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Don't forget to check out the picture page!

Oh god, my butt's itiching now. I think I need to vomit


Oh. My. Good. Lord.

That is really, really, superbly gross.

Blech. I feel all puky.

This is really gross! lol

Where do you FIND these things???

Those pictures, and that website have STUCK with me. I think about it all the time. It's gross and it's stuck with me. Yuck!

Both my sisters work in the "colon cleaning" biz. One is a distributor for the products, the other works in a "doctor's" office administering colonics.

I'm not onboard with folks who think it's normal to have a squeaky clean colon. There's even research being done now that's exploring the lack of parasites in Western cultures is one of the reasons we have more colon cancer. Some scientists believe their presence benefits people.

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