So knowing me I was all like oohh I just go to Great Clips, and I always get a good hair-cut there blah blah blah. Well, well, what do you know I roll into Great Clips and was all like oh its just a trim they can't screw it up. Psshhhawww holy crap I have never had bigger hair in my life!!! IT was just trauma...So then the next day I trimmed it a little bit, and well it just wasn't good either. SO I bit the bullett and went to Strandz and paid the full $25, and of course got a great hair-cut. So does the price really matter that much? What do you all think? Whats the most you pay for a hair cut? let me know@

P.S. Digby plays this weekend at
So you guys post and let me know your personal experiences ok. I want Gerstles, and then at Phoenix Hill, so every one should come out and enjoy the shows!
PPS HAPPY 21st Birthday JOSH!!!

July 14, 2003

I'll take The Rapists for $400 Alex...

Thats right everyone Sean Connery is back, in the awesome new movie The League of Extraordinary Gentleman and in my opinion this is one of the best movies he has done in a loong time.

Bret and I went and saw it on Sat night, and everyone should go, the cool thing about this movie, was there weren't a lot of big name stars in it, so you really could get a sense of the characters they played. The story was even a little catchy, in fact it almost makes me want to go get the comics-ooops I mean "graphic novel" that it was based on. If you've seen it let me know what you think, or clue me in on some other good movies that you've seen lately. Oh yeah has anyone seen pirates yet??

July 11, 2003

Happy Happy Birthday

I just want to wish my friends, Angie and Katie,here at work (www.segal-lawfirm) happy birthday, wow they are like soo old today! And also, to Angie, I hoope that Lee gets to feeling better soon!

July 08, 2003


This is my fun little 'blog that Brit was kind enough to set-up for me, the idea was given to me by a good friend ;-) (thanks soo much.)
I don't have a lot of time today because i am off to work , so I will try to post later on, when i have more, time sleep and ideas. and thanks to Brit for helping me come up with the name and setting this up for me! The frock is inspired by my love of my two awesome cats, Minnie Me (a year old Calico female) and Little Jerry Seinfeld ( a 3 month old black and white devil!- oh that ones a biter-he likes to latch on with all four paws and all his teeth and hold on for dear life) Unfortunately, the love of the kitties is shared by another person, my sister, Alicia. As many of you know, I will be getting married next April, and she and I live together now with (MY) kitties and we are beginning what looks as though it will be a long drawn out custody battle. I will keep you updated however.