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Why I Support Same-Sex Unions/Gay Marriage

(or why my congressman is spineless and it hurt to vote for him)

I don't like him, but I voted for him. Baron Hill is my congressman, and I was appalled at how little he took a stand on. But I think that was the democrats "tactic" this year. Point out the faults of the others, and whatever you do, DON'T say anything about your political standings.

Baron Hill's commercials all reminded me that he was for our "Hoosier Values" and he doesn't support same-sex unions. Of course not, why would a forward-thinking democrat put his neck out there like that? I hate that term "Hoosier Values", I can garaun-damn-tee that Baron and I feel completely different about our values. I'd like to think that my Hoosier Values include open mindedness, forgiveness, acceptance. You know that whole live and let live thing.

I guess it boils down to my wonder of why everyone has their panties in bunch over people getting married in the first place. Umm look brother, unless it's you Bob down the street is trying to marry then why the hell do you care? Plus there is the whole separation of church and state thing. Last conversation I had with a gay friend, he was mostly concerned about getting the same rights legally when it came to making the same (and in some case stronger and more genuine) commitment to his partner. He didn't say anything about wanting God's or your blessing. So butt out.

Why would you want to keep apart two adults who love each other, who have found a friend, companion, lover in someone they want to spend the rest of their life with?

I'd like to think Britany Spears has done more damage to the "protecting marriage" campaign then my "queer" buddies.

Please don't mistake this anti-gay sentiment as a "Christan value" either. It's extremely far from the truth, while many Christians I know don't condone it, they also realize that A) It's not really their place when it comes to the legal aspect of it, B) If you are going to pull it to a God and sinning level, then every sin is the same in God's eyes, so whether it's ogling Brad Pitt on TV or cussing at the jerk who just cut you off, you're on the same sin level as "the gays" you hate so much.


Whatevs, I've gotten all worked up. I'm out.


I especially like your point about wanting equal rights vs. a blessing from God. There are so many more important things to worry about. Also: glass houses, stones, etc.

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