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Look What I Can Do!

I've had this pattern for a year and the yarn for nearly as long. It was the first project that I made for myself that was more then a hat.

It took me around 2 months to complete and after lots of frogging and consults at the Knit Nook, I was finally near completion.

Since the largest size in the pattern was still a little too small, I had to wing it on some aspects of the sizing, and aside from making the empire seam come down a little lower, I was pretty happy with the way it turned out!

Finished! Babydoll Dress. Crocheted

Close up of shell pattern on skirty-pattern

BabyDoll Dress Crochet Pattern shortened to "tunic length"

BabyDoll Dress Crochet Pattern shortened to "tunic length"


Looks cool.

And I now know one more knitting term than I did before.

Wow! That's really good!

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