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Sunday night one of my mother-in-laws close friends died.

Cheri Hunt had battled with MS for as long as I knew her. She was a kind woman and always thought of Adam and I and our family. When Lilli was in the hospital she got us a prayer blanket from her church, one year for Valentine's Day she has a shirt custom made for Conner when she couldn't find any with the correct spelling of his name on them.

She has a baby grandson who won't get to know his grandma in person, she has to brilliant sons who lost their mom too soon. She also has many friends and family members who will do their best to share their memories with her family as they suffer this loss.

Good bye Cheri and may you be at peace now.


Wow. The last time my mom spoke about her she seemed to be doing ok. My thoughts and prayers will go out for the family.

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