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Baby Madeline

One of the great things about the internet is how fast word travels and how, instantly, you can find out anything you need. Plus there's the connections and friends that you grow to know and care about.

When one of these people start to hurt, you find out about it pretty darn fast, and it utterly astounds me how fast people can rally. As a fellow mother of a premie baby, I am familiar with how bad things can get. While we were lucky and blessed enough to have an ultimately healthy baby, it never leaves the back of your mind. My heart aches for this family and what they'll have to endure while grieving and healing.

Heather Spohr
, lost her baby Maddie suddenly yesterday, then all the traffic causing her site to crash and her delightful (/sarcasm) hosting company BLUE HOST, decided to take her site offline, since it was a shared server it was causing other sites to crash. Immedietely people started contacting Blue Host to explain the situation and see if they could move it to a secure server. Their response was simply no. Gee her situation sucks, but there's nothing they could do. All they could do was quote their terms of service.

After getting nowhere over the phone, I tried the live chat on their site. Below is the transcript of what I learned.

Download file

Amazingly several people and companies have stepped up to generously host Heather's site until she can get things sorted out.