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Another reason I took the Handmade Pledge

Yesterday morning, long before I was sitting and suffering in the denstist's chair, a man lost his life in a Black Friday stampede.

Please, read that again, I'll wait while you do......yes, you read that right. A Wal*Mart worker was TRAMPLED TO DEATH by rowdy shoppers. As he layed on the floor dying, more and more people continued to step on him, crushing him to death.

Oh wait, it gets even more messed up. People continued to shop and were even angry when told they had to leave because a man had been killed. It makes me feel ill, also makes me feel good about the fact that I have taken the Handmade Pledge

I have been working since early September on family members Christmas presents, it's taken a lot of time but I have thoroughly enjoyed it, almost therapeutic and with each gift I've worked on, I've prayed over it, including my hopes for the recipients wonderful 2009.

So if you're reading this, and I'm on your Christmas gift list this year, please take what I've said to heart and know how much I'd love something made with your hands and from your heart.