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That's Just What I Need

This is kinda cool. Go to google.com and type in "your name needs".

Here's what I got :-)

Courtney needs to think global, not local.
Courtney Needs Tough Love
Courtney needs a new bio...
I believe Courtney needs to acknowledge her feelings
Courtney needs the publicity WAY more than TokyoPop
Courtney needs me to change my life
Courtney needs to learn to be less touchy
Courtney needs help writing a proposal for John Westbury

My personal favorite...
Courtney needs no explainin


Bret needs assistance, but don't send a doctor or a trainer or even an official, send the Hulkster
Bret needs some dental work
bret needs to stop fucking around with model sailboats
Bret needs to Take some midol, stfu, and concentrate On running a wrestling school
Bret needs to learn English
Bret needs time for people
Bret needs to add another consonant to the end of his name and I'm not talking about yet another K
Bret needs to cleanse himself from that incident that happened back in 1997
Bret Needs another past times other than porn
Bret needs to go back to Rose Hill Jr. High School and take a geography lesson
Bret needs to get on the road

I thought this was hilarious. I actually stole your post idea. My favorite one for me was Tabitha. "Yuck! As if chicken wasn't bad enough (ummm I think this is an insult of some kind)

As far as evening walks are concerned my schedule is a rather complicated as I am taking evening classes this semester. What time do you usually walk with Conner? Mon/Wed I have class until 7:15. Tuesday I am home until 7:00pm. Thur/Fri I work until 6:00pm. Saturdays and Sundays are usually flexible. :o) Though I will be out of town the next two weekends. I am going to a concert one weekend and will be working at a grief camp for children through Hospice the next. I'll mention the evening walks to Karen too.

Better yet, go to google.com and type in "failure".

I did mine and Ryan's.
My favorite for mine was "Tiffany needs Chucky to empty his sperm into a container so they can use it to inseminate Jennifer." WHAT THE....??!!
For Ryan: "Ryan needs a bra." HAHA!

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