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Snakes...ON MY BUTT!

Oh Sweet Jesus, Mother Mary and everything that is holy. This is one of my biggest fears. Holy shit I feel a little ill just thinking about it.

Ever since I was little I would always peer into the toilet, TERRIFIED that something was going to bite me, aggghhh! I can't even finish thoughts or sentences after seeing this. My mom always told me that nothing could get me from there turns out she is a LIAR!!!!!!

To think, I have been taking my life into my own hands everytime I use the pisser.


Holy COW that's a big snake.

That's... horrifying! Why would someone just up and abandon a creature like that? Poor thing.

OMG!!! This is horrifying. This gave me the chills! I'm terrified of snakes.

Thanks a lot! I have been scared to poop all day.

let us hope this doesn't happen to me in Khon Kaen :p

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