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And the ultrasound revealed....

A girl! Say hello to Lillian______ Paris. (Still some debate on the middle name).
I know, I know, noone can ever tell what the hell ultrasounds are I'll try to help, so just humor me by looking, smiling and nodding!

Profile of her:

This is the money shot!

Here is a pic of her little feet!
Lillian Feetedit


OMG! Your having a girl! How exciting for you! You guys picked a beautiful name. Congrats!!!!

The name lilian sounds so sweet... the joy of seeing your baby in your stomach cannot be expressed by words and im sure that you are longing to hold her next to your heart..

All the best for a safe delivery..
God bless Lilian and you


You are the all American classic family!

I was thinking about you having your ultrasound today (I remembered the 6-6-06)and am so glad to know she's a she!

I love the name Lillian!

A girl?! That's awesome! I too thought about you today on 6/6/06. Congratulations though! Lillian is a beautiful name.


I still remember the day I learned I was having a daughter (I already had my son.) Wow. Life is GOOD! Congrats!

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