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Well damn, we are still at Kosairs. We went in for a bump on Conner's head from his little temper tantrum that caused him to fall into the corner of the dishwasher. Ended up coming down with a nasty virus that was causing his temp to spike up to 103, and the highest, 104.4, then today he developed an ear infection. AARRGGHHH! His temp is still down but now they want to do a stool culture and watch his ear infection.

More later. Thanks for all the concern internets! :-)


Wow! Poor Conner! I hope he recovers fully.

Hope you guys are doing well and heading home from the hospital. I can't imagine how difficult it is to have a sick child. I hope Connor is feeling better.

Poor baby! I hope he Conner gets better soon. Keep us posted.

Give him a nice, sterilized hug from us all and tell him to feel better real soon!

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