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Reasons Confirming Why I Think People Suck

1. This morning at the gas station some guy proceeded to unload all of his garbage from his truck onto the ground. HE WAS PARKED NEXT TO A TRASH CAN. Then look around to make sure noone was watching

2. A lady gets into her car smoking with the windows rolled up 1 child age 4 in the front seat with no seatbelt on, child number 2 in the back age 1 NO CAR SEAT IN SIGHT, and only a t-shirt and diaper (keep in mind it was 30 degrees here this morning)

3. While making a left hand turn at a light turning yellow this morning a person coming towards me SPEEDS UP to try to hit me then slams on his breaks and honks his horn for a good 45 seconds solid.

4. In order to grow my hair out and not shave it all off out of frustration, I am now wearing it in FUCKING PIG-TAILS...and Adam thinks it's cute...

5. People do not know what RSVP means literally or theoretically...

Please feel free to ad your own...


humans suck because they think 'logically' when the logic that they are trying to be logical about is actually a logic that isn't logical.

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