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where the hell is Mauckport?

One of the fun aspects of having so many numbers feed into our office is that it increases the chance for wrong numbers. A LOT.

Most of the time, when we answer the phone the person just hangs up, every now and then you get the curtious person who simply says, "I'm sorry i must have dialed the wrong number."

But of course there are the times we get the crazies. For example, I just answered the phone, "___________ Magazines".
Crazy Lady on the other end, " Oh this isn't theMauckport Sun?"
Me: Nope it's _______ Magazines"
CLotoE: Giggles a minute, then turns defiant, " This isn't the Mauckport Sun"?
Me: "eh no"
CLotoE: "Are you sure!? Are you even in Mauckport?"
Me: "Um, no we are in Louisville, KY."
CLotoE: "Fine!"Slams down phone.

Ah yes, sometimes all you can do is laugh.


Mauckport is a small city in Harrison County. Why do I know this? I blame the demographic profile I am creating for a study for work. (^_^)

as they say, when you dial a wrong no, its always answered


I used to work for Central Transport, a logistics company out of Lansing. Apparently, our number was very close to the Virgin Airlines number. I got a lot of calls from guys with very sexy accents.

The best are the telemarketers... I answer, with the name of a business... and yet they continue on with their spiel. A few have even asked me if I would go ahead and see if my co-workers were interested.

Uh... NO.

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