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Busy Bees

Whew Memorial Day weekend was super busy with swimming, visiting a local nature area and oh yeah doing some demolition and renovation in Conner's room!

Saturday morning, Conner and I took a stroll with Adam's mom and dad, and cousin's to the Loop Island Wetlands.

The Ohio River
This is a shot of the old dueling grounds that open up to a beautiful view of the Ohio River, and we are trying to convince Adam's Dad to bring his metal detector and see what we can find.

Old railroad tracks in the wetlands.

The Tannery
The tannery that remains on the property, this is the building Mr. Goodman would like to turn into condo's.

I'll have more about our swimming adventure and the knocked down walls in our house later on today.


Looks and sounds like a wonderful Saturday you guys had. Loop Island Wetlands looks like a great place to visit and hike around in. I'm anixous to see the demolition photos.

wow, it looks really neat.. a great spot to have some adventure.. rather a great spot to ride..


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